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• A whole variety of cheap Marble Dining Tables online! Buy for less without compromising on quality.


• Available in all shapes and sizes, 4.6.8 to 12 seater marble tables!


• From classic & traditional marble tables to modern and contemporary.


• Manufactured from beautifully engineered marble with all-natural lines.


• Our range includes White marble dining tables, black marble dining tables, grey marble dining tables and more!


• Multi-buy-discounts, free delivery, and fast dispatch on all our Marble Dining Tables for sale online!


• Save over £200 or up to 40% off r.r.p!


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Cheap Marble Dining Tables Types


Our cheap marble dining table collection has a variety of style and designs for you to choose from.


Beginning with traditional marble dining tables and moving unto more contemporary marble table designs.


Our marble table collection has a variety of colours, shapes and sizes.


We have round, square, octagonal and the rectangular-shaped marble tables.


Our colour options range from beautiful white tables and stunning black marble dining tables.


For size we have from small to extra large, seating 4 to 12 diners.


Our marble dining tables chairs sets easily complement our marble dining tables.


We offer FREE delivery, and Fast dispatch and multi-buy discounts for tables and chairs bought together.



What types of marble dining tables online do we have?


Well, to begin with:


All marble tables:


Thes are our speciality tables where the table's whole body is made from marble.


This includes the tabletop and the pedestals. We have an extensive range of them to choose from and offer some great sales and multi deals with them too.


They vary in colour and size, so hopefully, we have something for everyone.


Marble effect dining table set


We have different marble effect dining tables.


Our most common ones are a table with a marble effect tabletops. Most of these tables have pedestals and bases made from engineered wood designed and finished in a marble effect to go with the rest of the table.


We then have tables with marble scattered placed over the table-luxury and elegance to the table. Some times the legs and pedestals also have this same design.


These tables might not be full marble but will have a marble top or pedestal base.


High gloss marble effect tables - We also have some high gloss dining table, which gives an awe-inspiring marble effect. High gloss tables are relatively cheaper than genuine marble tables.


Marble top dining table


Some of our small and medium marble dining tables have genuine marble tops with wooden pedestals.


These tables usually come in small round tables sizes but are also available in round and rectangular shaped marble tables.


Marble Tables by Colour


Our immense collection of marble dining tables includes many colours and shades. 


For example:


White Marble Dining Table


These are our most popular tables. Superbly designed and beautifully finished, these tables are an excellent addition to any dining room.


Black Marble Dining Table Black


Black marble tables are quite stunning! They have a striking effect and will be an enhancement too many a dining space.


Grey Marble Dining Table


Beautiful design a and perfect neutral colour. Our grey marble tables will fit into many contemporary and more traditional surroundings. Another benefit of grey marble tales is that they can virtually go with any dining chairs you can find.


Brown Marble Dining Room Tables


Our brown marble dining room tables are a beautiful finished and a stylish choice for traditional dining rooms. 


These tables pair up nicely with a traditional fabric and Pu dining chairs.


We also have other coloured marble tables. Please browse our full collection for more information.


Marble tables by Shape and Size


We have a range of shapes and sizes regarding our marble dining room tables.

below are a few examples:


Small marble dining table 


We have a range of small marble dining tables in all sizes, including small round tables, small square tables and more.


These vary in colour too, i.e. black, grey and small white marble tables.


Small marble dining tables are perfect for a small flat or apartment. These are ideal for couples or small families and usually come in a round or square design. They can usually fit up to four people at once.


Medium Marble Dining Tables


Our selection of medium marble dining tables can help fir from 4 to 6 diners. 


Usually, they are square or rectangular shaped tables. Perfect for most households and families.


With some of our medium marble tables, you can squeeze in a couple of children too.


Large Marble Dining Tables.


These are the ideal marble tables for larger families or those who love having dinner parties!


Larger marble dining tables can usually tailor for between 8 to 12 diners at once, with plenty of table space for cutlery items.


Round Marble Dining Tables


Round marble dining tables are perfect for couples or small families. They usually have a pole designed pedestal, which is made from marble or engineered wood.


These tables are very diverse in colours and designs.


Square Marble Dining Table 


Square dining tables are slightly more spacious than round ones of similar size, with a minimum of four diners and with extra room on the tabletop.


Again they are also available in many colours, styles and designs.


Rectangular Marble Dining Table 


Our most common dining tables are the rectangular marble dining tables. Theses are perfect for all settings and can fit in from 6 to 12 dinners. 


Our largest 220cm, dining tables are rectangular, and these tables come in many colours including grey, black, blue, brown and white marble.



Octagonal Marble Dining Tables


The octagonal marble dining table is a luxury addition to any dining room. These tables can fit in an extra diner or two compared to round tables and are ideal if you have a small family.


They also have a strong pedestal based for support and are available in a myriad of colours.



Cheap Marble Dining Table and Chairs Sets


When browsing our marble dining table collection, you will come across many images of tables with complementary chairs.


These marble dining tables and chair sets are available with multi-buy discounts.


Just email us to let us know which set you are after, or you can even make your own, once we receive your email we shall send you a total with discounts applied!


Our marble table and chair sets include:


Marble effect dining table set - These tables might not be full marble but will have a marble top or pedestal base.


Marble dining table with 2 chairs - These are our smallest sized marble dining tables. If you have a small apartment or dining space and want to add a bit off luxury to it, then these tables are the answer.


Marble tables with 6 chairs - The perfect family-sized marble dining tables.


Marble dining tables with 10 chairs and more.- For pure luxury and elegance, our 10 and 12 seater marble dining tables are the perfect centrepieces for large dinner parties and family gatherings.


The bigger the table, the more chairs you can fit around it, and the more discounts we shall give you!!!



Marble Dining Tables and Benches


Besides dining chairs, we also have several beautiful dining benches that can sleekly go with our dining tables.


This includes small, medium, large, upholstered with fabric or Faux leather dining benches.


Our dining benches come with or without backrest.


Why buy a marble dining table through us


Our collection of Marble dining tables is not just vast but diverse as well.


We try our best to find our customers' right products and provide them with a fantastic service. 


We are in partnership with manufactures who source raw materials from sustainable resources. 


You will notice as you browse that our prices are very keenly priced for the quality of our marble tables and the service and care we provide.


Not only do we have an online sale, but we offer FREE delivery and Multi -purchase discounts!


Buy your marble dining tables with chairs from us today, and save £££!



 Multi-purchase discounts


Marble dining tables for sale as well as further multi-buy discounts.


If you buy more than one marble dining table, or a set of chairs with it, or any other item with it, as long as you have them all delivered to the same address, then we shall apply a multi-buy discount for you!


Not only will you be getting fantastic furniture, affordable prices, but you will also make further savings!


Cheap Marble Dining Tables online delivery details



  • All of our Marble Dining Tables online orders are picked and dispatched asap.
  • They are wrapped in heavy-duty packaging to keep them safe and more convenient to transport.
  • Our products are held in our manufacturers/wholesalers' distribution centres for safe storage and quick dispatch.
  • 2 man special delivery service: Our Marble dining room tables are delivered by experienced and professional couriers; leaving out the middleman to save more money for our customers.
  • Our delivery partner will book the time and date with you, so you can make the arrangements for someone to be at home. We usually aim to deliver within 5 to 10 days.
  • Free delivery to the UK mainland with small surcharges to the Scottish Highlands and overseas postcodes, i.e. IOW