Our Free Guide to White Marble Dining Room Tables in 2021

The Ultimate Low down on White Marble Dining Tables


There is nothing more in vogue or fashionable than white marble dining room tables for contemporary interior design.


Marble is a material that has always been associated with sophistication and luxury, whilst white continues to enjoy its reign as one of the most prevalent colours in interior design.


Many modern homes follow a style known as minimalism, which is defined by monochromatic palettes, pastels, natural materials, simple designs, geometric, and architectural elements.


White marble dining tables are the perfect way for you to bring the subtle beauty and quiet refinement of minimalism and modernism into your home, whilst making a bold and stylish statement at the same time.


From our vast range of dining tables, we’ve selected some of the most stunning and gorgeous white marble dining tables that you can find, each of them with its own unique and distinctive qualities.


There’s definitely something for everyone, and we hope that you’ll be able to find the inspiration and guidance you need to create the home you’ve always dreamed of.


colby white marble dining table with hereford chairs
Colby white marble dining table with hereford chairs


Daring Architectural Designs for White Marble Tables



Minimalism continues to be one of the defining trends in modern interior design. One of the most distinctive characteristics of minimalist interiors is the use of monochromatic and neutral colour palettes.


These colours would include black, beige, browns, pastels, and white; which is especially prominent in most minimalist interiors.


Another key characteristic of the minimalist aesthetic is defined as contours and geometric shapes, which give definition and emphasis without being overwhelming or distracting.


For this reason, the Allen 160cm White Marble Dining Table is such an excellent piece for those who want to stay true to the minimalist aesthetic.


Allen 160cm White Marble Dining Table


Allen 160cm White Marble Dining Table 2
Allen 160cm White Marble Dining Table


This marble dining table is a gorgeous piece of furniture that will be perfect for every type of home, whether it is an individual property or a flat or an apartment.


The Allen White Marble Dining Table comprises a rectangular marble slab balanced on a unique pedestal base – made up of two triangles pointing towards one another and creating a striking geometric shape.


The marble itself is intensely white and is patterned with grey veins that only accentuate its beauty.


There’s doubt that this dining table will be the perfect fit for any contemporary home because of its subtle elegance and refined sophistication are ideal for a modern touch. Available now for only £899


There’s no doubt that the architectural style will be popular for a long time, and this is once again demonstrated by the stunning Rivilino White 170cm Marble Dining Table.


Rivilino White 170cm Marble Dining Table


Rivilino White 200cm Marble Dining Table
Rivilino 170cm white marble dining table 


This dining table would be a stunning addition to anyone’s home, especially if you’re someone who loves to be a little adventurous and experimental with their style while maintaining a classy and refined look.


Made with marble and wood, this dining table will complement various home styles and blend in perfectly with both natural and synthetic elements, including wood, marble and fabrics. Now only £999!


The Rivilino Marble Dining Table is a perfect example of how you can keep the simplicity of minimalist and modern interior design whilst also bringing in a dramatic flair.


The dining table features a rectangular white marble tabletop, but it is the U-shaped wooden pedestal, which is what really makes this an eye-catching centrepiece for your home.


The contrast between the white marble tabletop and the black pedestal ensures that this dining table will be a statement piece within any contemporary home.



A Combination of Traditional and Contemporary White Marble Dining Table Designs



Of course, whilst the Allen and Rivilino dining tables’ adventurous architectural elements are lovely pieces of furniture in their own right, more classic and traditional styles continue to be incredibly popular.


The Como White 160cm Marble Dining Table is one such example. This dining table is at once fiercely contemporary whilst also keeping its classy and traditional touch.


Como White 160cm Marble Dining Table


como white 200cm marble dining table 2
Como white 1600cm marble dining table


Crafted from a gorgeous white marble accented with lighter grey veins, the Como Dining Table features a rectangular tabletop supported by a rectangular pedestal.


The simple placement of these two geometric shapes creates a pleasing balance and symmetry.


The white marble itself has a high-gloss finish, which means that it will beautifully reflect natural and artificial light and bring some extra illumination into any kitchen or dining area that it is placed in.


The pedestal is sturdy and durable in design and quality. In many ways, it actually resembles the refined and robust marble pillars that can be seen in traditional Greek or Roman architecture.


This gives the Como Dining Table a stately and grand appearance, and it will definitely bring some personality and flair into your home. Buying options from only £949!


Keeping in line with this more classy and traditional style is the Alice 180cm White Marble Dining Table.


