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Adeline 260cm Black Marble Dining Table

Dining Room

Adeline 260cm Black Marble Dining Table

Adeline 260cm White Marble Dining Table

Dining Room

Adeline 260cm White Marble Dining Table

Alaska solid hardwood dining table oak

Dining Room

Alaska solid hardwood dining table oak

Alba Cream & Brown Constituted Marble Dining Table

Dining Room

Alba Cream & Brown Constituted Marble Dining Table

alice 180cm grey marble dining table1

Dining Room

Alice 180cm Grey Marble Dining Table

alice 180cm white marble dining table 1

Dining Room

Alice 180cm White Marble Dining Table

Allen 160cm Grey Marble Dining Table

Dining Room

Allen 160cm Grey Marble Dining Table

Allen 160cm White Marble Dining Table 1

Dining Room

Allen 160cm White Marble Dining Table

Amber 160cm Glass Extending Dining Table 1

Dining Room

Amber 160cm Glass Extending Dining Table

Ava 120cm Light Grey High Gloss Dining Table 1

Dining Room

Ava 120cm Light Grey High Gloss Dining Table

Ava 120cm White High Gloss Dining Table 1

Dining Room

Ava 120cm White High Gloss Dining Table

Ava 160cm High Gloss Dining Table 1

Dining Room

Ava 160cm mdf Dining table with white high gloss finish

Rectangular Dining Tables UK


Rectangular dining tables are the most popular shape of a table for homes.


With one long side, they can fit more people than round or square tables, and they provide enough room to place dishes down on their surface without feeling too crowded. 


These tables also work well in smaller areas; when you need to make dinner for your family or guests, there is plenty of room for all the necessary items to be set up simultaneously. They are the perfect size for the average dining room or small dinner parties.


Rectangular dining tables are typically used in all types of dining spaces. A good quality table can be worth the investment because it can provide years of use for multiple families. You can easily find a model that suits your needs by looking for rectangular tables with benches or chairs.


A rectangular dining table can also be the perfect environment for an intimate space. The two parallel sides allow for additional chairs to be pushed up to the table, while the other sides provide extra space when needed.


These tables are best if you have a lot of guests or need a large family gathering because they can accommodate any number of people.


Variations of Rectangular dining tables


If you are looking for a spacious, comfortable, and elegant dining room, look no further than the rectangular table. Rectangular tables are the perfect shape to seat guests side by side without leaving too much space in between.


The surface area of this type of table is excellent for families with children as it provides plenty of extra seating or elbow room at mealtimes. 


Variations on rectangular tables range from square to round, and sometimes even octagonal!


Rectangle dining table for 4


Rectangle dining table's for 4 is the epitome of elegant and pleasing design. Seating up to four people comfortably, these tables are sturdy and durable with their structure. Ideal for most small families.


Rectangle dining table for 6


A rectangle dining table that sit's 6 is the perfect family-sized table. These dining tables are ideal for families with children, as there are no sharp edges to worry about, and they will accommodate 6 chairs pretty easily. 


The table-top sits at a comfortable height for everyone, and the finished surface, wherever it's wood, glass or marble, makes the table easy to clean after use.


Rectangular dining tables for 8


A stylish dining table is an excellent addition to any home. A rectangular dining table for eight is perfect for a delicious breakfast or an enjoyable dinner with family and friends. This table can also be used as an office space, meeting point, or centrepiece at a dinner party.


Rectangular tables are available in wood, glass, marble and metal-based materials, so homeowners can decide what type of material would be best for their needs.


Sizes of rectangular dining tables


There are many different sizes of rectangular dining tables. Some are long like the ones you would find in a banquet hall, while others are smaller and designed to fit in the corner of your dining room. 


Depending on how much space you have available in your home, you can find smaller rectangular tables seat two or four people. Some standard size rectangular tables seat up to six people comfortably with enough room for everyone to eat and stand between the legs for conversation.


Small rectangular dining tables


Small rectangular dining tables are perfect for smaller spaces. Whether you live in an apartment or house, these tables are an ideal size.


They take up less space than a large table and can be fitted with 2-4 chairs for gatherings of up to 4 people. A small table with one chair is excellent for individual meal times.


Large rectangular dining tables


If you're looking for a dining table that is large and rectangular in style, then you should consider purchasing a large rectangle one.


They are built with different materials and come in all types of sizes. Materials typically used to make large rectangular dining tables include wood, metal, marble or glass. Glass tables are usually more modern because they have sharp angles and straight lines.


Wood tables have a more rustic look with their natural grains and curvy shape.


