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Welcome to our fantastic range of cheap dining chairs!

We have something to suit all tastes and styles.

Our categories include genuine and PU faux leather chairs, Fabric chairs, Plastic chairs, Wooden chairs, Metal chairs and more.

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Cheap Dining chairs for your home


We have such a vast range of dining chairs that we are sure there is something for every taste, design and style.

You can browse by colour, style, range, upholstery and even leg designs!

Most of our chairs are sold in pairs, and we offer multi-purchase discounts too.

We also offer Fast dispatch and Free delivery to the UK mainland.

Our dining chairs will easily fit into your dining room, with a vast collection of different styles & designs, whatever theme you're after we have something for you.


Our chair colour options


Our chairs are available in several colours, including beige, blue, grey and brown. However, we also have rarer designs like funky grey and tweed.

Then there are black, red and purple chairs too.

Not only do we have different colours of chairs but also different shades of them too.


Beige Dining Chairs


Beige dining chairs are seen as the staple partner to most modern and traditional dining tables.

These are available in beige fabric as well as beige faux leather.


Black Dining Chairs


With their incredibly sleek look, black dining chairs are becoming more and more popular.

They can wrap around traditional tables quickly and go perfectly with marble dining tables.

And if you are looking for the perfect contrast to your white dining table, then these chairs are the ones for you.

Available in fabric as well as leather styles.


Blue Dining Chairs


Blue is the colour for gorgeous dining chairs!

Available in many shades to fit classic as well as sleek modern tables.

If you have a glass or an oak dining table, then these chairs are the perfect partners for them.

Available in blue fabric, plush as well as leather, both genuine and PU


Brown Dining Chairs


The ultimate companion to traditional dining tables, brown dining chairs have been around since day one and, alongside grey chairs, probably the most popular dining chairs in the Uk.

They are the go-to standard for most classic and traditional dining theme, and with our newer modern shades, they can effortlessly fit into contemporary dining areas too.

Once again these chairs are available in genuine leather, PU and numerous designs of fabric.


Cream Dining Chairs


Another popular piece, the cream dining chair, has always been a mainstay in many dining rooms up and down the country.

They are usually used with more traditional tables and in dining areas which have a light colour scheme.

Our cream chairs are available in leather, suede, fabric and plastic. Once again in various shades of cream and more etc.


Green Dining Chairs


If you are thinking of buying something unconventional for your dining room, then how about one of our superb green dining chairs.

Not only do we have some funky bright and loud green plastic and metal chairs, but we also have a range of more traditional styled green tweed designed dining chairs.


Grey Dining Chairs


Due to their versatility, grey dining chairs has been one of the more popular chair designs for some time now.

The relaxed and calm colour allows these chairs to partner up with traditional and more contemporary dining tables easily.

The neutral grey colour also allows these chairs to fit into many styles of dining spaces.

Our range of grey dining chairs includes those in genuine leather, PU, fabric and plastic.


Red Dining Chairs


Red dining chairs might seem rare, but they are still incredibly phenomenal!

Just the colour red, make these chairs a beautiful, contemporary complement to any interior.

Available in different shades in either fabric or leather styles.


White Dining Chairs


White dining chairs are an excellent choice for marble or natural oak dining tables.

A beautiful contrast to darker tables, white chairs enthusiastic call toward cool and calm themes.

Available in leather, fabric and painted wood.