Alice 180cm White Marble Dining Table


alice 180cm white marble dining table with white hereford chairs
Alice 180cm white marble dining table with white Hereford chairs


The white marble table top’s rectangular shape is softened by some delicately tapered edges, and this perfectly complements the broad and sturdy marble pedestal base.


The attention to detail given to this table’s design and creation is immaculate, from the gorgeous grey-veined white marble to the softened edges and statement pedestal.


This table is stunning in its simplicity and elegance, and it is one of those pieces which will go with virtually any type of room regardless of its size.


This also means that this table can conveniently and effortlessly be incorporated into your home, taking up a central position without actually detracting or taking away from the remaining elements you have so lovingly decorated your home with.


Available with a huge 44% off at only £999!


Now, compared to the traditional Como and Alice dining tables, the Becca 160cm White Marble Dining Table gives this classic design an adventurous and stylish twist.


Becca 160cm White Marble Dining


a becca1
Becca 160cm White Marble Dining


This dining table’s beauty is that this twist is so exquisite and sophisticated that it subtly transforms the entire look of the table, without detracting from its modern and straightforward design.


The white marble tabletop itself is rectangular and glossy with softened corners, but what makes this particular table so distinctive is the uniquely shaped and multi-sided pedestal base.


There’s no doubt that this gorgeous affair will instantly elevate any space in your home.


Interested? On sale at our partners for only £799!



Make a Statement with White Round & Circular Table Designs


Coruna round Marble dining table 2
Coruna round Marble dining table


Evidently, rectangular dining tables will always be a popular and trending choice for the modern home, but they’re certainly not the only option out there.


Round dining tables are becoming more and more popular when it comes to interior design, and it’s easy to understand why.


There is something about a circular dining table that is timeless and enduring while also being innovative and daring.


In particular, circular white marble dining tables are a fantastic way to introduce some character into your room and balance out the sharper corners and contours of the rest of your furniture.


The Brittney 120cm Round White Dining Table has a delicate sophistication and understated beauty that will be an excellent addition in various homes.


Brittney 120cm Round White Dining Table


Brittney 120cm Round White Dining Table
Brittney 120cm Round White Dining Table


It truly doesn’t matter if your home is more minimalist and contemporary of it is more traditional or quirky.


The beauty of the Brittney Dining Table is that it can be placed into virtually any corner of your home, and it will immediately look as if it has always belonged there.


The white wooden pedestal curves elegantly outwards to support the round white marble tabletop, creating a sleek and elegant effect that will instantly revitalise your room with some sparkle and glamour. On offer from £699


Also available in Brittney 160cm table for only £999


If you would like to be even more adventurous, then the Battista 120cm Round White Dining Table is another attractive choice.


Battista 120cm Round White Dining Table


a battista 2
Battista 120cm Round White Dining Table


As with the Brittney marble dining table, this stunning affair is compact and space-saving whilst also making an impact in your home.


The white marble tabletop is flecked and sprinkled with various shades and grey colours and is supported by a metallic metal pedestal that finishes as a circular base on the floor.


This piece of furniture is undeniably stylish and trendy, and it will definitely make an impression on the family, friends and acquaintances who come to your home.


Can be bought for only £549



The Perfect Chairs for your White Marble Dining Tables


Dining Chairs high gloss wood
Dining Chairs for Marble Tables


If you’re looking to complete your white marble dining set, check out our extensive range of outstanding dining chairs.


Our ranges are specifically chosen to complement many dining tables, including wooden, glass, high gloss and marble dining tables.


The designs of the chairs include metal, chrome, wooden, PU leather and even fabric chairs.


The dining chairs are available in a range of colours too from white, grey and even black dining chairs that would perfectly complement and contrast white table.



The White Marble Dining Table of Your Dreams



Marble has been the material of choice for interiors for literally thousands of years.


Even in the present, creative and exciting designs are frequently thought of and made available to you as beautiful pieces of furniture.


The luxurious appeal of white marble, flecked and speckled with grey veins and patterns, will instantly make your mealtimes, gatherings and occasions that much more refined and glamorous.


The white marble dining tables described above are just some examples of the stunning styles out there.


The one thing that marble dining tables have in common is that they all make a memorable and decisive impact. Designing and creating the home of your dreams doesn’t have to be especially expensive or complicated.


It truly is as simple as ordering a statement white dining table that will be become the centrepiece of your home, instantly bringing some glamour, sparkle and sophistication to your living spaces.


rivilino white marble console table 2
White marble dining table collection

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