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Cheap Acacia Wood Dining Room Tables

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Our Acacia dining room furniture includes a large variety of acacia dining tables available in all shapes and sizes including round, square, rectangular and oval tables.

Wherever you’re after a 2, 4, 6, eight seaters or more, we have something for everyone. All our acacia tables are on offer at affordable prices, with fast dispatch and free delivery.

We have also applied special discounts to our Acacia dining furniture and offer multi-purchase discounts for acacia wood dining tables, bought in pairs or with Acacia wood dining chairs and other chairs.

Our Acacia furniture sale will help you save more money when you shop with us and with the numerous benefits of Acacia wood dining furniture, your table will become a long term investment! (read more)

Below we have broken a quick guide to Acacia dining tables. It starts with a brief introduction to Acacia wood, it's various uses around the home, and most importantly, it's unique features and many benefits. We also cover what Acacia furniture we sell and the special offers we have on at this moment in time.

What is Acacia wood?

Acacia wood has always been traditionally used in Asia and especially in the Indian sub-continent where it is not only used for furniture but in the building of houses, barns, carriages and tools too. There are thousands of types of it around the world, and it is easily sourced, making it an excellent choice for manufacturing hardwood furniture. In recent years Acacia wood furniture has become increasingly popular with mainstream furniture manufacturers in Europe and the US. Traditionally in these areas, pine or other hardwood like Oak, Maple, Teak have been used for building robust furniture albeit at a higher cost. Not only is Acacia wood just as durable as it's peers, but Acacia trees are considered to be one of the fastest-growing trees in the world – thus a more sustainable source of wood than most, for building furniture at reasonable prices and helping us all lower our carbon footprint. Another feature of Acacia wood is its unique physical attributes. The wood itself is gorgeous and naturally sweet scenting. It varies in colour from attractive light brown to traditional dark red and has excellent structural stability making it perfect for home and garden furniture.

Why buy Acacia dining tables?

There are many reasons to buy Acacia dining tables. Below we will list just a few features and benefits of owning one however please remember these benefits are not only limited to Acacia tables, but they run in all of you Acacia furniture items, from tables, chairs, chest of drawers and beds. • Strength: Acacia is a type of hardwood, so this means that it is naturally stronger than softer woods like pine and harder than similar trees like and oak and maple. Its strength allows it to be constructed into many different types, shapes and sizes of dining tables without compromising its structural integrity. • Durability: Not only is it reliably strong, but due to its natural characteristics, it is resistant to water damage, so your Acacia table should naturally prevent itself from warping and shrinking, increasing its life. Also, unlike other woods, it is scratch resistance, so placing cutlery and other dining items on top is not a problem. These features will help your acacia wood dining table last for years and years. • Hygiene: Another fantastic feature of Acacia wood is that it has useful antibacterial properties, especially to types of fungus. Therefore making this woods is perfect for dining tables where hygiene is an essential factor. • Maintenance: With its smooth finish and fine texture, our acacia wood dining tables are easy to maintain, a quick spray and wipe will remove most blemishes, dirt and grime. Also, due to its antibacterial properties, there's no need for chemicals products, a damp cloth will do too. Perfect for those households with many little grubby paws! • Aesthetics: The natural richness of Acacia wood makes it ideal to fit into any setting. Its grain pattern is neither straight nor wavy, and the wood had a fine texture with beautiful, coloured designs. It also has a natural, almost velvety type smooth finish. • Price: A fantastic alternative to more expensive woods like teak, maple, oak etc. Acacia has all the features of the most common hardwood's and with a few extras, all at reasonable and affordable prices.

What to expect with our different types of acacia tables?

As usual, we always have our customers in mind when we source quality home furniture. Many of our customers tell us that the dining room is incredibly important to them. They want to get their dining area theme perfect, and they want the right furniture for it. Comfort, style and most importantly, budget plays a significant role in the decision making of our customers when choosing dining room furniture. With this in mind, we have tried to source a wide range of different types of Acacia wood dining tables. These tables vary in styles, colour, finish, size, shapes and price. Styles Available in an array of styles including the traditional victorian look with long curved upturned legs and a dark finish to more modern designs with a lighter brown/golden colours. Shape Our Acacia tables come in different shapes and sizes. There is the traditional rectangular version, these are the most common and usually perfect for family dining areas. We also have round tables for more surface space, ideal for dinner parties. Then the standard square tables for more compact or smaller spaces and for those who you who prefer a more substantial surface space and a more extended table too we have the Acacia oval dining table. Size The seating space varies from small 2 seaters for a small family ideal to be used in flats or small dining areas. They then move on to 4 and 6 seaters. These tables are the most popular with families with young children. We also have 8 to 12 seaters, which are perfect for larger families and those who like to hold large dinner parties. Types of finish All of our acacia dining tables have a smoothe finish. Some are lacquered, glazed while others are waxed or painted. The natural colour of the wood sometimes differs between a golden yellow shade to more dark red / burgundy one.

Complimentary acacia dining chairs

Our Acacia dining room tables are also available on their own without the chairs. Ideal if you already have your ideal chairs or if you chose to buy the chairs at a later date. This way, you can still enjoy your Acacia dining room table. However to complement our vast range of Acacia tables we do have a broader range of Acacia dining chairs too. Our chairs are crafted out of acacia wood and finished with chrome, upholstery, wax or stained and elegantly painted to fit into any contemporary or traditional theme. The Acacia chairs can be bought in pairs with discounts. For each two extra you purchase we apply a multi-purchase discount. Saving you more money when shopping with us. Bonus sales and discount codes with Cheap Acacia wood dining set sale: We also have Acacia wood dining set deals helping our customers to choice easier when deciding on the perfect acacia table and chairs combination.

Multi purchase Free delivery with our Acacia dining tables

As mentioned earlier we are offering special discounts for multi purchases of our Acacia dining room furniture. For example, if you buy an acacia table and chair dining set we will reduce the total price, saving you money! Our Acacia dining tables are also delivered free of charge to the UK mainland; please note there is a small surcharge to the Scottish Highlands; however, our fast dispatch times are the same through the UK.