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What will I find here?

Well, you will find a vast collection awesome cheap sideboards that are used for serving food, displaying cutlery and storing fancy crockery!

Show off your ornaments, picture frames and more with large spacious surfaces!

Whatever style you are after, our side boards can be bought in wooden, high gloss, MDF and other finishes!

Size matters! From small to large, our sideboards are incredibly practical and available in 2, 3, 4 or 6 door designs!

Buy more than 1 or buy a furniture set and we will apply multi-purchase discounts and free delivery as standard!

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Awesome low-priced Side boards!

Welcome to our fantastic side board collection!


Once an everyday staple, sideboards are making a resurgent comeback into our homes.


This fantastic piece of furniture is used in dining spaces to serve food, store and display dishes, while simultaneously are a desirable and fashionable accessory.


Side boards are a unique addition to any dining or living room.


Not only do they add character, but are a useful and convenient piece of furniture with ample usages and storage space.


It usually consists of a set of cabinets, or cupboards, one or more drawers, and comes with plenty of surface space.


Side board cabinets are used to store pots, pans, utensils, cutlery for daily use, and the more fancy ones for special occasions and dinner parties.


It's flat display surface, conveniently holds food, serving dishes, picture frames or other home ornaments.


Just click on our sub-categories to filter down the exact sideboard type you want, or search through all of them to browse our complete range.


Traditional and Modern Sideboards.


Our collection of sideboards range from traditional and classic to modern and retro. Every style of ours has been allocated to dedicated categories top make your browsing easier.


All variations are not just limited to styles but also include colour, material and size. We have wooden side boards that include pine and hardwood designs.


High gloss sideboards have recently become very popular, and then there are also the reclaimed wood sideboards.


Helping you do your bit for the environment! Our sideboard buffets range in size from small to large and low to high.


Our most popular sideboards:


Cheap sideboards for the living room


A fantastic place to keep magazines, books and other living room essentials.

A Sideboard in your living room is an efficient addition.


Sideboards for the kitchen


For extra storage space, or eve you don't have the room in your dining room, a kitchen sideboard cabinet can make a huge difference.


Cheap wooden sideboards


Woode sideboards usually come in oak and pine. However, we also have other hardwood versions too like walnut, mahogany and even reclaimed wood.

Sideboard colour and size options


Our colours range from:


  • Black sideboards
  • Grey sideboards
  • White sideboards
  • and more.


Whilst our sizes include:


  • cheap large sideboard
  • Tall Sideboards
  • Two door sideboards
  • Three door sideboards
  • Four door sideboards and even five doors!


Affordable sideboards variations for your dining room


Our array of fantastic sideboards for the dining room includes pine, hardwood, gloss, matt, high, medium, low, two doors, three doors, one shelf, two shelves and much more.


When browsing our vast range different sideboard types, you will find various colours, sizes and shapes, and many other materials including pine, oak, walnut, reclaimed wood, etc.


We are sure that with our extensive collection of side boards, you will find the right dining room sideboard type to fit into any space.


Size -  Our small sideboards are usually one or two-door side boards. They typically have a single or two drawers on top of the cabinets for storing kitchen & dining utensils or anything else you want to cram in there.


We also have 2 to 4 door ones which are usually sized between medium and large. These are perfect for more generous spaces or larger households.


You can keep the everyday essentials here and store away fancier and essential items you only use for special occasions.


We also have a selection of six and eight door side boards for those who want a large dining sideboard.


These are the perfect storage solution for all your dining utensils and cutlery equipment.


You can put them in different areas of the sideboards to keep your utensils and crockery well organised.


Materials -  our hardwood sideboards include those that are made from oak, walnut, mahogany and others.


Oak is probably our most popular sideboard material. We have tons of different ones to chose from. Walnut and mahogany are the more robust and heavier side boards we have.


Long-lasting and easy to maintain -  We also have a range of pine sideboard and strengthened MDF and chip wood versions. These are generally available d in a variety of colours and finishes.


Our high gloss sideboards are popular in white, black, grey, and other colours.


Colours range from natural wooden sideboards to dark mahogany, beige, the oak-ish look, distressed wood, light gold, lacquered and gloss finishes.


We have a whole variety of different coloured and finishes. Fresh colours have become more popular recently, with white sideboards leading the way.


However, we also have black, grey, dark brown, wenge and rustic oak traditional buffets. Our Lacquered and gloss sideboards are easier to maintain and only require a quick wipe.


Complementary furniture for side boards


Home furniture should complement each other.


Whether it is a beautiful lamp table next to your bed or a chest of drawers to accompany your corner cupboard, and sideboards are no different.


They are the perfect partners for dining tables and fit perfectly next to display units. If you lack cupboards in your dining or kitchen, then acquiring one of these is a wise choice.


Side boards help keep your dining tables free for the important stuff like food pots, jugs, plates, fork and knives. At the same time, storing all your crockery conveniently away.


You can even move your dining table ornaments over to the sideboards while populating your dining table with all the good stuff!


Many of our very cheap sideboards are also available in product sets with other dining furniture and the living room.


This includes perfectly matched dining chairs, dining tables and side boards.


They are finished with the same colour and style, but also made from the same materials.


These sets are available at a discounted rate when bought together! So not only will you get a cheap sideboard but a cheap dining table too


Multi-purchase discounts on our sidebaords


With all of our cheap home furniture, we offer multi-purchase discounts.


So if you buy sideboards, where possible, we will apply a special discount on every second, third and more sets that you buy as long as it is delivered to the same address.


Dining chairs are usually bought in pairs, but most people like a minimum of 4 up to 14!


So we have special multi-buy discounts to save our customers even more money!


Free delivery with our furniture


Not only are all of our furniture cheap, but where possible we provide FREE delivery and Fast dispatch.


In some instances there is a small surcharge for remote and offshore postcodes, i.e. Scottish Highlands, IOW etc.