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Nice, elegant living room furniture is something we all desire to have. Living rooms are a place of sanctuary and leisure.  A family room where we are at comfort with fine heartwarming furniture, enabling us to snug into our environment and family space after a hard day out.

Unfortunately, nowadays it is becoming more undeniably difficult to find good living room furniture at low affordable prices. Very cheap furniture is available, but at the expense of quality and durability, while when good quality furniture is found, it is always at a premium price.

However, with Efurniture UK all that is a thing of the past! At Efurniture UK, we have maintained low prices throughout our store by sourcing a variety of quality home goods that will be affordable for our customers yet still liven up their decor.

Our discounted living room furniture sets will help you spruce up your homes without you having to break the bank. Wherever you are looking for traditional living room furniture or something more contemporary and modern, we have a wide selection of cheap living room furniture to suit everybody’s needs.

With this combination of best low priced living room furniture, quick dispatch and free delivery, we are fast getting a reputation as the “ living room furniture store specialists “ amongst our followers. For more information, please browse our extensive list of beautiful living room furniture now.

Why is living room furniture the most important in the house?

The living room is where most of our family moments and experiences are shared. Alongside the dining room, it is the usual focal point for family meetings and catch-ups.

The living rooms are the centre hubs of our homes where everyone, at some point, has to come together, chill out, relax and be merry! It is also the room where we charm our guests, entertain them and make them feel at home. With it’s multiple and varied uses it is the most common room in the house. It doubles up as the host area, meeting room, chill out place, family room and the entertainment base.

At efurniture UK, we hope that with our extensive collection of living room furniture will help transform your living room to become all the above and more.

How to choose the best furniture for your living room

The best living room furniture to choose are the ones which make us feel comfortable and relax. However unique your setting is, we have something for everyone, from single items to furniture sets and packages.  

Living room furniture designs

The first and foremost thing to consider when purchasing new furniture is the existing décor you have. You need to decide wherever you’re looking to change some old furniture like sofas, tables and mirrors for new ones? Or if it will it be a total revamp? Once you have a proper plan in place and know the style of your room, it will be much easier to choose your ideal living room furniture.

The traditional living room setting

Now, for a more traditional and classic setting, we have a large collection of classic hardwood and artisan rustic furniture to choose from. From oak coffee tables to mango wood sideboards. We have a range of classy Victorian and old British style furniture available. Most traditional furniture is finished in dark mahogany or oak. However, we do have a variety of traditional colours with many items like coffee tables and lamp tables.

Contemporary living room furniture

For those of you who are after something more contemporary, we have a range of low budget living room furniture manufactured from pine, MDF and durable chipboard and other quality materials. We hold a wide range of leather sofas, PVC chairs, pine and hardwood bookcases and all types of mirrors from traditional to modern. You can also select from many contemporary styles, colours, sizes, designs and like with all our furniture free delivery is standard.

Modern living room furniture

Our impressive collection of the latest modern home furniture designs will captivate your minds!. This includes high gloss tables, futons sofas, recliners, glass coffee tables with shelves, display cabinets with l.e.d. Lights, sideboards, glass dining tables with extending mechanism and coffee tables with tops which lift up to unveil hidden storage space!

Our collection includes many different classic and retro designs, which can blend into the existing décor or help create a new look. This includes casual, formal, classic, modern, and rustic living room furniture. With our vast range of inexpensive furniture, we want our customers to feel confident that efurntureUK is the ideal place for the best value living room furniture outlet on the net.

The size of your living room

Our wide collection of cheap living furniture online caters for all sizes of living rooms. We have a specialist small living room furniture section. This comprises of functional furniture which doubles up with more than one practical use, helping you make the most of your space.

Like our ottomans, for example, they can be used as a table top and storage facilities. Or our coffee tables with shelves and raised tops for more storage. We also have our display cabinets with ample storage space and built-in mirrors.

Many average family rooms can furnish a three seater sofa alongside a two-seater one or even a corner sofa to save space. These rooms can also easily fit in a coffee table, side tables, entertainment unit, bean bags and maybe a small display unit too.

Also, if you're after more storage space, there might also be room for a small ottoman or two. For those with larger rooms, a traditional or modern 2/3 door sideboard and a tall display cabinet could be added to your living room furniture collection.

A wooden bookcase situated next to an armchair or a recliner could add to the features too. Whatever the case and whichever furniture items you choose, Efurniture UK will provide it with quick shipment and free delivery to the UK mainland!

What to buy for your living room furniture

Have you heard o the MIT theory? A productivity tip about putting the biggest items in the container first before you add the small ones around it? Well, living room furniture is the same. In the living room, the most important items are the biggest items, and these are generally the sofas and settees. They are the most used and take up the most space and can set the tone for the whole room.

Sofas and settees

Browse our large collection of sofas and chairs with single armchairs, two seater sofas, three seater settees, bed-settees, futons and corner settees. For something a bit fancier we also have three seater recliners sofas, sofa beds, sofas with footstools and sets of leather settees too. Our designs of cheap sofas and settees include the iconic Chesterfield sofas, faux leather settees, fabric upholstered sofas, PVC, wicker, artisan settees and many others too. When it comes to living room seating arrangements, we have you covered!

Sideboards and display cabinets

The next on our list are display cabinets and sideboards. Ideal to store your magazines, books, cutlery, ornaments and other important items. Not only do we have rustic artisan sideboards but also modern high gloss buffets too. Display cabinets with l.e.d. lights are increasing in popularly, just as our new collection of rustic hardwood bookshelves. Sideboards and display units do not just help with vital functional storage space for everyday items but look the part too. Many of our sideboards like our other living room furniture are readily assembled and available at an amazing knockdown price and free shipping.

Coffee, console and side tables

Coffee tables are usually the focal point of the room. Either right bang in the middle on alongside the main well. Not only do we have the traditional tabletop coffee table but also ones with racks and drawers to hold everything we need from tablets, magazines, toys, books and coffee mugs.

We also have matching side and nest of tables too. Ideal to be placed next to our settees or chairs, perfect for cups of tea, mobile phones and other hand little items. These tables, wherever they are small or large, with or without shelves, will fit into any setting, traditional or modern.

Mirrors. Wall shelves and accessories

Let your living room shine with our fine collection of wall mirrors, shelves and other accessories. Our inspirational wall mirrors and wall mounted shelves will help you make the most of your space while display books and ornaments too.

Wherever you want mirrors with pine frames, metal frames or pure glass mirrors, we can help you create an inexpensive family feature wall. Our frames come in a wide range of colours and designs to help you chose then the best furniture products for your home.

Efurniture UK is the ideal place to help fulfil all your living room furniture needs.

Multi purchase discounts

Our furniture can be bought individually to replace like for like, or if it is a full revamp we have matching sets too, for a totally new look. We give multi-purchase discounts on over 1000’s of products and with our vast catalogue of super cheap living room furniture products. We are certain that you will find that piece of furniture that will delight you!

Why choose us?

Efurniture UK is here to help you make your house your home.

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We pride ourselves on customer service, always putting you before our profits. As usual, we are always here to help. Wherever you need more information on cheap living room furniture for small spaces or more details on our delivery service, please email or call, and we will be delighted to help.