Why you need a corner wardrobe!

Santino White High Gloss Corner Wardrobe 4

Why you need a corner wardrobe!


Corners in a room, especially in the bedroom are often underutilised when fitting furniture. Chest of drawers, lamp tables and standard wardrobes can’t fit perfectly in most places and always leave dead space behind. 

With this lack of space so much of a problem in homes nowadays, corner wardrobes solve this problem effortlessly.


They are an excellent solution to this problem and probably the best way to store clothes while saving room space at the same time. 


They quickly and effortlessly slot into any corner of your bedroom you choose to put it in, while still allowing space for other essential items of furniture like dressing tables, tall-boys, beds, lamp tables and more.


However, don’t think these wardrobes are only good for saving space. Available in all shapes and sizes, these cupboards are excellent in turning an area into a prime storage space.


Our corner cupboards come with inbuilt shelves and hanging rails helping you to store and more importantly organise all your clothes and apparel in one convenient and accessible place.


And finally, not only will you save space and gain excellent storage space but you will also save money with our cheap corner wardrobes.


Generally priced lower than same-sized standard cupboards, we also offer free delivery, quick dispatch and multi-purchase discount with them too.


So no matter what the budget, the size of the room or how little space you have, you’ll always benefit from a corner wardrobe.


Rauch Celle High Polish 2 Door Corner Wardrobe
Rauch Celle High Polish 2 Door Corner Wardrobe

How to choose a corner wardrobe?


The most important factors when choosing a corner wardrobe, or as a matter of fact any piece of furniture is 1) the space available and 2) the budget and 3) The style!


Space available


Finding space for your corner cupboard is relatively straightforward, and the right corner wardrobe brings space where you need it, be it for extra clothing storage or a more significant living area in your bedroom.


All you have to do is decide which corner is best for it!


Now, like most peoples rooms, there is always a lot of furniture already in the bedroom. From top to bottom and wall to wall, the room will be littered with bedroom furniture. 


So you need to decide which corner will make the maximum use of the corner cupboard while still giving you enough room for the rest of your furniture.


The best way to do this is to first and foremost measure the area as accurate as possible. 


Our customers usually like to put corner wardrobes next to the wall by the door. This area usually has enough space behind the door and the adjacent wall to fit in the corner wardrobe quite easily.


Some customers also try and fit it in between the chimney breast and sidewall. Again as long as you have measured the area correctly, then you can fit it wherever you like. Just make sure it is in the place where it will be utilised best, by saving space and not taking up additional room that could be used for other items.


With our cheap corner cupboards, It is possible to economise space and still get a beautiful piece of furniture. 


Once you have the correct measurements, you can now check to see which of our fantastic range of cheap corner wardrobes will fit!.




Corner cupboards have so much storage space with internal hanging rails and multiple built-in shelves that you can save money with doing away with any random pieces of furniture.


Our cheap corner wardrobes are incredibly budget-friendly. Cheaper than most standard closets, corner cupboards can be bought from as little as £150 to more premium versions worth a good few hundred pounds.


We sell a variety of high-quality corner wardrobes for amazingly affordable prices.


We also offer multipurpose discounts, so if you buy two cupboards or as a matter of fact any two furniture items, we shall give you a further discount on the already reduced sale price.


And with quick dispatch and free delivery, we save you even more money.




Angel 2 Door Corner Wardrobe White Crafted Oak Melamine 3
Angel 2 Door Corner Wardrobe White Crafted Oak Melamine 3 buy for only £459

Efurniture corner cupboard designs give you great flexibility in your bedroom theme. From traditional natural wood, oak-ish effect and wood veneer to a more modern high gloss and laminated finishes.


We also have mirrored corner wardrobes available in several styles.


So with efurniture UK, you can find the right wardrobe for your budget, getting the look you want without breaking the bank.




Which style of corner cupboard is best for me?


Write, now that you know how much space you have for your cupboard you need to decide on the actual style of corner wardrobe you want.


This could be dependent on the current theme you already have. If you’re you’re a traditional person then you might want to go for our classic oak-effect corner cupboards, like the Ferrara and the Vant.


If you’re after something more modern than the Santino and or Florence black and white gloss corner cupboard could be what you’re looking for.


