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Believe it or not – but the bedroom is the nations favourite room!


For a great night’s sleep, all you’ll need is a great mattress and bed.


However, there is much more to this special room than just the cosy cradle.


Our fantastic range of cupboards, chest of drawers, lamp tables, wardrobes and other essential bedroom furniture will give any bedroom a snug and comfy feeling.


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Bedroom Furniture & Bedroom Decor


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Wherever you’re after bargain bedroom furniture sets or high-end bedroom furniture, our bedroom experts have put together a fantastic range of high quality low priced bedroom furniture which will help you to shape the look, feel and ambience of your bedroom while at the same time providing yourself with a sense of comfort which will help you to have a good night’s sleep.


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At efurniture UK we have a whole range of wonderful bedroom essentials for sale online to help our customers make their bedrooms the perfect serene sanctuary it needs to be.


We know it can be challenging to create a perfectly coordinated bedroom with the right items and the best prices available. In this modern age we use our bedrooms for a variety of uses, not only are they for winding down after a long day but for some of us they convert into the home office too.


For our children, they are their safe haven, play area and place of rest. Also, the perfect room for the rebellious teenager to get ready for school and furthermore unwind their troubled minds at the end of the day


Finally, when the weekend finally arrives, it helps us get prepared for a well-deserved night out.


Hence, we have thought of everything a person could ever need in their bedroom to make it their ideal personal space and help reflect your unique personality. Our range of beautiful bedroom sets is available in different styles and designs.


Efurnitureuk's catalogue of inexpensive bedroom furniture packages indicates just how much importance we attach to the personal requirements of each of our customers.


You can purchase full sets or mix and match the designs you like, to help you create the look and environment you want!


Cheap Bedroom sets and packages


We have special offers on all our full bedroom furniture sets which includes beds, wardrobes, chest of drawers, lamp tables and more. Our range of styles and designs includes traditional, classic, modern and contemporary.


Our bedroom sets are manufactured from quality materials like pine, oak, wicker, bamboo, metal, chrome, hardwood and others.


And remember all of our bedroom furniture, whether readily assembled or flat pack come with multi purchased discounts and with free delivery. So wherever you're looking for adult, youths, students, teenager or kids bedroom furniture, we have something for everyone.


Below is a quick guide of our discounted yet essential bedroom furniture items which will give you a better picture of what is available at our high quality though cheap priced online bedroom furniture store:


Beds, beds & more beds!


Beds are usually the first items most people look for when furnishing their bedrooms. Having a beautiful looking bed sets the tone for the rest of the interior, and logically as it usually is the most essential item in the room, it makes sense to fill the room with a bed and then furnish everything else around it.


However, it is not just the look of the bed that matters; it has to be comfortable and fit the budget too. With this in mind, we have sourced a vast range of different types of beds in all sizes, colours styles and budgets.


Our collection of beds includes king-size beds, queen size beds, double, single beds, bunk beds, small children's beds, cots and much more.


From king-size to children beds, we offer a large collection of wooden, pine, metal, hardwood, cane and many more different styles of beds. Included are four-poster beds, bunk beds, double beds, sofa beds and futons.


Single & Double beds


Kings size, queen size and standard double beds are amongst the most popular bedroom items.


Available as bed and mattress sets or just on their own, our range of high-quality double beds will help you cosily snuggle up to your partner after a long day away.


For those who prefer your own space, we also have a fantastic collection of wooden and metal frame single beds that help you to sleep, sleep and sleep some more!


Divan beds


Our beautiful collection of divan beds is available in king, queen or double sizes and with a choice of leather, wood and fabric headboards.


The Divan bed is always the mark of luxury, and our selection is second to none.


You can choose from large divans with storage shelves or without. Strong firm headboards to make it comfortable to rest back on when reading a book or just sitting up.


Available with a choice of mattresses, we have the perfect divan bed and mattress collection.


Wooden bed frames


Wooden bedroom furniture always gives the traditional feel.


Its classic and timeless aura help keep your furniture in style throughout the time, and with its robust nature, you can be sure that our wooden beds will last a long time with very little maintenance.


Why not have a quick browse through or ranges from the king-size Mexican pine beds, softwood beds, oak beds, mango wood beds. Indian jali beds and more.


As with all our beds, our wooden beds are available in different sizes including a single, double, king size and more.


And just to let you know our collection of pine, hardwood, and other wooden beds are all part of our discounted bedroom furniture range and as mentioned before comes with free delivery.


Modern Bed Frames


If you’re after something with a difference we have a contemporary collection of Japanese style low-level bed frames available in leather and PVC.


Lying low to create the Oriental experience, some of these beds even come with side selves built in to replace your bedside tables.


We also have a range of low price metal bed frames too.


Designed in many different styles our cheap metal bed frames are sturdy and strong, with many different styles of headboards available.


They are suited for kids as well as adults as they come in both double and single bed sizes. Good quality metal bed frames are built to last many years of constant use with little maintenance required.


Beds made from wicker, bamboo and other modern materials are also available. If you still are unsure about which bed to but then keep checking back as we regularly update our catalogue.


Small children beds


Our collection of children’s beds includes 3ft bunk beds, which are perfect for twins or siblings around the same age.


If you have a child a few years older, then we also sell 4ft double and triple sleepers in metal or wooden frames. These bunks beds have a more spacious bottom bed of 4 feet, ideal for the older/bigger child and the top bed is 3 feet for the younger/smaller child.


