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A whole variety of cheap chest of drawers! Buy for less without compromising on quality.

Available in all shapes and sizes, from classic & traditional designs to modern and contemporary.

Manufactured from various materials including pine, oak, mahogany, walnut and more.

Finished in exquisite gloss, stained varnish, smooth lacquer and superb matt paint, we have the lot!

Multi-buy-discounts, free delivery and fast dispatch on all our cheap chest of drawers for sale online!

Save over £75 or up to 40% from our existing sale!

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Top Quality chest of drawers cheap!


Are you looking for a set of chest of drawers cheap?


Do you want to save money but not compromise on quality?


Bored of the same old designs?


If so, then we have the perfect selection of chest of drawers for your bedroom! Alongside the bed and wardrobe, the chest of drawers is also essential bedroom furniture item.


Not merely keeping clothes stored in a convenient place, but efficiently reducing bedroom clutter too. Luckily, with our fantastic range of cheap chest drawers, you can now combine style and practicality in one.


From classic and traditional to modern and chic designed drawers, our chests are manufactured from quality materials like pine, oak, maple, etc. Finally, finished in either gloss, lacquer, matt or other finishes.


Our catalogue is perfect for those of you who are looking for short, medium, tall drawers, in a round, rectangular or drum-shaped designs and with 2,3,4 or more doors.


For the cheapest chest of drawers available, we have you covered!


What you'll find with our chest of drawers for sale categories


We have conveniently attributed subcategories to our chest of drawers for sale for easy navigation. This will enable you a quick search for the products you're looking for.


Not only can you search all of them under one click, but you can now choose to look for specific styles under certain designated subcategories.


These options include:


  • Searching via sizes like two, three or four-door drawer chests.
  • Searching chests dressers which can be defined by material types like oak, hardwood, MDF and others.
  • Searching via style, i.e. vintage chest of drawers, wooden drawers, small or tall drawer, white chest of drawers and more!
  • You also have an option to search by drawer shapes like square, rectangular, round and drum-shaped chests. And finally, by finish like white, cream, wood effect and so on.


Browse our online cheap bedroom chest of drawers sale now!


Low price chest of drawers for sale in all size variations


Still confused about which drawer fits you best? Then don't worry, we have a whole range of chest of drawers for sale in all sizes, shapes colours and styles!


Our low price chest of drawers are available in varying sizes.


They start from small two drawer chests and continue to larger nine drawers chests. And if you have limited space, one of our tall narrow drawers could be ideal.


Small chest of drawers


Usually comprising of 1 cabinet, these drawers are ideal for single people if you already have other storage solutions are just looking for a supplement.


Narrow chest of drawers


Once again perfect for tight spaces and to increase your storage.


Chest of drawers 2 drawers to three


These are ideal for individual or small areas like 1 bedroom apartments.


Four drawers chest


Ideal for shared bedroom for couples or siblings. They can fit in a fair amount of clothes and accessories, helping you to declutter your room.


Larger chest of drawers


From 5,6,7,8 and 9 8 drawer chests! - Now if you have a master room, with several clothes to put away, then one of these chests will be perfect for your needs!


Tall chest of drawers


For more room and number of drawers, the tall chest is the complete solution!


Regardless of the size, our selection of chests is available in different materials including pine, MDF and hardwood.


We also have a variety of shapes including round, square, rectangular and even drum-shaped drawers.


Chest of drawer colours


Colour is always one of the more influential factors when choosing a piece of furniture.


Wherever you have a traditional or modern theme to your bedroom, it is the colour that gives it its distinctive character. Keeping this in mind, we have sourced a wide variety of coloured chest of drawers.


Our ranges include:


  • White Chest of drawers
  • Brown chest of drawers
  • Chest of drawers grey
  • Chest of drawers black
  • Cream Chest of drawers
  • Chest of drawers green


We have all these designs and rare and popular styles, like a chest of drawers high gloss in black and white.


It's not just the myriad of colour ranges, we also have several quality manufacturing materials.


Drawer chest materials


Most high gloss drawers we sell are made from chipboard or MDF.


However, we also have some pine and hardwood drawers made from oak, walnut and maple too.


Our catalogue of high-quality chest drawers is available at affordable prices and will suit all styles and tastes.


A few examples of our wooden chest of drawers include:


  • Oak chest of drawers
  • Chest of drawers in pine
  • Chest of drawers solid wood


Whilst we also have:

  • Chest of drawers mirrored
  • Chest of drawers made from rattan


Styles and designs of our chest of drawers


Amidst the modern era's technological advances, furniture designs and manufacturing have leapt into a new age.


People are now spoilt for the various styles of furniture available. And with such vast choices, people tend to experiment with different themes for their homes' other rooms.


Generally, our customers furnish each room with a unique style, which results in modern, classic, retro, chic or other designs all under one roof.


Not only can each room have its own theme but with efurniture UK, you can furnish it cheaply. We aim to provide various styles of drawers chests to fit the taste of all our customers.


We have special discounted prices on all of our types of chest of drawers, including modern and traditional designs.


Retro Drawer chests - Retro designs, most popular with the younger generation, help keep the room looking fresh and savvy.


Modern chest of drawers- A range of contemporary chest of drawers with different styles and designs. Available in MDF, chipboard, pine and hardwood, and finished in trendy gloss or stylish matt.


Traditional Drawer chests - For those who prefer furniture styles of the good old days, our classic; chest of drawers are generally made from hardwood and finished in dark stain and varnish.


Classic Drawers - Vintage furniture always brings a touch of class to any bedroom. And with our vintage chest of drawers, you can be sure your bedroom will get the uplift it needs.


Have a browse at our chests either through styles, shapes or size to find then perfect drawer chest for you.


Features and benefits of our bedroom dressers


Cheap chest of drawers at low prices- we won't be beaten on price.

A wide range of styles and designs - chose from classic, traditional, modern, retro bedroom dressers and more.


Quality materials like MDF, pine and hardwood


Multi purchase discounts - the more you buy, the more you save


Free delivery and fast dispatch - all our orders are usually picked, dispatched and delivered within five to ten working days


Free delivery for both, ready assembled and flat-pack dresser chests.


Multi purchase discounts on our drawers


We try to pass on as many savings as we can to our customers—that's why with many of our chest of drawers we have multi-buy discounts.


We will try and help you save money on multiple items going to the same address with our exclusive relationships have with our distribution and manufacturing partners.


When it comes to an affordable chest of drawers, we have you covered!


Free delivery on our cheap chests


Our prices of the chest of drawers include all extra expenses including picking, dispatch and delivery. There is a slight surcharge for postcode in the Scottish highlands and offshore postcodes, i.e. IOW.


Please email or more information.