Rectangular dining table extendable


An extendable rectangular dining table is the perfect solution for entertaining large groups.


These tables can comfortably accommodate guests of various sizes and shapes and include several other features that make them the ideal dining room accessory for hosting large holiday dinners.


Typically these tables extend from 8 to 12 seaters!


Styles of Rectangular dining tables


Styles of Rectangular dining tables are all very different. There are many styles to choose from, starting with the table's base.


A pedestal table has a slim, rectangular base. This type of table is often moveable and ideal for smaller spaces because it leaves more room on the floor for walking. 


They can also be used as accent pieces or extra seating in an open area.


The styles and shapes of rectangular dining tables can be varied. A typical type is a rectangular table with a drop leaf design, which has an attached leaf that can be folded down to double the length of the table. 


Another style is a rectangular dining table with a columned base, which has as its legs three or four columns wide enough to form substantial supports for the table-top.


Rectangular drop leaf dining tables


Rectangular drop leaf dining tables are a popular option for modern and traditional decor styles, as they can add versatility to any household. 


Drop leaf tables offer the perfect solution for transforming from a large family gathering to a cosy, intimate meal with just one movement. The main features of rectangular drop leaf dining tables are their functionality, style, and durability.


Rectangular marble dining tables


Rectangular marble dining tables are a timeless, sleek piece. The table surface is beautiful white or black marble that never stains or burns. 


You can choose to have one long table that seats 6-8 people on each side or two smaller tables that seat 4-6 people each. Their sleek design is perfect for formal dinner parties and more intimate gatherings alike. 


If you're looking to purchase the table, it's possible to find some online.


Rectangle wooden dining tables


The rectangle-shaped table is traditional and elegant. Wood is a popular material for these tables because it is sturdy, easy to clean, and has many colours. These tables are usually used for formal dining occasions or for hosting dinner parties. 


The rectangular shape creates a distinctive look that will help separate your table from others at the event.


Rectangular pedestal dining tables


Rectangular pedestal dining tables can be used as a dining table or as a piece of furniture in the living room. They are typically large and unwieldy, so they may not be suited for smaller spaces.


The pedestals on these tables often match the table-top and provide an elegant look to an otherwise simple piece of furniture.


Modern rectangular dining tables


Modern rectangular dining tables offer a sleek and minimalistic take on the traditional table and are perfect for small apartments and tight spaces. 


They can be customized to include any number of chairs, which means they can accommodate a family or small group of friends looking for a quick bite before heading home.


Modern rectangle tables also provide an alternative to the traditional long banquet-style table for parties that need one centrepiece in the middle of the room.


Rectangular glass top dining tables


The rectangular glass top dining tables are the perfect size for small spaces. They are designed with a tempered glass top, place anything from lamps plants to photographs on them without worrying about them getting damaged. 


They also come in many different finishes and materials, including metal, wood and marble, ideal for any style.


Glass-top dining tables are glass tables with a top made of tempered safety glass. This surface is scratch-resistant and can be cleaned in minutes with water and a cleaning solution. 


Glass is so easy to maintain even the most inexperienced of housekeepers can keep this surface easily. These tables often come in chairs and linens for an elegant dining experience.


What colours are available?


Our rectangular dining tables come in a variety of colours, the most popular ones are:


Grey rectangular dining tables


Grey rectangular dining tables are perfect for those who enjoy simple and sleek designs. These tables can match any home's décor with many different colour and style options. 


Black rectangular dining tables


Nothing beats the simple lines and clean style of a black rectangular dining table when it comes to dining space. There are many reasons why people choose to buy black rectangular dining tables. 


From the perspective of many, these tables are visually appealing and give off a sleek, modern feel. They also offer an easy-to-clean surface that does not show stains or residue from spills due to their dark colours. 


And for those who like to match their décor, these tables can easily be dressed up with any colour scheme.


Rectangular dining table and chair sets


Many families have a rectangular dining table and chairs to accommodate their needs, whether entertaining guests or family time.


Rectangular tables are perfect for larger groups because they can comfortably seat 8 people. The table's dimensions should be 12 feet long by 4 feet wide. A square table will work just as well for people who don't have that big dining room.


Rectangle dining table and chairs -The rectangular dining table is a simple design often seen in the breakfast nook of many homes.


The chairs are placed on either side of the table, with space for diners to walk between them. Many of these tables and chairs come as a set and can be purchased at most major furniture retailers.


The rectangular dining table is perfect for the home's breakfast nook. It generally seats 4-6 people and can come as a set with matching chairs.


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