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Alaska Oak and Grey Extending Dining Table 1

Dining Room

Alaska Oak and Grey Extending Dining Table

Alaska solid hardwood dining table oak

Dining Room

Alaska solid hardwood dining table oak

Amber 160cm Glass Extending Dining Table 1

Dining Room

Amber 160cm Glass Extending Dining Table

Avignon dark 200cm extending solid oak dining table 240cm 1

Dining Room

Avignon - dark 200cm extending solid oak dining table featuring cross legs extends to 240cm laquered finish

Avignon Oak 200cm Extending Dining Table PT29682

Dining Room

Avignon - Extending Solid Oak Dining Table Cross Legs

beaconsfield 160cm extending high gloss dining table

Dining Room

Beaconsfield White High Gloss Extending Dining Table 6 to 10 seater

Beckley 160cm solid wood table with white high gloss finish 1

Dining Room

Beckley 160cm solid wood table with white high gloss finish

britolli 180cm extending grey stone finish dining table 1

Dining Room

Britolli 180cm Extending Grey Stone Finish Dining Table

britolli 180cm extending mink ceramic dining table 1

Dining Room

Britolli 180cm Extending Mink Ceramic Dining Table

britolli 180cm extending white marble ceramic dining table 1

Dining Room

Britolli 180cm Extending White Ceramic Dining Table

Brittney 120cm Round Black Marble Dining Table Top

Dining Room

Brittney 120cm Round Black Marble Dining Table Top

Cambridge 120cm Oak Extending Dining Table 1

Dining Room

Cambridge 120cm Oak Extending Dining Table

Extending dining tables UK


In contrast to a regular dining table, extending dining tables provide more room for guests and their food. 


With an extending dining table, you're not limited to sitting only around the edges of the table - pull down a leaf or extension end and have more people at your next party without worrying about the front row being too close to your elbow.


Extension tables are typically rectangular and have drop leaves that can be removed or folded to lengthen the table. These tables are perfect for large families or large dinners with guests.


Types of extending dining tables


Extending dining tables are so versatile in their many uses for everyday life. They allow to seat more people when needed and act as an economical solution for smaller spaces. 


Not only do they make a large room appear larger by extending the surface area, but they also help maximise dining space via their extensions.


There are even some tables that can extend themselves!


When you have a large family gathering, inevitably, the table will not be big enough to accommodate everyone. Luckily, there are many types of extending dining tables to choose from. 


Wooden extendable dining tables


Wooden dining tables are the perfect choice if looking for something durable. You can usually find these tables in various styles, colours, and shapes. 


If you are looking for something that will blend in with your current décor, choose one that has a similar colour to your walls or another piece of furniture. 


If you want something more unique, pick a colour opposite your already.


Pine extending dining tables


Pine extending dining tables are the perfect choice for those who want to increase the size of their dining area.


These tables usually come with an extension leaf that can be folded under the tabletop when not in use, while some have an actual extension to add to one or both sides of your table to double your dining space.


This expansion gives you more room for friends and family to sit down and enjoy a meal together.


Glass extending dining tables


It may not be surprising to hear that dining tables are typically rectangular. Glass extending dining tables are an exception to this rule, as they often have two different lengths. 


The shorter length is used for the standard table setting, while the longer length can accommodate an extra person or even two. 


This table type is trendy among families with children or grandchildren who want to dine and play simultaneously.


Many new designs for extending dining tables are now available. 


With these designs, folks can use all of the table's surface for large gatherings and then it collapses down to be more compact for smaller parties. The pieces lock together with a simple push and slide motion.


High gloss extending dining tables


High gloss extending dining tables are designed to fit many homes.


The sleek high gloss finish is perfect for traditional and modern settings.


These tables come in various sizes, from small to large, and they are made from durable wood, such as oak or MDF.


Oak extending dining tables


Oak extending dining tables are a versatile option for homes with big families. These tables come with adjustable extensions that can seat up to 12 people. 


The extensions are often stored under the tabletop, so they don't need extra space or come as separate pieces easy to be fitted when the time arises.


Oak extending dining tables are available in different shapes, sizes, and finishes, so there is one to match any decor.


Dark wood extending tables


What makes a table dark? Is it the wood? Is it the finish? Perhaps it's just how you see it, in the light of day. 


In any case, there's a certain charm to a dark table, and not just because its weight and mass make the tabletop seem sturdy and dependable. The darkness offers a contrast with other furniture, which can be lighter and more delicate in appearance.


Our range of dark extending dining tables is an excellent addition to any rustic dining theme or a wonderful contrast for a modern one.

