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If you’re after cheap corner wardrobes & cupboards, then you’ve come to the right place.


Many of us have a corner in our homes where we can’t seem to find a good use for it. And wherever you have a large, average or small apartment, the corner is the perfect place to put a wardrobe range.


Our quality corner wardrobes are the perfect piece of furniture to fit into bedrooms with limited space.


If your bedroom is cluttered with drawers, beds, and other large items, then these fantastic space savers are an excellent storage solution.


Easily slotting into your bedroom corner with plenty of room inside.


No matter the size of the room or how little space you have, you’ll benefit from a corner wardrobe.


Ideal not only for smaller bedrooms but anywhere there is dead space; these practical pieces of furniture are perfect for master bedrooms too.

Why choose a Corner wardrobe


Corner wardrobes and cupboards are an economical way to furnish your home for the price-conscious individual. 


It can be tough to find nice, affordable furniture for the home. However, one of the great benefits of living in this day and age is that many manufacturers are now putting out high-quality furniture for less.


You can have brand new yet cheap corner wardrobes for just a few hundred pounds, which is a great way to save space and have a perfect storage system for your home. 


Corner wardrobes are a practical addition to your bedroom


Not all wardrobes are created equal.


And corner wardrobes are not your average cupboards.


A corner wardrobe is designed to fit in the corner of a room that doesn't have any other furniture. These are great for using space that is otherwise wasted or used for storage purposes.


Closet space is always limited in bedrooms, but your clothes still need to be looked after. 


Hence corner wardrobes are a great option when you are looking for bedroom storage solutions.


Some corner wardrobe features:


  • Ample amount of space for clothes, jackets, coats, shoes and other apparel.
  • Available with built-in shelves and drawers for magazines, books, underwear and more.
  • Hanging rails too.
  • Perfect size for storage without taking up to much floor space.
  • Can fit into most bedroom corners.
  • Manufactured with quality materials, including laminated panels, hardwood doors, matt and high gloss finishes.


Types of corner wardrobes designs


Corner wardrobes come in many different types, styles and designs.


This includes small, large, mirrored and even luxury ones.


As corner wardrobes are a great way to maximise space in your bedroom by utilizing the area around the corner of two walls, it is imperative to have a good variety to choose from.


Organizing your clothes can be time-consuming, but having a well-planned corner cupboard closet can increase efficiency and organization.


These types of wardrobes are ideal for large or small apartments, where the room might not be huge, or you just need to store clothes. 


You can purchase these wardrobes in various styles and finishes to match your current bedroom décor.


These units also have built-in shelves that run up both sides of the door so you can store folded clothing, purses, shoes, etc.


Our corner wardrobe range


Here at efurniture, we strive hard to get the best and most affordable furniture out to you!


Depending on your needs and personal tastes, there are many different styles and designs for corner wardrobes that you can choose from.


Hence our range of corner wardrobes combines sleek, modern design using high-quality materials with the convenience of an innovative corner placement.


Available in multiple sizes and configurations, this range of wardrobes will make any room feel more spacious while perfectly storing every item of clothing you own.


2 Door corner wardrobes


A 2 door corner wardrobe is a great alternative for those who want to save space in their bedroom. 


The amount of clothing you can store in this type of furniture is usually comparable to that of a traditional four-door wardrobe, but it's not nearly as bulky. 


It's also great for people that want to avoid the hassle of having to turn around every time they reach into the back of their wardrobe.


Features & Benefits:


  • Two-door corner cupboards make it easy to reach for items on both its right and left side without having to take too many steps back and forth.
  • Some typically can fit in as many as larger three or four-door cupboards.
  • 2 door corner wardrobes can come with hanging rails, shelves and built-in drawers.


Mirrored door corner cupboards


Mirrored door corner cupboards are a great way to add style and functionality to your kitchen or bedroom.


The mirrored doors allow you the opportunity to store multiple items on both sides of the door, giving you ample room for storage.


Generally, mirrored doors are a popular aesthetic choice in the modern age, but it is often difficult to find good quality mirrored door corner cupboards. 


However, we have changed that by sourcing a range of good quality and yet low priced corner mirrored wardrobes!


Features and Benefits:


  • Does the job of more than one item via giving you storage solutions, space-saving and mirrors!
  • Save money by not needing a separate full-length mirror.
  • Mirrored door corner cupboards will update any contemporary home with their sleek and modern design.


Single door and small corner wardrobes


A single door corner wardrobe can provide plenty of storage space while taking up less floor space than a traditional large corner wardrobe.


This is ideal for small flats or bedrooms. A corner cupboard for a small bedroom is the ideal choice when trying to find a storage solution that doesn't break the bank nor take up too much space.


Usually the affordable option, these wardrobes are perfect for children, guest rooms, or supplementing your bedroom storage needs.


Features & Benefits:


  • Single door corner wardrobes improve the appearance of any room and will do wonders for storage.
  • Cheaper than most other bedroom wardrobes
  • Available in many designs and styles
  • Homeowners who usually install single door corner wardrobes often report an increase in storage space in their homes.


Large & 3 Door Corner wardrobes 


Large corner wardrobes are not only functional but also stylish. They give off a feeling of warmth and cosiness. 


They are perfect for any size bedroom, especially small ones that can make the bedroom seem larger. 


Large corner units are available in many different styles and colours to match any home decor. 


One of the best features of this type of wardrobe is that they offer lots of storage space suitable for clothes, shoes, bathroom items, toys, etc.


Features & Benefits:


  • More room for much more storage, better organization, and being able to keep all your clothes in one place.
  • Fit in all your clothes, apparel etc, into one cupboard.
  • With a large variety available, you'll find something to fit in with your current bedroom theme.
  • Save money; you only need one large closet for most of your storage needs.