Not only do our bunkbeds save room space, but they can also be used individually if space permits. We also have little bunk beds which are shorter and lower for easy access, perfect for younger children.


For more information check out our guide on what are the best bunk beds for children over on our blog page


Cot beds, guest beds, sofa beds and more.


Efurniture UK had a wide selection of many different styles and types of beds for your home.


As a bonus, all of our beds are included in our online cheap bedroom furniture sale.


Wherever it be the guest beds, sofa beds, cots or futons we have them available in singles, doubles, with or without a mattress set.


Giving you are your guests your own space and a chance for you to recharge your bodies too, our single beds are easily assembled and available in a wide range of styles that can fit into any interior.


Bedside tables and cabinets


Another essential for the bedroom, the bedside table is the perfect item to organise our stuff for our nightly routines.


Our bedsides come with a top shelf for placing things like mobiles, tablets or books and some even have drawers to put our valuables like keys, wallets and more.


If you love reading a book before going to sleep then have a look at our little bookshelf lamp tables. These tables are perfect for keeping books, magazines and other items organised and with space for a bedside lamp too.


Maintenance is easy, just a quick wipe to clean or polish.


For more lamp tables check out our selection in our living room area.


Bedroom storage - Cheap cupboards, wardrobes and chest of drawers.


Bedroom storage is designed to provide a useful and vital room while at the same time looking great.


Dressing tables with 4 or 6 shelves and plenty of surface space. All sizes and styles of storage ottomans to help put away the essential items which only need to come out a season to season, i.e. winter blankets etc.


Our bedroom storage furniture will help keep you coordinated and your bedroom clean and tidy.


Then if your bedroom is also your home office we have a chic collection of home filing cabinets and home desks, keeping you organised and efficient.


Our range of wardrobes and cupboards are available with or without sliding doors.


Some come with front mirrors while others have led lights too. Perfect for hanging clothes and storing folded items on their built-in shelves.


From small to large 4 door wardrobes, these bedroom essentials are available in different styles and made from various materials.


Another essential bedroom storage item is the chest of drawers.


Our cheap chest of drawers are manufactured from many different materials including, pinewood, hardwood, MDF, chipboard and finished in many different styles like painted wood, sleek high gloss and others.


Modern and traditional, our range of cheap chest of drawers have been conveniently put into simple categories to make your search process much easier.


Children's bedroom furniture


Everybody remembers playing as a child right? Jumping on the bed and hiding underneath it?


The child’s bedroom is the perfect place for our kids to play safely and under our watchful eyes.


Wherever they’re running around or playing hide and seek, children’s furniture has to be robust as well as affordable. Our kids' bedroom furniture range has everything you will need to furnish your child’s room.


Starting with children beds, we have single beds or bunks, available in metal or pine wood. Then there is the chest of drawers and individual or small cupboards, to keep all their clothes and essential items organised. We also have children’s desks for homework and other things


All of our children’s bedroom furniture is high-quality products sold at the lowest prices possible.  Built to last, ensuring years of use with very little maintenance but just a quick clean.


Traditional and modern furniture


Wherever you’re after Indian wood, Mexican corona, or Scandinavian pine, we have searched far and wide to put together the finest catalogue of wooden bed frames manufactured from all types of wood.


Our hardwood beds include those which are constructed in walnut and mango wood. We also have a selection of unique hardwood beds made from reclaimed wood which is hundreds of years old.


We guarantee our collection of cheap bedroom furniture will no doubt leave you spoilt for choice!


Quality bedroom furniture & accessories


Our bedroom experts have sourced over 100’s of essential yet affordable quality bedroom accessories and furniture like double beds, single beds, cupboards with sliding doors, storage ottomans, large and small chests of drawers, lamp tables with drawers & shelves and under bed storage, to suit all styles and budgets.


Many of our furniture comes in special ranges, so you will find many beds, cupboards, wardrobes, chest of drawers and bedside tables to complement each other.


From 2 door to 4 door wardrobes, with sliding doors, glass panels, gloss finishes and our chest of drawers with numerous shelving and drawer options, everything you need for your bedroom is here!


With pleasant little lamp tables to more practical Ottoman storage boxes, our furniture covers every angle of the bedroom experience.


Once again for the benefit of our customers, we have arranged all our collections of cheap bedroom furniture in one place in easy to navigate categories so you can shop with ease and comfort.


Our vast catalogue of cheap bedroom furniture has left nothing out, but covered every part of the bedroom possible.


Multi purchase discounts and free delivery


Efurniture UK is amongst the most inexpensive furniture stores on the web. Not only are we specialists at supplying high-quality bedroom furniture at low prices, but we also have high-end bedroom furniture available at knock-down prices too.


With our multiple purchase discounts, you can be sure you will save even more money on our high-quality bedroom sets by shopping with If you decide to buy more than one of each product or different products that are going to the same address, then our customer support team will give cashback on the item within 24 hours.


If you would like to know just how much you will save, just send an email before purchase, and one of our representatives will be in touch as quickly as possible.


At Efurniture UK, we aim to make your bedroom the perfect environment to help you relax, rest and get a good night’s sleep -  without breaking the bank!


Our customers know exactly where to buy cheap furniture online, and if you’re looking to save even more on new bedroom furniture sets remember we offer free delivery of all our goods to the UK mainland.