How to Find Your Perfect Dining Table Online in 2021

Welcome to our dining table buyers guide 2021


britolli 180cm extending grey stone finish dining table 3
Britolli 180cm extending grey stone finish dining table 


With more time being spent these days indoors, it is increasingly important that our home be a space that we enjoy. 


Having the perfect dining experience, whether you’re a solitary diner, couple or a family of varying proportions, can mean the difference between staying at home because you have to or staying at home because you want to!


However, it’s also essential to have something suitable for when the time for entertaining comes around again. Which it will.


No dining experience would be complete without the perfect dining table


That’s where we come in. 


In this post on how to find your perfect dining table online in 2021, we’ve narrowed down some of the best dining tables available online, no matter what kind of budget, size or style you need.


2021 Dining Table types


What to look for in your dining table


Hmmm… what can I find?


This section should be titled what type of dining table you want; however, we will concentrate on what you need rather than want.




Well, this guide is all about finding the perfect dining table in relation to several personal factors, i.e. size of the room, price of tables, present dining theme.


Hopefully, concentrating on what we need rather than want will help cut the chase and enable us to make our buying decision a bit easier.


What I need over what I want


How to choose your perfect dining table


Many of us might be able to move our budget up and down, we might even be willing to change our dining room decor, but one thing we most likely can’t do is change the size of our dining room!


So finding a table that will fit comfortably in our dining area is paramount. One that will fit our budget, as well as our existing dining theme, would be perfect.


Hence, we have put together a quick round-up of tables that can fit in a small, medium and large dining room within a sensible budget and stylish looks.




Compact Dining Tables


Urban Chic Dining Table Small
Small Dining Tables


Are you tired of eating whilst sitting on the sofa


Not everyone has the luxury of a dining room or even a kitchen diner


However, you may find the perfect fit for your own luxury dining experience in any small abode with these space-saving solutions.


Abingdon Grey Dining Table with 4 Grey High Back Stools

Abingdon Grey glass top dining Table 3
Abingdon Grey glass top dining Table 


This compact glass dining table set is a perfect space saver for those with limited room. Its stylish curves and sleek tabletop makes it an ideal fit with modern decor or neutral spaces. The chairs can be stored neatly against the table edge when not being used, giving the illusion of one complete piece of furniture.


Alaska Oak and Grey Extending Dining Table

Alaska Oak and Grey Extending Dining Table 2

Alaska Oak and Grey Extending Dining Table 


If you are looking for a more versatile option that suits the country-style decor that is a frequent winner in many homes, then this is it!


This natural oak extendable table not only looks beautiful with its unique oval design, but it is also durable in its material and available in a variety of colours. 


Quickly tucked away as a side table in small spaces when not being used, this perfectly sized table for two becomes the perfect size for four when extended—the ideal family table for those with limited space.


Carolina 90cm Round Glass Dining Table

carolina 90cm round glass dining table 4
Carolina 90cm round glass dining table 


At a compact 90cm diameter, the Carolina dining table is a must-have for anyone who wants a minimal space dining area. 


The glass will help detract from the table in any setting, give the illusion of space and light, and suit various chair types and internal decor. 


With round dining tables giving the illusion of more space and being a popular choice for kitchen-diner setups, the Carolina Round Dining Table is a favoured option. There will be no dispute about a place at this round table.


Promo 80cm Solid Oak Square Dining Table

Promo 80cm solid oak dining table 1
Promo 80cm solid oak dining table 

Our final contender for space-saving options is this solid oak square dining table. Beautifully crafted and incredibly durable, this two-seater table will bring style to any space. 


A hardwood surface that will bring nature’s beauty into your home is another dining table with traditional qualities suited to various decor types. It also happens to be another of our low budget options. 


With it also available as a 70cm square oak table, who said quality needs a high price tag?


Family Sized Dining Tables


For those with a little more space to utilise, you may find your perfect fit with these dining table options that seat four or more. 


