The Top 10 best and cheap chest of drawers you can buy!

The Top 10 best and cheap chest of drawers you can buy!

Welcome to our selection of ten of the best and cheapest chest of drawers we sell!

Usually, we think that when searching for top quality furniture, we have to be prepared to pay a premium. Anything worth having is worth paying for, right?

Well, this does not always have to be the case.

High quality and low price do not always have to be poles apart. Hopefully, with our help, you find the perfect piece at the ideal price.

The Amazing Barcelona white gloss tall chest of drawers at only £134.99 with free delivery!

Today we have put together a list of ten of the best yet inexpensive chest of drawers around. Alongside the cupboard and corner wardrobes they complete all your bedroom storage needs.

We have included a range of cheap drawers from our collection, differentiating them by styles, design type, material and finally price.

Our quality and price criteria will judge each chest of drawers.


What is our quality and price criteria for cheap chest dressers?

Effectively is the quality of the item worth the price you are paying? Is it priced according to market value, is it overpriced, inflated, or is it discounted and a chance to grab a bargain?

As different furniture items have different uses, functionalities and longevity, they will also have various quality and price criteria.

So dining tables QPC will be different from the QPC of dining chairs. Sideboards will ave a different QPC from wardrobes & cupboards, and so on.

Our top ten chests of drawers must have the following features:

1: Must be unique in style – Something that distinguishes it’s from other chests

2: Good quality aesthetics – Should look the part too

3: Premium materials good build quality -Made from solid hardwood or strong manufacturing materials

4: Inexpensive – low budget, cheap, discounted – it has to fit the bill

5: Size, matters – small or big – the chest of drawers should be suitable for the task

So let’s get started with our top ten (but not in any particular order), chest of drawers!


1. Artisan 3 Drawer Hardwood Slim Round Drum Chest of drawers

1. Artisan 3 Drawer Hardwood Slim Round Drum Chest of drawers
A beautiful hand crafted round drum drawers. Only £117.99 with free delivery

The Artisan round chest drawer is one of the most unique styles you can buy today. It is handcrafted with solid mango wood with a smooth, beautiful oak-ish finish.

It comes with three cute little drawers which are perfect for storing keys, wallets, books etc. These round drawers are ideal as a bedside table or end table too.

Handcrafted and made through sustainable resources and eco-friendly on the wood is environmentally friendly too.

Each drawer has shiny brass knobs which are comfortable to hold for opening and closing.

Price: £117.99 with free delivery


Criteria match:

1. Unique style? Yes, probably the most unique of styles in this list. A rare round drum design which is handcrafted too.

2. Good aesthetics? Yes a new take on a traditional design

3. Premium materials? Yes, handcrafted from solid hardwood – mango wood. Also each drawer has high quality has brass knobs

4. Size? A small round chest, perfect as an occasional table or to be used as a lamp/bedside table.

5. Price? At only £.117.99 with free delivery – grab yourself a bargain today! any particular order), chest of drawers


Probably the standout product from our Round Drum Chest of drawers, this piece adds an aura of class to any room

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