Our mirrored corner wardrobes, like the Anzo gloss or the Florence mirrored corner wardrobe, can also go a long way as they add both functionality and visual appeal to any room.


The next thing to look out for is the actual internal storage space. Some our these cupboards have various amounts of shelves while others have more hanging rails.


Some even come with top shelves as well as ad side ones, like the Santino White Gloss Corner Wardrobe.


Or the Ferrara corner wardrobe doesn’t have a top-shelf but comes with double hanging rails and side shelves on both ends of the corner cupboard.


Our Corner wardrobes with side shelves on both sides of the cupboards are excellent in shared rooms like the children’s bedroom. One side each per child, helping to avoid those sibling arguments!


You can store all types of clothes, including school uniforms, workwear, jumpers, dresses and even shoes if you want.


Our variety of corner cupboards are the perfect furniture to help you avoid clutter, use up dead space and save you money.


So once you know which storage solution is right, you can then make a better-informed choice.


As with all of our products, we have multiple images and detailed descriptions to help you understand more about the product.


So browse here to find some fantastic deal on our cheap corner cupboards.


Benefits of using a corner wardrobe

4Kids Corner Wardrobe with Orange Handles Light Oak and White High Gloss 1
4Kids Corner Wardrobe with Orange Handles Light Oak and White High Gloss 

We always strive to source high-quality furniture, affordable prices. We know that some time for our customers it’s not possible to give a complete overhaul of their homes nor specific rooms. However, even on a budget and with the right furniture, they can still spruce up their homes while again buying furniture that gives them the most bang for their buck.


Wardrobes are probably the most useful furniture items you can buy. They conveniently help you to store everything away and keep all your washed clothes organised and neat.


Our selection is designed in a very fashionable way, be it you’re after traditional, classic, retro or modern.


Corner wardrobes are a perfect example of furniture which makes the most of all available space, which otherwise may be neglected or overlooked. 


Here we will list some of the numerous advantages of using corner wardrobes in your home


Convenient space savers


If you have ant attic, loft conversion or any room with dysfunctional corners than corner wardrobes could be your saving grace!


Helping you fit around tricky areas, corner cupboards solve the problem of the unused regions very quickly.


Find the right size of corner cupboard and just slot the wardrobe in to take advantage of their efficient design and generous storage space.


Efficient storage


Our range of corner wardrobes come with an ample amount of internal storage. Not only do they have hanging rails for you to hang your clothes but also numerous built-in shelves for smaller or larger folded items and even space for shoes if need be.


Helping to organise your clothes much easier and simpler.




We are specialist in cheap corner cupboards. Not only are our furniture prices low, but we also offer free delivery ad multi-buy discounts too.


Our corner cupboards designs are a perfect replacement for other furniture. With our corner wardrobes, you get built on shelves, and hanging rails, so you don’t need multiple chests of drawers, cupboards etc. to supplement.




With a variety of styles, materials, and finishes to choose from, you won’t have to look far to find the right corner wardrobe for your home.


We have traditional natural wood, laminated veneers, high gloss, mirrored and other types of corner wardrobes and cupboards


Corner wardrobes features:

  • Conveniently fit into areas other furniture items can not
  • Save room- Use up dead space with a corner cupboard
  • Inexpensive – save money not only are they cheaper than most standard cabinets but with hanging rails and internal shelves you can do away with the extra furniture
  • Incredibly versatile; maximise space in small bedrooms and free space for other furniture in larger bedrooms.
  • Ideal for the small rooms, guest rooms, children’s room or the master room
  • Help create a unique look for your bedroom – aesthetically pleasing
  • Mirrored corner wardrobes help your room looks bigger too but also saves money and space on a standard alone mirror.
  • With our vast range of corner cupboards, you can choose the one that suits the overall decor of the room, to create a stunning look.
  • Free delivery with our corner wardrobes UK wide, except for the Scottish highlands – small surcharge, please email for more information


Vant Oak Effect 2 Door Corner Wardrobe
Vant Oak Effect 2 Door Corner Wardrobe for only £249.99 with free delivery!

All in all corner wardrobes are amongst the most user friendly furniture pieces you can buy. And with our wide collection of cheap corner wardrobes with free delivery and multi-buy discounts we are sure you will finds the right  corner wardrobe you are looking for with us!

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