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Ava 120cm White High Gloss Dining Table 1

Dining Room

Ava 120cm White High Gloss Dining Table

Ava 160cm High Gloss Dining Table 1

Dining Room

Ava 160cm mdf Dining table with white high gloss finish

Dining Room

Ava 80cm MDF Dining table with White High Gloss Finish

Hayden 160cm White High Gloss Extending Dining Table 1

Dining Room

Hayden 160cm White High Gloss Extending Dining Table

Hereford 160cm MDF with White High Gloss Finish 1

Dining Room

Hereford 160cm MDF with White High Gloss Finish

Rossini 180 220cm ext mdf dining table with white high gloss finish table 1

Dining Room

Rossini 180-220cm Extending MDF Dining Table with White High Gloss Finish

MDF Dining Room Tables UK


There are many different designs when it comes to MDF Dining Room Tables. They range from expensive high-end tables to something you can easily purchase for your home or apartment. 


MDF stands for medium-density fibreboard, made of wood pulp and sawdust. These tables are lightweight, strong, easy to maintain, and perfect for any occasion. The surface of the table is smooth to the touch and stain-resistant.


The great thing about MDF is that not only is the material affordable, but it's also durable and able to withstand daily use even in a home with children and pets. 


It's resistant to scratches and chemical exposure, so you don't have to worry about liquids soaking into the table and damaging it.


MDF dining table designs


Modern, stylish, and chic. This is the best way to describe an MDF dining table design. An MDF dining table design can make any space come alive with its modern look. 


A sleek and chic MDF dining table is perfect for any kind of decor, whether it be a contemporary or modern home. The natural light from windows will brighten up and inspire any room. An MDF dining table will only amplify this effect.


MDF dining tables sizes


Dining tables come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be round, oval, rectangular, or square (with or without leaves). 


What is your favourite shape? 


Are you looking for a formal table for an entertaining company, or are you looking for a family-friendly table? Is it necessary for you that the table has storage underneath? Do you want your dining room to have some personality?


Check out our full range.


Small MDF dining tables


A small MDF dining table is a great way to maximize space and save money. These tables can range from 70cm to 90cm. The size of the table will depend on how many people you usually entertain and what kind of décor you want. 


You can also purchase a set, including chairs and a table, which is convenient if you plan to have company over often.


Large MDF dining tables


Large MDF dining tables are a fantastic way to create a unique, chic or industrial style for your home. They come in various shapes and sizes, from simple rectangles with legs to elaborate designs with irregular edges and contours. 


The tables can be stained to match the colour of your walls, adding a dramatic touch.


Large MDF dining tables are a great way to create a unique look on any type of surface.


MDF dining tables in various shapes


In today's sustainability and eco-friendly living world, many people are looking for ways to reduce plastic and create a more minimalistic lifestyle. 


MDF dining tables are an easy way to upcycle your old dining room table and give it a new look with the same material without the expense of buying a new table.


Round Mdf Dining tables


Round MDF dining tables are a great way to create the illusion of space, and they provide more seating without eating up your living or dining space. 


From coffee tables to full-sized dining room table sets, these tables are versatile and suit any style.


Square Mdf Dining tables


Square MDF Dining Tables are a great addition to any dining space. Not only will they provide a much needed sturdy surface for diners, but they also tend to be very versatile. 


The tables provide the perfect place for those comfort factors that make dining an enjoyable experience, such as fondue pots and candles. 


In addition, since the tables are often made from MDF, the table can withstand wear and tear much better than other materials.


Oval Mdf Dining Tables


Oval MDF tables are the perfect addition to any home. They come in different colours and sizes and can be used for many purposes. They were created with sustainability in mind, and their durable design ensures they will last a lifetime. 


The surface of these tables is water and scratch-resistant, making them perfect for small children who like to run their fingers over the table's surface.


Rectangular Mdf Dining Tables


Rectangular Mdf Dining tables allow you to create a more versatile environment for your dining room. The rectangle shape of the furniture allows for more space within your room, which can be great if you're hosting parties and gatherings.


 If you're looking for something more traditional, then the table's rectangular shape is perfect for your needs.


MDF dining table sets


Every home needs a good dining area where friends and family can gather to enjoy each other's company, simply catch up on work, or even eat in peace. 


There is nothing better than investing in a new MDF dining table set to set the mood for this type of environment. 


These tables are made with excellent grade materials that will ensure years of use in any condition. They come in many different sizes and designs, so it is easy to find one that suits your needs.


They are complemented by various dining chairs and benches, which suit the MDF tables to the ground!


Colours and finishes for MDF dining tables


One of the most adventurous things you can try for your dining area is getting one of the different coloured MDF dining tables. 


What happens when you get a coloured MDF table? Well, it's like adding a whole new dimension to your kitchen. MDF tables are durable and stylish, with various colours to choose from. 


White MDF dining tables


Dining tables are pieces of furniture that can be used to facilitate dinner parties. They are available either in wood or white MDF. 


White MDF dining tables are lightweight, easy to move around, and suitable for smaller houses or apartments. They are the perfect neutral colour.


They are also inexpensive but still look classy. 


Black MDF dining tables


Black MDF dining room tables are an excellent choice for those looking to decorate their home with modern furnishings. 


There are many different kinds of black MDF dining tables available on the market, making it easy to find one that matches your needs. 


Black MDF dining room tables are perfect for families with pets or kids since some are resistant to scratches and stains.




If your dining room needs a minor update,. MDF Dining Tables are a perfect choice.


They are affordable, contemporary, and durable. With these tables, you can easily change up your kitchen or dining room with just one purchase.


Mdf Dining tables discounts


We always try to give our customers the best value for money. Wherever it is excellent products for low prices or multiple purchase discounts, we aim to help customers buy their ideal furniture at the best prices.


Buy 1 or more of our low priced MDF tables and save £££ with our multiple purchases discounts.


We will refund you a discount per the second item but be delivered to the same address.


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MDF tables delivery details and free shipping


All of our ceramic tables are picked and dispatched asap.


They are lovingly wrapped up in heavy-duty packaging to keep them safe and more comfortable to transport!


All our products are kept in our manufacturers/wholesalers distribution centres for safe storage and quick dispatch.


Delivered by experienced and professional couriers, leaving out the middleman to save more money for our customers.


Our delivery partner will book the time and date with you to make the necessary arrangements for someone to be at home. We usually aim to deliver within 5 to 10 days.


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