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Cheap Oval Dining Tables


A whole variety of cheap Oval Dining Tables!


Buy for less without compromising on quality.


Available in all shapes and sizes, from classic & traditional designs to modern and contemporary.


Manufactured from various materials including pine, oak, mahogany, walnut and more.


Finished in exquisite gloss, stained varnish, smooth lacquer and superb matt paint, we have the lot!


Alaska Oak and Grey Extending Dining Table 1

Dining Room

Alaska Oak and Grey Extending Dining Table

Battista 120cm Round White Dining Table

Dining Room

Battista 120cm Round White Dining Table

Brittney 120cm Round White Dining Table

Dining Room

Brittney 120cm Round White Dining Table

Brittney 160cm Oval Black Dining Table

Dining Room

Brittney 160cm Oval Black Dining Table

brittney 160cm oval white dining table1

Dining Room

Brittney 160cm Oval White Dining Table

carolina 90cm round glass dining table 1

Dining Room

Carolina 90cm Round Glass Dining Table

Cheyenne Oak Cream Oval Extending Dining Table 1

Dining Room

Cheyenne Oval Oak and Cream Extending Dining Table

Cheyenne Oak Oval Extending Dining Table 1

Dining Room

Cheyenne Oval Oak Extending Dining Table

Daytona 165cm Oval glass dining Table 1

Dining Room

Daytona 165cm Oval Glass Dining Table

Genovia Oak and Grey 100cm Drop Leaf Extending Dining Table 1

Dining Room

Genovia Oak and Grey 100cm Drop Leaf Extending Dining Table

Genovia Oak and White 100cm Drop Leaf Extending Dining Table 1

Dining Room

Genovia Oak and White 100cm Drop Leaf Extending Dining Table

Grenada 140 200cm extending glass dining table 1

Dining Room

Grenada 140 - 200cm Extending Glass Dining Table

Oval Dining Tables UK


The oval dining table is a beautiful and unique piece of furniture that will centre attention in any home. The most popular types of wood used for oval tables is walnut, mahogany, and oak. This table style typically seats between 8-10 people and can seat up to 14 people.


Traditionally many homeowners prefer rectangular tables because they fit the shape of the dining room better. Still, nowadays, many consumers prefer the look of oval-shaped dining tables to suit their theme.


Types of oval dining tables


There are several types of oval dining tables, each with an array of benefits and features. This includes a round table with oval cut-outs on the ends, allowing more people to sit around the table.


Or a rectangular type that forms a larger, oval-shaped area. This design is particularly convenient for larger dining spaces and larger families.


Below is a quick look at a few more.


Oval dining tables with extensions


Many people think oval dining tables are complete without extensions. However, extensions are a great way to have extra room around the table for food placement. 


If you have a square or rectangular table, oval extensions are good options to increase your table size.


This can be very useful when hosting larger dinners where you need more food on the table.


Oval dining tables in contemporary styles


Contemporary oval dining tables offer a simple, stylish design that fits any home or interior design. Oval dining tables are perfect for larger families because they allow all guests to sit together conveniently while also providing elbow room for each person. 


These tables also offer plenty of room for decorations and centrepieces, making them ideal for formal occasions.


Oval dining tables in modern styles


Modern Oval dining tables are undoubtedly a stylish way to create an inviting space for guests. And with a variety of shapes, finishes and sizes available, the possibilities are endless.


Oval dining tables offer a modern way to bring elegance into your home. With several shapes, finishes and sizes to choose from, they're perfect for creating a stylish, inviting space for guests.


Different materials for oval dining tables


The dining table is an important piece of furniture that is often the centrepiece of a dining room. 


Many different materials can create an oval table with natural and synthetic materials. 


Some of the most popular wood choices for tables are oak, pine, cherry, walnut, teak, and mahogany. Wood furniture is beautiful and sturdy with natural warmth. 


The dark tones make it perfect for matching any colour scheme.


Oak oval dining table


Oak oval dining table is the ideal furniture for a family of four. It can accommodate up to six people when extended, but larger 10 seater tables are also available.


 A set of oak chairs with cushioned seats and backs offer an elegant, comfortable place to sit while you enjoy a meal of pasta or steak. We have a variety of sizes and finishes, so you can find one that matches your décor.


Oval marble dining tables


The oval marble dining tables are a beautiful, luxurious addition to any room. Their table tops are made from beautiful cut and polished marble that will last for years without the need for refinishing. The base is wood, metal or marble.


Oval glass dining tables and chairs


Oval glass dining tables and chairs are an elegant, modern way to set up your dining room. 


The design keeps the space open and airy due to its minimalist look, perfect for small gatherings. In addition, these tables are ideal for those who want their guests to sit near each other because it leaves less space between seats. 


The oval shape of the table provides a sense of intimacy, while the glass surface keeps everything in plain view.


Colour variations of oval dining room tables


Oval dining room tables can come in a variety of colours and styles. Depending on the desired look, the table's colour and style can be chosen to match or contrast with any paint or wall colour palette. 


