How to choose the most essential dining room furniture!

Essential dining room furniture for your dining space!

essential dining room furniture
Essential Dining Room furniture


Now, when deciding what items to buy for any room, we tend to have a habit of ticking off every type of furniture we can think of and hoping “Voilà” it will all fit in perfectly.

However, things are never that simple.

Size, space, budget, and many other factors need to be addressed before perfectly furnishing our rooms.

Hopefully, by reading this post, you will be able to differentiate between what you need and what you want and work to your personal financial and room size budget.

So let’s get started…

Dining Room Essentials

A dining room is usually the hub of the modern house.

The one guaranteed place where the household will usually gather at night to share great conversation and delicious food. 

So, when getting decorations and furnishings for the room, you need to get it right. 

It might seem simple, but there’s a lot you can do to your dining room to make it custom to you.

This post will list the most necessary pieces of furniture every dining room needs and those items you can do without IF you have limited space!

First, let’s start with the essential items. 

These are the furniture pieces that you need to make your dining room a place to eat. 

Dining Tables

A table is probably the most essential piece of dining room furniture. 

It’s the centrepiece that will set your dining room apart from the rest!

The dining table has the biggest influence on the theme and aesthetic of your dining space.

How to choose a dining table


What are you after, a marble, glass or wooden table?

If you already have a dining theme, then it might be easier to decide on what to invest in; otherwise, here are a few tips:

  • For lighter coloured rooms or a modern look, glass tables are the best fit. However, a slick designed marble dining table would fit in perfectly too.
  • A pine or hardwood table like oak or walnut, or even mango wood is a good choice for a more traditional look.


If you have a reasonably spacious room and a large family, anything from an 8 to a 12-seater would be practical.

If you have an average size room but need the extra seats, extending dining tables is ideal. Nowadays, they are available in glass as well as wood.

For a more compact setting, 4-seater tables are available in many designs, including wooden, glass and marble and many marble tables also come in 6-seater styles.

Then there are the space savers, available in smaller square, round and octagonal designs. Fine for couples and small families.

You could get a lovely round table if there’s 2-3 of you, but if you want to seat more, you’ll ideally need a rectangular shape. 


Everyone’s budget is different. That’s why we’ve tried to source a wide variety of dining tables, ranging from around £100 to the more expensive £1000+!

Cheap Glass Tables 

Glass tables are available from as little as £140 and can go up to £1000+

For example:

The stylish Carolina 90cm Round Glass Dining Table: A 4-seater table at £140.

The Salento 150cm Glass Dining Table: An elegant 6-seater available at £239.

The Grenada 140 cm Glass Extending Dining Table: A versatile table that can seat between 6-8 diners with ease. Available around £549.

Then there is the fantastic Hanover 210 cm Extending Black Glass Dining Table:  This table can fit 10 people when fully extended. From £1299.

Cheap Wooden Dining Tables

Wooden dining tables are available to suit all budgets. These dining tables are perfect for modern and traditional settings, from cheap and cheerful to the more grandeur.

Wooden Dining Tables for Around £150 

You can get yourself a very sturdy and stylish pine or even hardwood dining table for this budget. Designed in a classical square or round shape and seating between 2 – 4 diners.

Some examples:

Alaska Oak and Grey Extending Dining Table: The Alaska table comfortably seats 4 people is perfect for a couple. When additional table space is required, it can be quickly extended via an inbuilt butterfly extension system.

Promo 80cm Square Solid Oak Dining Table: A stylish and practical addition to any home, the Promo Oak Table is ideal for smaller dining spaces.

Alaska Solid Oak Hardwood Dining Table: This extending dining table has been carefully crafted from solid hardwood and finished with a clear lacquer. Compact and versatile with a minimalist design perfect for any decor, this table comfortably seats up to 4 diners.

Medium Priced

If your budget is around the £300 price mark, you have allowed yourself a fabulous range to choose from.