With open plan living still incredibly popular, it helps to have a dining set that won’t be an eyesore when viewed from all angles. We understand that style and quality are important factors; however, we don’t think you shouldn’t have to break the bank to get it. 


Chichester Solid Hardwood and Painted Oak and Grey 115cm Dining Table

Chichester 115cm Oak Grey Dining Table 4
Chichester 115cm Oak Grey Dining Table


This Chichester oak rectangular dining table is available in grey, cream and white. It is a traditional choice at an affordable price. 


With a natural oak top and painted finish on the legs, this family dining table is an excellent piece that will enhance any room. 


Whether a standalone centrepiece of a dining room or a busy hub in an open-plan space, this six-seater will more than pay for itself come dinner time.


Mansfield 180cm Matt White Dining Table

Mansfield White Matt 180cm Dining Table 3
Mansfield White Matt 180cm Dining Table 


If you are after a sleek yet natural Scandinavian vibe in your home, this rectangular oak dining table with a matt white lacquered top is sure to top your charts, just as it tops ours when it comes to matt dining tables


Perfect for minimalist styles and an excellent option for those with mid-range budgets, this six-seater dining table is a fab fit for many.


Daytona 165cm Oval Glass Dining Table

Daytona 165cm Oval glass dining Table 1
Daytona 165cm Oval glass dining Table 


For something a cut above the curve, why not opt for this oval glass-topped dining table. Its unique style and sleek design will make you want to show it off. 


This oval dining table will stand out from the crowd, whether hosting dinner parties or a Christmas dinner.


Coruna Octagonal Grey Dining Table

4 Mark Harris Coruna Grey Marble Octagonal Dining Table 120cm 02
Coruna Grey Marble Octagonal Dining Table 120cm


With its contemporary design and unique shape, this marble dining table is a show stopper that will add a luxe feel to any dining room. 


A solid piece that can seat up to six, this octagonal dining table would be a centrepiece worthy of any lavish event.


Ava high gloss 200cm white dining table


Ava 200cm White High Gloss Dining Table 2
Ava 200cm White High Gloss Dining Table


This ten-seater dining table is for a svelte addition to the modern decor for those who require space and quality. The high gloss finish gives this rectangular dining table an easy to clean surface.


So whether you are more inclined to use the area for a lavish party or regular family dinners, this sturdy choice is an all-around winner.


Large and Extending Dining tables


10 seater dining tables
Large dining tables


Amber 160cm Glass Extending Dining Table

Amber 160cm Glass Extending Dining Table 6
Amber 160cm Glass Extending Dining Table 


The Amber 160 cm is a beautiful extending glass dining table. It is a rectangular-shaped table surface with tempered glass and a smooth, clear finish. 


Its extensions are stored just under the surface can be quickly drawn out with its mechanical features.


It also has a stainless steel pedestal leg design for maximum support.


Once fully extended, it reaches 240 cm enabling ten diners to enjoy their meal comfortably.


Canterbury Extending Solid Oak Waxed Dining Table


Canterbury Extending Solid Oak Waxed Dining Table featuring Cross Legs Extends to 240cm pt29892

Canterbury Extending Solid Oak Waxed Dining Table 



Last but not least is this solid oak extending dining table—another traditional style with crossed legs, giving it a unique twist on standard country-style oak tables. 


Its wax finish gives it a natural feel that can suit various decor styles, and it would not be out of place against both bold or neutral colours. 


Though in a higher budget tier, this piece’s quality speaks for itself while also being competitive against similar market styles.


Final words


Choosing a dining table can be difficult; however, if you break everything down according to your requirements, i.e. size of the area, budget and style, this decision can become much easier.


For more information on the types of dining tables types then read Our 2021 Free 2021 Dining Set Guide!


Or if you’re after full dining sets rather than just a dining table, then check out our awesome 2021 Free 2021 Dining Set Guide!


Happy browsing!


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