Why are extending dining tables so popular in the UK?

Why are extending dining tables so popular in the UK?

Extending dining tables are amongst the most popular dining tables sold in the UK. From all the different types of dining tables that are sold, the extending ones come high up in the selling ranks!

So what’s the reason for our crazy love affair with these extremely diverse yet cheap dining tables? Well, first and foremost it’s the way our lifestyles have changed in the modern age. Gone are the days when the dining table was just for the evening family meal, now it’s as diverse as our lives. This functional piece of furniture serves up many practical uses in our hectic lives. Wherever it’s for the kids’ homework, surfing the web or as a desk for the laptop, dining tables are a very important piece of home furniture.

Its popularity stems from the fact that these tables have now transitioned to become the work desk, the meeting area, the chill-out table and finally for the primary purpose as the dining place. With such multiple uses, our dining tables now need to be adept. Not only do we require them to look the part, but to be comfortable and spacious too. The extended dining table accomplishes this and more. It works just as well every day as when the occasion calls for accommodating extra guests.

Dining tables are the perfect tool to host the perfect party!

Wherever we are celebrating a graduation or an anniversary, or if it’s Christmas, Eid, Easter or Diwali; we love having friends and family over for special occasions to serve up a finger-licking, three-course meals. So what better way to do this than on a beautifully designed extended dining table with fancy cutlery and sleek dining chairs? Our extending dining tables help you entertain many guests at once. These large tables allow plenty of space for the extra cutlery and the comfort of the diners too.

Designs and styles of our extending dining tables

Manufacturers use an important variety of staple materials to build dining tables. Namely Wood, Glass, MDF, Marble and Metal. Glass dining tables are practical and give an impression of lightness and modernity. Wood can be nostalgic and traditional, and usually much more hard-wearing than most and up to withstanding scratches and knocks. MDF is generally cheaper and can be finished off with matt, lacquer, gloss and other paints; whilst marble and metal can be contemporary and luxurious.

Extended Glass Dining Tables

Extended Glass dining tables are becoming increasingly popular and we have a great variety to choose from. From large tables for big families and many guests to our smaller range which is ideal for couples and smaller families. Our catalogue includes 2 to 12 seaters, shaped in round, oval, square and rectangular styles, and finished with wooden or chrome legs.

Many of them now come with intelligent and sleek extending mechanisms, making it easier and safer to quickly enlarge the dining table. Our glass extending tables start just over £200 and are available from 4 to 10 seaters.

For example, the Roehampton table is a great small smart extending glass dining table. This rectangular table, which is available in red or black, comfortably fits 4 diners and still allowing space for a reasonable amount of cutlery on its tempered glass surface. It has smooth curved handmade chrome legs which unify perfectly with it’s glistening glass top.

Finally, when the guests arrive, this glass dining table easily extends to 150 cm, through a smooth inbuilt extensive feature, which then enables it to accommodate up to 6 people. Available with an array of chairs to chose from, the Roehampton Glass extending dining table fits perfectly with white, black or red dining chairs and is on sale now for only £219.99 (Regular price £244.99) with free delivery.

Another example of our smart glass extending dining tables is the Grenada 140 – 200cm extending glass dining table. This table is perfect for any occasion wherever big or small. Its surface is designed and moulded out of 14mm thick tempered glass to give it extra sturdiness and shaped in a modern rectangular design.

It easily fits 4 diners with an option to snugly accommodate 6 with its inbuilt glass extensions feature. The table has smooth glass edges to prevent cuts or sharp pokes and 4 round chrome legs to complete its modern look.

The Grenada 140 – 200cm extending glass dining table is an impressive centrepiece of a high standard and is available for a modest price of £374.99 with free delivery and fast dispatch. Sticking with our glass theme, we also have the magnificent Hanover 210cm Extended Black Glass Dining Table.

Incomparable in design, and from our more exquisite range, this table has a tempered glass surface which is meticulously supported with a curved leg and 2 slanted chrome columns. Its sleek black glass top extends effortlessly to accommodate the extra guests to a total of 10 and its long rectangular design gives it an amazingly cool and accomplished feel. With its r.r.p. at over £950 you can get Hanover 210cm Extending Black Glass Dining Table. at a discounted price of £839.99 with fast delivery and dispatch.

Other glass extending dining tables:

Millennium 145cm extending glass dining table  £399.99 (R.r.p. £449.99) Lamont 140cm Extending Glass Dining Table £699.99 (R.r.p. £749.99) Millicent 160cm Extending Glass Dining Table £799.99 (R.r.p. £849.99)

We have a variety of dining tables which are made from many different materials. If you prefer wood, then don’t worry we have a range of solid wood and pine dining tables too.

Wooden Extending Dining Tables

From our budget extending wooden dining table range is the money and space saving Promo drop leaf solid Oak extending dining table.

This table, which is available as the Promo 90cm round oak or the Promo 70 cm rectangular oak dining table is a small and compact dining table, which works best with two or four people and is available for only £246.99 including free delivery.

The Promo round extending table has folding sides adapts well in small spaces, it is easy to use and light enough to move around.  Whilst the slightly longer Promo Rectangular table can be used in a separate dining room or as part of an open-plan kitchen.

These compact extending tables are a perfect fit for constrained dining areas in your home or flat. Ideal for a romantic meal for two, this round / rectangular table extends from both sides with an easy to use drop leaf extension system to accommodate another two, bringing the total number of diners to 4.

This modest yet dynamic table has a subtle finger joint design and is constructed from solid oak to give you a sturdy table. Finally, it is painted with a clear protective lacquer to provide you with a smooth and soft surface.

If you love the look of our Promo extending dining tables and would like to add the full collection of the Promo oak furniture range to your home have a look here.

The Marila extending dining table is a solid wood table which is finished in high gloss. This table extends to an extra 60 cm form 150 to 210. Increasing the seating capacity from 6 To 8. It has a distinctive rectangular foot stall to complement its top surface and sleek chrome feet to add that extra touch of class.

The Marila extending dining table is available now for only £399.99 with free delivery.

Other solid wood dining tables:

Sandringham dining table 130cm – 186cm extension table oak & painted cream or greyOpel grey gloss extending dining table Elstree solid oak hardwood & painted extending dining tables

MDF Extending Dining Tables

The Hayden 160cm white high gloss extending dining table is made from resilient MDF and seats 6 guests with the option to extend to 8. Similar to other MDF high gloss tables it has a strong pedestal base to support its sturdy table top.

The Hayden 160 MDF table looks compact but due to its unique design, it is incredibly space saving. Reduced from £669.99 it is now available for £579.99 with free delivery.

Another similar MDF table is the Rossini 180 White high gloss extending dining table. It also has a comparable pedestal support but slightly narrower and with a gap in the centre. It seats between 4 and 6 people once extended and has a smooth shiny surface due to its high gloss finish. The Rossini 180 White high gloss extending dining table is available for £599.99, that’s a saving of £50 from its r.r.p. of £649.99.

Dining tables to suit your family and your home

All styles, from classic to modern, contemporary to sleek, bold and the beautiful, are covered in our classy range of extended dining tables. Manufactured from glass or wood, finished in high gloss or the traditional rustic look, they come in round, rectangular or oval shapes, with wonderful wooden or sleek chrome dining chairs to match. With our vast range, you can now bring everyone together at meal times with a table to fit your needs and living space.

Having small or large dinner parties will now always be an occasion to saviour!

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