From stylish 4-seaters to extending 6-seaters, tables in this bracket can fit many traditional and modern dining rooms and come in all shapes and sizes, including oval and octagonal.

A few Examples:

Sienna Acacia and Painted Ivory/White: The Sienna 175cm is chic personified as the thought of designing this piece is translated in the solid acacia material used. The masterful sculpture of the distressed painted ivory table legs also adds to its authenticity. This table goes well with dining chairs and dining benches with space for up to 8 diners.

Chichester Solid Hardwood Painted Oak and Grey 150cm Dining Table: Crafted from durable solid hardwood, the Chichester table features a smooth oak effect tabletop with a clear lacquered finish and contrasting putty-grey painted legs. 

This painted dining table seats up to 6 people comfortably.

Newark 150cm Oak and White Dining Table: This Newark 150cm Oak and White Dining Table design combines practicality and understated grace, making it an ideal complement to interiors in a wide range of decor styles.

The table’s design makes it just as well-suited for formal occasions or regular casual enjoyment.

Higher-end Tables

Now, if money is no object, or you must have enough money for an expensive table. Our range of higher-end tables will easily meet your requirements.

Some examples:

Canterbury Extending Solid Oak Waxed Dining Table featuring Cross Legs Extends to 240cm: The beautiful Canterbury Dining Table is a beautifully rustic dining table that will undoubtedly enhance any dining area.

The Cheyenne Dark Oak Extending Dining Table: This table is warm and classical and brings elegance to your dining area. Its dark, rustic oak finish can fit into traditional and more contemporary dining areas.

The Turin Round Solid Oak Dining Table: 150cm in length and can potentially fit up to six diners, a unique feature for a compact dining table.

Cheap Marble Dining Tables

Marble dining tables are becoming increasingly popular. Due to new manufacturing processes, these tables are now available in many different styles, shapes, and designs.

The colour range of marble tables has also increased in recent times, and now they are as versatile as any dining table.

The cheapest marble tables are usually the octagonal or 4 seater styles. The prices typically start at around £4/500.

A few examples:

The Toledo Octagonal Marble Dining Table: seats up to 4 diners and is a weighty and stylish item that will provide an unforgettable centrepiece to any dining space.

Brittney 120cm Round White Dining Table: Adding marble to your dining space is a good choice, and what better way to do it than with the Brittney 120cm Round White Dining Table! The table is made with hardwood and has an elegant marble tabletop with an incredibly smooth and sleek finish.

Becca 160cm White Marble Dining Table: The exquisite Becca 160cm Marble Dining Table will bring a deluxe, sophisticated and modern touch to a trendy living room in a glamorous, sleek white marble with breath-taking grey veining.

If you have a higher budget, then we also have the following:

Minsk 160cm Grey Marble Dining Table: Specially designed for people who want to stand out from the crowd with 160cm of grey marble in a rectangular formation. Its striking centre legs in a triangular shape display a high-end finish to any diner. 


Rivilino Dark Grey 170cm Marble Dining Table: The beautiful grey finish marble table with black centre leg formation is a piece of artwork all by itself, setting off a modern-themed dining room with something a little bit different. 


Other Notable Mentions

High Gloss Tables

High gloss tables are an excellent way to furnish modern dining rooms. Not only do they look sleek, but they are convenient too, with many extending versions available.

Ava High Gloss 120cm Dark Grey Dining Table: Is a simple yet sleek design built for understated style. It could easily be incorporated into traditional and modern rooms and is ideal for holding dinner parties with larger families. 

Ceramic Dining 

Ceramic dining tables have a beautiful stone effect tabletop and a smooth touch and finish to impress any diner.

Classic Garden Rattan Dining Tables

Our Rattan Garden Dining Table sets are available in many styles and designs, which can bring contemporary vibes to your outdoor space.

Cheap MDF Dining Tables

MDF furniture has moved along a fairway from its early days. Nowadays, MDF furniture, especially MDF dining tables, are much more robust and durable assets to any dining space.

