What is a corner fitted wardrobe? Save £100’s on one today!

What is a Corner Fitted Wardrobe?


A corner fitted wardrobe is a type of closet that takes up unused space in the corner of a room instead of taking up an entire wall.


It can be installed in any space, from a regular bedroom to a small studio apartment. 


The “fitted” part refers to the fact that it sensibly cuts down on wasted space by being built narrower than the room’s height, with the clothes pushed to the back and along the side walls.


Rauch Rivera Corner Wardrobe
Rauch Rivera Corner Wardrobe



Who should use a corner fitted wardrobe



A corner fitted wardrobe is a small yet functional storage space easily tucked away in corners or any other tight area. 


These are often used in small rooms or flats because they save on space and are perfect for students living in dorms. 


These wardrobes can be used instead of a dresser because they typically come with hangers and internal shelves.


Built-in corner wardrobes can be used in small as well as master bedrooms. They are also ideal for children, especially in shared rooms.


A few benefits:


  • Ideal for small bedrooms or guests rooms where space may be tight
  • Perfect storage solutions for shared rooms, i.e. siblings, couples etc.
  • It can be used in a master bedroom as supplementary storage if you have a lot of stuff to organise
  • and many other uses around the house, i.e. in the living room etc.


Corner wardrobes are popular in most homes because they provide more room for clothes and shoes than regular wardrobes.


There are many different styles of corner wardrobes, with many being classy yet straightforward designs.


Wiemann Kansas Corner Wardrobe
Wiemann Kansas Corner Wardrobe

Corner fitted wardrobe designs & types.


As mentioned above, many different corner wardrobe designs allow for many types of storage options.


These can include shelves, drawers, and cabinets for clothing or other items.


Here is a brief look at some of the more common ones:


Mirrored Corner Wardrobe Design


Mirrored corner wardrobe designs are becoming popular lately. 


These designs have a very modern look, perfect for people who like contemporary or futuristic themes.


Many of these designs are constructed with either metal, wood, MDF, or other durable material. The new materials allow for sleek and smooth surfaces that are great for any modern living space.


The great thing about these designs is that they can be customised to fit your exact specifications.


mirrored corner wardrobe
Mirrored Corner Wardrobe


Small Corner Wardrobes


Most people don’t realise that you can live comfortably in a small apartment if you make intelligent choices.


One such smart choice would be to buy a small corner wardrobe design. This saves tons of space and is perfect for those who live in smaller apartments.


Also a budget-friendly choice with incredible styles and designs to choose from.


Rauch Rivera Corner Wardrobe 1 door
Rauch Rivera Corner Wardrobe 1 door

Tall Corner Wardrobes


One of the most important and valuable items in a bedroom is a tall corner wardrobe, and it’s becoming more and more popular.


A tall corner wardrobe is a design that takes up the space of the bedroom with vertical space. This provides enough room for clothes to hang and store shoes, purses, and other assorted items. There are also large corner wardrobes available for more space and maximum storage.


Built-in shelves and drawers are also an option.


With the popularity of these designs, there are many different styles, including contemporary, classic, and modern.


Your choice should depend on the design you like but consider other necessities such as size and storage space.


Tall Corner Wardrobes
Tall Corner Wardrobes

Corner Fitted Wardrobe Designs with Sliding Doors


Corner fitted wardrobe designs with sliding doors are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a storage solution that is both practical and space-efficient.


They can be installed in any room, even if there isn’t enough floor space to fit a walk-in closet. A fitted wardrobe will generally serve a person’s needs by providing ample storage space and an area on the top of the wardrobe and internal shelves and drawers.


Fitted corner designs are a newer trend in the design of fitted wardrobes. With these types of designs, there is no need for additional storage as the space is maximised. 


These designs also create less clutter and can make decorating easy by using one colour scheme throughout the whole room.


A well-fitted corner design begins with accurate measurements and sensible planning.


Corner wardrobe with sliding doors
Corner wardrobe with sliding doors


A few advantages of fitted corner wardrobes


This section will explore the different types of corner designs offered with these wardrobes and how they can meet your needs.


  • Corner wardrobes can help you maximise your space while also allowing you to have more external storage. 
  • Help to organise your space: An organised space is a happy space.
  • Corner wardrobes offer a more compact storage option, especially in smaller spaces that have limited square footage.
  • The corner wardrobe can be customised with many different styles and designs, but typically the front of the wardrobe faces one of the walls in the room.
  • Save money with a corner wardrobe. By freeing up more space in your room, you can add important furniture items and other essentials. If your wardrobe has a mirrored door, this saves you money on buying a separate bedroom mirror.


Many homeowners are opting for corner wardrobes to save floor space, wall area and money.



Why you should buy a corner wardrobe


Most of us want our bedrooms to be a sanctuary away from the outside world. And with such a confined space, corner wardrobes are an excellent way to make your bedroom feel more spacious and organised.


Even though your room size will remain the same, you can also create an illusion of space in your bedroom without breaking the bank by utilising the corners of your creatively with furniture placement.


There are many reasons why you should buy a corner wardrobe:


  • Add more space to your from – Not only more storage space but floor space too.
  • Walk around freely without tripping over clothes or stepping on clothes that are on the floor.
  • You can organise all of your clothes, shoes, purses, belts and accessories into one place with maximum organisation.
  • Corner wardrobes with mirrored doors are a practical addition to any bedroom.


Where to buy corner wardrobes for cheap


Your home is your castle- so make it your sanctuary. If you search for a new piece of bedroom furniture to bestow the elegance and functionality of high-end design, look no further than corner fitted wardrobes.


Corner fitted wardrobes offer luxurious features for any stylish man or woman who wants to create an oasis within their own walls.


The corner wardrobe provides an easy way to store clothes that look good in any house room. These wardrobes are used to maximise square footage for smaller spaces while also providing an ideal place to store clothing, shoes, accessories, and other items. 


With our variety of colours, sizes, and materials available, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your style.


Check out our complete range of corner wardrobe sets here.


Wiemann Luxor 34 Corner Wardrobe with Cornice
Wiemann Luxor 3+4 Corner Wardrobe with Cornice

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