Our variations make it easy for everyone to find one best suited for their needs.


Oval dining tables in white


White oval dining tables are perfect for any dining room. Depending on the size, they can seat between 6 to 10 plenty and offer plenty of space to dine in.


White oval dining tables often have a glass top supported by a single pillar or cross designed legs. These designs make it a breeze to clean.


Dark oval dining tables


Dark oval dining tables are a great way to create an alluring and elegant atmosphere in any room. The deep dark brown colouring of these tables gives them a rich and sophisticated look. 


The oval shape is perfect for fitting into small spaces and narrow dining areas since the table can be pushed against the wall when not in use. 


This trendy furniture piece is easy to move around and place correctly with its stylish profile.


Different sizes of oval dining tables


Ovals are a popular table shape, and oval tables can be bought in different sizes.


From small round tables that can seat 2 people and large ones that can comfortably sit 12-20 people. 


There are smaller oval tables with room for 8 people, though they might not seat more than 6 if you want to pull up chairs for them.


Oval tables come in many different sizes and styles, but the most popular choices are: 


oval dining tables for 4

oval dining tables for 6

oval dining tables for 8

oval dining tables for 10


Small oval dining tables


Small oval dining tables provide elegant and classic designs to your dining room. They are great for small spaces because they take less space than a round table and can be placed in a corner or against a wall.


Large oval dining tables


Sizeable oval dining tables are luxurious pieces of furniture with a striking design. They are often made from thick, sturdy wood and contain an intricate metal frame underneath the tabletop. 


Their oval shape makes them seem somehow more grand than other rectangular-shaped tables - perfect for larger dinner parties, elegant dinner dates, or intimate family dinners. 


The large size of the table makes it easy to fit multiple people around the table without fear of running out of room. 


This is an excellent option for families who often have more than four guests at dinner, as it can accommodate up to eight guests comfortably. Sizeable oval dining tables are an excellent solution for larger families. 


Oval tables give everyone an optimal distance from the table and leave more room on the sides. These tables also allow those with disabilities to be seated comfortably.


Oval extending dining table oak


The Oval Extending Dining Table by Oak is perfect for a family with small kids. This dining table features a rectangular top and has an extra oval extension to accommodate more people. 


The oval extension is perfect for those days when you have guests over, and no one can decide on where to sit! 


The Oval Extending Dining Table by Oak is built to last and will be the most used piece of furniture in your household.


Variations of dining tables


Dining tables come in different shapes and sizes, depending on available space.


Rectangular tables are usually preferred because they can fit anywhere, while round or oval tables may need to be placed in the centre of the living room.


There are also different styles to accommodate different tastes.


Oval dining table pedestal base


An oval dining table with a pedestal base is an excellent option for having a large dinner party or seating many people in a smaller space.


Oval tables are in trend in the design world, and there are many options to choose from when it comes to pedestal bases.


Round to oval dining tables


Round to oval dining tables are an aesthetic delight for the eye and provide the perfect shape for any dining space.


This shape is more than just a passing trend in home design; it's a well-thought-out, functional choice that offers versatility and convenience. 


These tables can be used in kitchens, breakfast nooks, or larger dining rooms with an L-shaped design.


Oval drop leaf dining tables


An oval drop leaf dining table can be a stylish and space-saving centrepiece in any home. It is perfect for small rooms and ideal for hosting guests. 


The table consists of two leaves that rest on either end of the table-top when not in use. A decorative table-top with a rich finish and pattern can add a pop of colour to your room and provide an elegant dining experience.


Oval dining table rustic


The oval dining table is a classic and iconic design that has been around for many years. Despite the table's elegant and expensive appearance, it isn't as hard to find a cheap one as you might think. 


Many affordable and customizable options can be found in our collection, making the oval dining table the perfect fit for any budget.


Oval dining room tables and chairs sets


Oak oval dining table sets are a way to create an elegant and welcoming environment in your home. The different pieces that come with these sets (4 chairs, a table, and a matching bench) allow you to enjoy the social aspect of eating with friends and family.


This set will help you achieve the cosy feeling you desire when hosting guests in your home. Oak oval dining table sets are a perfect blend of rustic and modern design. They also have oak chairs, which are sturdy and practical for everyday use.


Oval dining sets are available in various heights, so they can be adjusted to your needs. 


These tables are excellent for large families with limited space because they take up less room than traditional rectangular tables. oval dining tables and chairs


Oval dining table with bench


Many people like to eat their meals in the kitchen or on a small side table, but it's not always practical to find a suitable table when you finally get around to setting up the dining room. 


People use an oval table with a dining bench to get around this.


An oval table with a bench creates an intimate feel with its smaller shape and relaxed atmosphere. The bench seat is an excellent addition to this table style, giving guests a place to sit while engaging in conversation.


Oval Dining tables multi-buy discounts


We always try to give our customers the best value for money. Wherever it is excellent products for low prices or multiple purchase discounts, we aim to help customers buy their ideal furniture at the best prices.


Buy 1 or more of our low price dining tables and save £££ with multiple purchases discounts.


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