Hayden 160cm White High Gloss Extending Dining Table: A chic 6-seater dining table with a high-gloss finish. You’d never know it was made from MDF, displaying resilience and beauty throughout. 


Next on the list of essentials: Dining Chairs!

Next on the most important dining room furniture are dining chairs.

Well-designed dining chairs are your tables best companions.

And, ideally, if you want your chairs and tables to match perfectly, you’ll need to invest in sets. 

Usually sets cost upwards of £150. The most expensive chairs will cost you £1000+.

You can have chair designs to complement your table or contrast it entirely for a more casual look.


Next on the list of essentials are Dining Chairs!


There are not many more important items in the dining room than dining chairs.

And well-designed dining chairs are your tables best companions.

But, ideally, if you want your chairs and tables to match perfectly, you’ll need to invest in sets.

Usually sets cost upwards of £150. The most expensive chairs will cost you £1000+.

You can have chair designs to complement your table or contrast it entirely for a more casual look.

Types of dining chairs


Leather Dining Chairs


Leather dining chairs are an excellent addition to any dining room decor.

They can easily fit in with traditional wooden, marble and glass dining tables.

Leather chairs are available to buy throughout all price ranges.


A few examples:

Atlanta Dining Chairs Smooth Faux Leather and Solid Oak Legs (Pairs): These feature a high backrest that is gently angled for added support, making them the ideal dining table chairs for dinner parties.


Calabusus Chrome Leg Dark Grey Faux Leather Dining Chair (Pairs): The elegantly stylish Calabasus Chrome Leg Dark Grey Faux Leather Dining Chair can help spruce up any dining area!


Courtney PU Grey Dining Chair (Pairs): The Courtney PU grey dining chair is so stylish that it can make its presence felt in any room.

Fabric Dining Chairs


Fabric chairs are perfect partners for traditional dining tables.


We have sourced some of the cheapest ranges of dining chairs in the UK.


But our range includes low budget up to the more expensive, high-end selections.


Not only do we have a vast range of style and design features, but we’ve also managed to keep our prices low to give you the best value for money.


A few examples:


The Danni Dark Grey Fabric Dining Chair: Gives any interior a style update with its soft curves and strong straight lines, creating a beautifully balanced piece.


Clarissa Fabric Beige Dining Chair (Pairs): If you are looking for maximum comfort whilst dining, then the Clarissa Fabric Grey Dining Chair is your dining table’s, ideal partner!


Kalim Blue Plush Studded Dining Chair (Pairs): The Kalim Blue Plush Studded Dining Chair is exceptional in style and exudes class!



Wooden Dining Chairs


Wooden dining chairs can work well with any type of dining table, to match any style, depending on the type of wood, colouring and shapes that you go for.


A darker wood will work brilliantly with a marble dining table to develop an environment of class and sophistication.


However, a lighter wood with a quirky shape to the backrest might give you a more casual, modern look.


Chichester Solid Light Oak & White Dining Chairs (Pairs): With the rigours of contemporary life, everybody wants furniture that will last. And there’s no better proponent for this than the Chichester Solid Hardwood Light Oak & White Dining Chairs.


Elstree X Back White/Grey Fabric Padded Chair (Pairs): The Elstree X Back White/Grey Dining Chair has a classic style and a chic contemporary finish, making it a stunning choice for any dining area.


Monte Carlo Solid Oak Dining Chair with Black Leather Seat (Pair): For a strong, stable, tall oak chair, have a look at the Monte Carlo Solid Oak Dining Chair with Black Leather Seat!


Sandringham Dining chair in Oak and Painted Grey (Pairs): These Sandringham Oak and Grey Dining Chairs are a showcase of solid materials and quality construction.


Sienna Grey Acacia and Painted Grey dining chair (Pair): The Sienna Grey Acacia and Painted Grey dining chair is made out of fine acacia wood, which boasts a beautiful natural finish.


Dining Chair Budget


Our dining chairs start from just £80 for a pair, and our most luxurious pairs are available for around £500.