Tall Corner Wardrobes


Tall corner wardrobes are great for any space.


They are much more efficient to store clothes than their shorter counterparts. Taller cabinets provide extra storage space for sweaters, scarves, and other garments stored vertically on shelves to prevent them from getting wrinkled.


One need not sacrifice style for practicality - there are models of tall corner wardrobes which are functional and stylish at the same time.


Benefits of tall corner wardrobes include:


  • They can be installed easily by following basic DIY steps
  • They provide more storage than average pieces of furniture
  • And they can match any theme or décor.



Fitted Corner Wardrobes


Fitted corner wardrobes are perfect if you have the budget and time to design your own wardrobe. They can be designed with space-saving convenience in mind. Thus allowing for more storage space where it is needed most.


What are the benefits of fitted wardrobes?

  • A built-in corner wardrobe can be customised to fit your space and needs.
  • They are easy to clean, decorative, and do up.
  • The shelves are deep enough for storing clothes, so you'll never have to worry about a lack of storage space.
  • Fitted corner wardrobes can also come with mirrors on the inside as well as outside! Helping you see what you're doing when trying on clothes.



Luxury Corner wardrobes


If you want a luxurious furniture ensemble in your bedroom, it is important to start with the closet. 


Luxury corner wardrobes provide more storage space and allow for organizing and showcasing your beautiful clothing.


Luxury corner wardrobes also make it easier for those with a lot of clothing and shoes to squeeze it all in.


Features and Benefits:


  • Add a bit of class to your bedroom with a luxury wardrobe.
  • Beautifully designed and available in the latest styles and trends. 
  • Built with quality materials, including hardwood and finished in high gloss paint.
  • Ideal for the master bedroom.


Colours and designs of Corner Wardrobes


Corner wardrobes are a great choice for any space because they maximise space and make it more functional.


With an array of colours and designs to choose from, there is always a corner wardrobe that will suit your needs and decor.


A few popular choices:


Corner Wardrobe White


The white corner wardrobe is a functional addition to any room. Its sleek, clean design offers ample storage space for clothing, shoes, purses, and bags.


It can be placed in the bedroom or living room to create an added visual appeal to the space with its clean lines and chic appearance.


The white corner wardrobe is an efficient way to store items in your space with its sleek design.


White Gloss Corner Wardrobe


A white gloss corner wardrobe is the perfect way to make an impression in any room. It can be used as a floating cabinet or a full-length piece of furniture on the wall.


Some of them come with doors made out of plexiglass, which allows you to see all your clothing.


This wardrobe fits nicely in any bedroom, living room, or hallway.


With its sleek style and modern lines, it can be combined with any other style of furniture.


Black Gloss Corner Wardrobe


Many people enjoy the convenience of having closets in their rooms.


However, many people are seeking a more minimalist lifestyle that can be hard to achieve with traditional designs.


This is where black gloss corner wardrobes come into the picture.


These wardrobes offer stylish storage for minimal space while providing a sleek and modern look that's perfect for any room.


A beautiful sense of peace can be created by adding a black gloss corner wardrobe to your bedroom.


Wooden Corner Wardrobe


A vintage wooden corner wardrobe is a great space-saving solution for your bedroom. The piece allows you to maximise your storage capacity with all of the shelving and drawers.


Some can come pre-assembled also. You can enjoy the convenience of this piece without any of the hassles.


Choosing an authentic reproduction rather than an imitation is essential when looking for a vintage wooden corner wardrobe.


Our corner wardrobes are made of solid wood or by using veneer to create an attractive look.



Buying Corner Cupboards in the UK


We have partnered with a number of retailers to try and bring you the best range of corner cupboards in the UK. Each range has its own unique features, offer great value for money, warranties and free delivery options.


Many homeowners are opting for corner cupboards to save space in their homes. The corner bedroom units offer a more compact storage option, especially in smaller areas that have limited square footage. 


The corner wardrobe can be customized with many different styles and designs.


Most of us want our bedrooms to be a sanctuary away from the outside world. And with such a confined space, corner wardrobes are an excellent way to make your bedroom feel more spacious and organized.



 Corner wardrobe price promise


The decision to purchase a new wardrobe can be difficult for some people, but the options narrow significantly when you're on a tight budget.


In recent years, there has been a trend of buying corner wardrobe models instead of traditional designs. 


In this case, the price difference is significant as corner wardrobes are typically priced at a lower cost. 


Our range starts from just under £200 and goes up to a few hundred pounds, depending on size, material and design.


We are constantly updating our range to bring you the best and most affordable wardrobe range possible. 



Corner wardrobe multi-buy discounts


We always try to give our customers the best value for money. Wherever it is excellent products for low prices or multiple purchase discounts, we aim to help customers buy their ideal furniture at the best prices.


Hence we have partnered up with many online retailers who offer multi-purchase discounts and other special discount codes.


Buy one or more of our low price corner cupboards and save £££ with our multiple purchases discounts. 


Many of our partners also offer 0% interest-free finance on corner wardrobes!


For more information, please drop us a line!



Corner wardrobe closets with free delivery!


All of our furniture is picked and dispatched asap. 


They are lovingly wrapped up in heavy-duty packaging to keep them safe and more comfortable to transport!


Our retailers generally carry a large stock and have direct deals with manufacturers/wholesalers distribution centres for safe storage and the quick dispatch of the furniture they sell.


Delivered by experienced and professional couriers, leaving out the middleman to save more money for our customers.


Our delivery partner will book the time and date with you to make the necessary arrangements for someone to be at home. They usually aim to deliver within 5 to 10 days.


Free delivery is standard with most partners, depending on the total amount of sales.


All information is on each corner wardrobe closet page.