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Welcome to our blog, where we share our unwavering passion for home furniture and decor.


As previously experienced furniture retailers, we have spent years immersed in the design world, constantly seeking inspiration and trends that will transform houses into havens.

Our collective expertise and deep understanding of the industry allow us to confidently guide you toward creating your dream living space.



Through our extensive experience, we have witnessed firsthand how a well-curated interior can evoke emotions and enhance every aspect of life.


This profound belief fuels our dedication to helping you find pieces that reflect your style and ignite a sense of joy within your home.


What we do and how it will help you!


 We will be exploring everything to do with home décor, from the basics to the more complex sets, to ensure you have all the information you need for whichever piece you are after.


Wherever you are looking for a new bed frame or couch, we can offer our top picks to help make your life easier.


Furniture blogs are one of the many types of blogs gaining popularity. For people who are looking for advice on furniture, seeing examples of different styles, or getting general interior design advice, our blog is a perfect resource to turn to.


Comparing furniture style and pricing between stores often makes better decisions when buying new items.


We weren’t always bloggers. We have worked in this industry for over 20 years! We have partnered with some of the biggest brands, wholesalers, distributors and retailers in the Uk. 


Picking up a wealth of experience along the way.



Meet the Team




Reece runs the show around here!

He is a highly experienced furniture blogger with solid expertise in writing comprehensive guides, informative reviews, and everything related to furniture.
With years of industry experience, Reece has developed in-depth knowledge about various types of furniture, styles, materials, and trends.


His passion for furniture drives him to deliver high-quality content that offers valuable insights to readers consistently.


In his detailed furniture guides, he delves into smart purchasing tips, space optimization techniques, and ways to match different furniture pieces with specific interior design styles.

From providing step-by-step instructions on assembling furniture to offering advice on maintenance and care, his goal is to assist readers in making well-informed decisions concerning furnishing their spaces.


Additionally, Reece’s reviews go beyond just highlighting the pros and cons of different products. Through our knowledge of him, we can safely say that he prides himself on conducting thorough research before sharing my personal experiences and opinions on the durability, aesthetics, functionality, and value-for-money various furniture brands offer.


With a focus on delivering engaging content that caters to both seasoned interior designers and novice homeowners alike, he ensures that each piece I write is approachable yet informative.

By adopting a confident and expert tone throughout his work, he aims to establish credibility amongst my readers while helping them navigate the ever-evolving world of furniture design.


As an experienced furniture blogger with an extensive portfolio of articles covering various topics relevant to the industry, trust in him as your go-to resource for all things furniture-related. Whether you seek inspiration for transforming your living room or need guidance on selecting durable yet stylish outdoor patio options – his expertise is at your disposal here at efurniture UK!


Mae – Contributor


Mae is a passionate home decor enthusiast with a flair for all things trendy and stylish. Over the past few years, she’s had the incredible opportunity to work for various furniture companies, fueling her love for design even more.


Mae is the type of person that finds immense joy in helping people create beautifully designed homes that reflect their unique personalities. From choosing the perfect color schemes to carefully curating furniture arrangements, she thrives on making spaces come alive with style and functionality.


Her recent yet vast experience in the industry has sharpened her eye for detail and honed her skills in combining aesthetics with practicality. Whether finding the ideal statement piece or providing tips on optimizing space, Mae is always excited to share her knowledge and help turn houses into inviting homes.


By staying up-to-date with the latest trends and constantly exploring new sources of inspiration, Mae strives to bring fresh ideas to each design project. From contemporary minimalism to cozy farmhouse vibes, she has an innate ability to adapt to different tastes and preferences.


Mae firmly believes that a well-designed house enhances visual appeal and creates a comfortable and harmonious living environment. Her primary goal is to ensure that every space she work’s on exudes timeless elegance and personalized charm.


So if you want to transform your house into a stylish sanctuary or need advice on revamping a room, feel free to reach out!


With her expertise, you can embark on an exciting journey of creating beautiful spaces that truly capture your essence. Let’s make your dream home a reality!



Mo – Contributor


He has recently begun his journey as a furniture product agent, which involves scouring the globe for the best styles of furniture and designs available. Every day, he acquires valuable experience and knowledge in evaluating and comprehending different furniture types.


Mo’s primary task as a furniture source is to explore various regions for unique and aesthetically pleasing pieces. This entails researching emerging trends in interior design, visiting renowned furniture expos and fairs, and establishing connections with manufacturers and artisans worldwide.


To effectively review furniture items, he actively studies their intricacies and specifications. This involves learning about diverse materials like wood types, fabric choices, and finishes. Additionally, he focuses on comprehending the craftsmanship techniques employed during production.


Overall, embracing this challenging yet exhilarating role has provided him with an immersive education in all things related to furniture sourcing. Mo’s passion for creative design and a keen eye for quality has given him an excellent foundation to continue building his expertise as a seasoned furniture agent.