Your budget for your chairs might depend on the style and size of your dining table.


If you have a marble dining table, you might aim for a more stylish and opulent set of chairs.


If you have a smaller table, you could buy more expensive chairs knowing that you will only need 4 in total.


You could pick up cheaper wooden chairs with our multi-purchase discounts for larger tables, like our wooden extending dining tables.


Either way, the price of dining chairs varies greatly, so whatever best suits your decor, style and number requirement can be catered for, so you can make an informed decision.


If you have a larger budget, then you can check out the following:


Cape Verdi Charcoal Grey Dining Chairs (Sold As Single Chair): The perfect example of dining in luxury. These chairs are as close as you’ll get to an armchair that works for a dining room. They’re perfect for a traditional style and will leave your guests in the height of comfort.


For a more median budget:


Malibu Black Pu Leather & Chrome Dining Chairs (Pairs): Add a few curves to your dining room with these comfortable leather chairs and unique curved balance legs. It’s the perfect combination of style and substance.

Or try these:


Calabusus Chrome Leg Dark Grey Faux Leather Dining Chair (Pairs): Cheaper doesn’t always mean cheap-looking. These stylish, modern chairs will work perfectly with a simple-look dining table and industrial design.




A Buffet or Sideboard can provide you with all the storage you want in your dining area.

It adds some flair to the space, especially if you match it with the rest of your furniture.

A sideboard will save you a lot of time going between rooms to get what you need.

A few examples:

Sandringham 2 door 2 drawer sideboard oak and painted grey: For a shabby chic dining room, this sideboard is the perfect addition to hide away all your spare plates and glasses. It’s simple yet effective.

Tribeca oak sideboard: Looking to go vintage? Then try out this 70s style sideboard complete with drawers and a sliding door.


Display Cabinet


Alternatively, if you won’t want to hide away that fine china or expensive glassware, choose a display cabinet to show it off. 


Coastal White Gloss Low Display Cabinet: The perfect futuristic design for a simple, yet fabulous dining experience. 


Cambridge 180cm oak display unit (2 doors + 2 drawers): A classic model wooden display case to showcase your beautiful vases and amazing ornaments. 


Additional Furnishings and Decorations:


You can do a lot more with your dining room. From storage to stunning art, here are some of the finest furniture and accessories to give your dining room flair.


  • Shelves or a Bookshelf will be perfect for displaying decorations like plants or books. Sometimes a dining room can be used as a quiet place to study or do work, so it’s useful to have a collection of books that you enjoy reading.


  • Lazy Susan is a turntable that is great for keeping all your sauces and spices during dinner, it means you won’t have to pass everything around the table. You can just turn the table until you can reach what you need.
  • Art can make a great addition to a dining room. Something that suits your personality and shows the kind of style you like. It can also be a talking piece if it’s got an interesting story behind it.
  • Vase will be great for Flowers. Having flowers in the room can add a lot of colours, and while it may seem like a simple thing, adding colour to a room can often change the feel of the room entirely.
  • Curtains can be beautiful. A good, patterned curtain can add a ton of colour to the room. If you want a more classic dining room, get some heavier drapes, but if you’re looking at a more modern room; thin, transparent curtains, you will do the job. They will let in some of the light while still not blinding you on a sunny morning.
  • Lighting is essential in the dining room. How would you gaze at the lovely meal if the room is completely dark? However, there are a plethora of various lights to select from. A chandelier will look great in a traditional dining room, while an LED disc-style light will look great in a modern dining room.


Final Words


These are only the foundations for a lovely dining room, but if you want to give it some individuality, you’ll need something a little more adventurous.


Whatever your dining goals are, you’ll need to choose the best dining furniture for your lifestyle.


Hopefully, you now have a good notion of what to buy for your dining room to personalise it. Your passions and personality should be expressed throughout your home, including the dining room.


For help in choosing the furniture for your room check out Our Free 2021 Dining Set Guide!



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