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Why Hardwood Dining Tables are a fantastic option!


Hardly anything looks classic, royal and sensible around your little kitchen or a large-sized dining room like hardwood wood dining tables and chairs.


When choosing the perfect dining tables and chairs, you should factor comfort, ease and durability of any hardwood dining table you pick.


Here you will find all kinds of wooden tables, from small to big, oval to extended, oak to mahogany, sustainably sourced to reclaimed and more.


Give your kitchen or dining area a complete look with any classic, minimalist and stylish solid wood dining tables and chairs. You can give lots of brilliance to your dining area by introducing tufted dining chairs to the upholstered oak wood dining table.


Or you can go for the full traditional look, with a solid oak table and wooden chairs to suit.


Wooden Dining Tables Styles


Take a peek into the world of comfort and style we offer you on dining tables, while not compromising on durability and strength.


Our oak hardwood dining tables will sit so perfect in your dining room and give your house a touch of nature.


We have many hardwood dining tables like walnut and mahogany covered in gloss or marble and leather/fabric chairs offered at much-discounted prices.


You can also find chairs made of hardwood like Beech, Mahogany, Obeche and many others. They all come in different styles and still fit any interior designs you choose for your home.


Types of Hardwood Wooden Tables


Our varieties of hardwood include:


  • Rustic wooden dining table
  • Reclaimed wood tables
  • Walnut dining tables
  • Mahogany dining tables
  • Pine dining table
  • Oak dining table
  • Mango wood dining Table


Shapes of our wooden tables:


  • Small wooden dining tables
  • Large wooden dining tables
  • Wooden extendable dining tables
  • Wooden dining table round


Wooden dining tables with other materials and colours examples:


  • Black wooden dining tables
  • Wood and glass dining tables
  • White wooden dining table
  • Wooden dining tables with metal legs


Wooden Dining Table Sets


Our dining table sets are not just made out of hardwood, they all come in different appealing variants of colours that will fit right with your interior designs.


Furthermore, our dining tables have a modern touch, equipped with modern glass and high gloss finishes. The overall effect is a perfect mixture of contemporary or traditional style mixed with aesthetics and comfort.


We have a range of wooden dining table sets with chairs in many different designs. Hardwood tables are versatile enough to look good with fabric chairs, wooden chairs and even leather chairs.


Solid Wood Tables and Chairs Ranges


Our solid wood dining and chairs are as stable and durable as you will find. Whether you desire a padded chair with your gloss finished dining table or dining chairs painted white, you can always fill your home with the perfect solid wood dining tables and chairs from our store.


Our dining chairs and table also come with different complementing colour mixes and tones. Most of them include high-back, low-back, rounded or the square type, which will match any designs you have in your home.


The Calabusus chrome leg white solid wood dining chair, for instance, will fit perfectly with minimalist classic interior designs. Our Atlanta white faux leather chairs should go straight with a neatly finished polished/gloss covered wooden dining table.


Sizes of our Solid Wood Dining Tables and Chairs


When shopping for dining tables, an important consideration is determining how well they fit your home designs.


The dining table in your home forms is a significant component of your home decor, and a wrong combination of your dining table and chairs ruins your house's tone.


Moreover, our dining table set come in various sizes, including small, medium and large tables then extending tables.


Our extending tables can hold 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 seaters depending on how superb your dining plan is. Whether you are hosting a small outdoor lunch party or visit from your family, cater to everyone with the solid wood extendable tables.


Wooden Dining Tables with Dining Benches


Most people have a small kitchen or dining area and look to save space on the dining table and chairs. One good solution is to try our wooden dining tables and benches.

Not only do these pieces of furniture create a mystiques look about your dining area, but it also blends in well to the designs and saves you space.


The benches are just high as you need them to be able to enjoy your meal or family discussions over the table, and sleek and short enough to slid them under the dining table when they are not in use.


Our benches are made of hardwood that helps these benches support even more weight than the individual dining chairs.


Our white oak benches will only serve perfectly with your marble or a mahogany dining table. It could also serve as a beautiful monochromatic look on your interior designs.


Most people opt for our benches that are upholstered in leather or other fabrics. You can only have them glowing in whatever leather colours you choose, especially a white colour.


Our wooden tables with benches collection can add more spice to a traditional and classic home theme, as well as a modern and contemporary home theme.


You only need to browse through our excellent collection to find out more.


Why Wooden Dining Room Tables will always be in vogue


Solid wood dining table in the UK has always been a mainstay in home decorations theme.


Not only are wooden dining tables strong, but they have inherent capacity to withstand heat, water stains, oil stains, and still retain their beauty over a long period.


Furthermore, wooden dining tables can fit perfectly into any of your designs.


For example, many people prefer the bare mahogany dining table and paint it with funky colours to match their interior decorations.


More so, with the various arrays of wooden dining tables, you can avoid the unnecessary choice between what you want and what is possible.


Our high back fabric chairs are just perfect for your beech tables and still rhyme perfectly with your home decors.


In conclusion, whether you prefer the indoors comfort of a gloss coated/glass fitted mahogany solid wood dining table; or the external panache of an extendable beech table for your outdoor parties or surprise family gatherings, our large stocks will offer you friendly prices and congenial styles.


Multi discounts for Hardwood Tables


Our dining tables come with many discounts


If you buy more than one dining table, or a set of chairs with it, or any other item with it, as long as you have them all delivered to the same address, then we shall apply a multi-buy discount for you!


Not only will you be getting fantastic furniture, affordable prices, but you will also make further savings!


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