Modern extending dining tables


A modern extending dining table is a great way to create more space when entertaining guests. They offer plenty of seating and provide more room for your dishes and display needs.


 A modern extendable table can extend in any direction, while some have trendy mechanisms which extend automatically!


They can extend several feet, making them perfect for large gatherings. 


Traditional extending dining tables


Traditional extending dining tables are great for when the whole family needs to be in the same room, and they are also perfect for entertaining or hosting a get-together.


The table will easily extend with just one pull of the table extension arm or slotting in the extension boards. 


This is a great way to use an awkward space like a narrow dining room, where it would be difficult to fit many chairs.


White extending dining tables


The white extending dining tables are perfect for limited space, but you still want to host family and friends comfortably. The tabletops come in different shapes and sizes, making them easy for your needs. 


There are also different height versions of the table depending on how many people the table should accommodate.


White extending dining tables are perfect for any home with a large family or hosts many dinners throughout the year. They are elegant, spacious, and offer plenty of seating for dinner guests. 


White extending dining tables can be placed in an empty bay window or opposite an entrance door, acting as a focal point for the room.


Sizes of extending dining tables


Extending dining tables are a popular choice for the modern family with ever-changing needs. Whether it be for simply more space or to accommodate a growing family, extending dining tables are easily extendable to provide that extra room. 


Extending dining tables are incredibly versatile and can accommodate anything from small parties of 4 people up to large gatherings of 15-20 people.


Small extendable dining table


A small extendable dining table is the perfect solution for all your entertaining needs. Imagine hosting a dinner party with additional guests or eating breakfast with your family without any space left on the table. 


With an extendable dining table, you can accommodate everyone.


Smaller than traditional dining room tables, this type of furniture offers the flexibility that many families need to make their ideas come to life.


Extending dining table and chairs


Extending dining tables and chairs sets are a great way to make a smaller space feel bigger. Not only do they give you more room for entertaining, but they also create a more intimate setting that can improve your home's ambience. 


When it comes to extended dining tables, there are two primary options: either extending the length or width. Expanding the size is best for those with plenty of floor space who want to make their table as long as possible.


Some standard sizes include 4, 6 and 8 seater extending dining tables.


Large extending dining tables


Large extending dining tables are a great way to accommodate more people for your dinner parties and family gatherings. These tables can extend from 4 to 8 feet, and they provide room for up to 10/12 people. 

They're perfect for families who have large families or frequently have guests over. 


The most popular type of extending table is the dining table with the slot on extensions, which come in various styles.


Long Rectangular Dining Tables with Extension Leaves


Oak extending tables are a quick and easy way to add extra seating to any dining table. Oak extending tables come in both rectangular and round shapes and a range of sizes. 


The advantage of these tables is that they maintain the same perfect proportions when set with or without the extension leaves in place, giving you the flexibility to decide how many guests will be joining your dinner party on the fly.


Shapes of extending dining tables


Dining tables come in various shapes, and the shape of the table may vary depending on the desired purposes. 


Some dining room tables are square for four people sitting around them, while others take on a rectangular shape for larger gatherings. 


Still, others have oval or circular shapes that allow for flexible seating and more space than square and rectangular tables.


Round extending dining table


A round extending dining table is a rectangular piece of furniture with a built-in extension to expand the table.


 The round extension is outfitted with an additional set of leaves that can be pulled up so that guests can gather around the table and enjoy a meal together. 


This allows for more guests at the table and provides extra seating for those who need it.


The Round extending dining table is designed to grow with your family. 


The round top has a unique extender system that allows the table to expand from a traditional 6-person configuration to a 10-person design in just seconds.


The round top is sturdy, beautiful laminate and features a durable, scratch-resistant finish.


Square of extending dining tables


Dining tables are often rectangular, but some are square. Square tables are incredibly versatile and can be placed in small spaces. They come in various styles, so you can find one that fits your needs. 


Being square means they're great for tight quarters or families with children. 


Square tables also offer more room to move around by sliding chairs towards the table's centre.


Rectangular of extending dining tables


When hosting dinner for the holidays, it is vital to have a table that comfortably accommodates 10 people. 


Rectangular extending dining tables are an excellent choice because they provide room for everyone without taking up too much space in your home.


They also come equipped with individual chairs so that each person can sit down and enjoy their meal.


Extending dining tables sets


Extending dining tables sets are attractive because they provide extra space for family and guests. They also increase the amount of time spent at the table, which is essential given the rising popularity of multi-course meals. 


But not all extending dining tables sets are created equal. 


A quality set will include matching chairs, a tabletop insert called a leaf, and slides or rollers to extend the table. Some even come with stylish dining benches!


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