The Top 7 Marble Dining Tables of 2020

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The Best Marble Dining Tables of 2020


With its exquisite beauty and enduring appeal, it’s easy to see why marble continues to be so popular within interior design.


Because it is so luxurious and opulent, marble can sometimes be a challenge to bring into your home. However, a marble dining table is probably one of the simplest ways to bring this gorgeous natural stone into your living spaces.


Dining tables are one of the most crucial elements in any home, and you must make sure your dining table is not only functional but durable, sturdy and beautifully-made as well. Fortunately, marble fulfils all of these requirements and more.


Marble dining tables are more than a worthwhile investment, and the organic splendour and subtle glamour of marble will elevate your kitchen and dining areas to places in your home that exude elegance and class.


Of course, it can be a little confusing to select the right one for you when there are so many stunning patterns, styles and designs out there.


Although all marble dining tables are so effortlessly wonderful, we’ve created a list of 7 marble dining tables that are amazing statement pieces which will undoubtedly take pride of place in your home.



1. Alba Cream and Brown Constituted Dining Table



When it comes to colour palettes, few are as versatile and adaptable as the splendid cream and brown towns of this stunning marble dining table.


The stunning contemporary design ensures that this table will look perfect in even the most minimal or confined spaces.


With a smooth and glossy marble finish, this dining table will comfortably seat six of your family and friends.


Its understated and minimalist glamour ensures that it will make a subtle, but enduring, impact within your kitchen and dining areas.


Aside from being visually stunning, this marble table is also as practical as much as it is versatile, and it is bound to last you for years to come.



2. Alice 180cm White Marble Dining Table



Scandinavian interiors have been one of the leading trends in the world of interior design, and the minimalist appeal of monochromatic palettes and natural materials shows no signs of disappearing any time soon.


With a frosted white marble surface that is interspersed with grey veins, this marble dining table is not only perfect for the Scandi vibe, but it will also perfectly match almost every colour palette, print and style.


The pedestal support also has an incredibly stylish cut-out design, bringing an exciting and dramatic edge to the traditional rectangular table.



3. Battista 120cm Round White Dining Table



This brilliant round marble dining table is the perfect modern addition to your kitchen and dining scene.


The gorgeous subtlety and delicacy of the off-white means that it will match seamlessly with any material such as wood, velvet, leather or wool – to name a few.


Its glossy marbled surface beautifully reflects the light from any windows and lamps, bringing luminescence and glow into your living areas.


Timelessly beautiful and decorative, the functionality of this table is also unparalleled.


With its solid build and durable design, this round white marble dining table is bound to see you through decades of gatherings and laughter.



4. Como Brown Constituted Marble Dining Table



Marble is incredibly versatile, and this fantastic brown marble dining table retains the glossiness of marble stone whilst also imitating the variations and imprints on natural wood.


This marble dining table is perfect for those who are concerned that marble could overpower or overwhelm the interiors of their home.


Compared to traditional marble tones such as soft greys or charcoal blacks which are more relaxed and sharper, the warmth and earthiness of this table means that it will quietly enhance the beauty of your kitchen and dining spaces without taking too much attention.


This table demonstrates perfectly that lavish doesn’t have to be extravagant or loud, and that sometimes quiet subtlety is what has the most noticeable impact.



5. Coruna Octagonal Grey Dining Table



Truly a centrepiece of its own, the exciting and adventurous design of this marble dining table will ensure that it is the most eye-catching and head-turning statement piece of your home.


The sleek and sharp contours of this octagonal table give this piece an ultra-modern and contemporary vibe.


Placed upon a sturdy and robust pedestal, this gorgeous dining table is the epitome of sophistication and elegance and will be perfect for any apartment or house.


What’s more, this bold and powerful element is an attractive choice for monochromatic and minimalistic interiors.


This will further enhance the prominence of this unique and dramatic addition to your home.



6. Rivilino Brown Constituted Marble Dining Table



Flawlessly engineered, the immaculate design of this brown marble dining table is bound to make an impact within any home.


With a generous seating capacity, this gorgeous table effortlessly creates the setting for even the most memorable and luxurious occasions.


What makes this table truly stand out is the curved pedestal leg and the way it creates a sharp and striking contrast with the edges of the rectangular tabletop.


Bring your gatherings and dinner parties to another level with this truly unique item of furniture.


With the manipulation of geometric shapes and an earthy colour palette, the result is a trendy, minimalistic and elegant piece of furniture.



7. Rivilino Cream and Clack Constituted Marble Dining Table



Monochromatic palettes are one of the pillars of the minimalist interior design movement, and the pleasing combination of cream and black with this marble dining table creates a luxuriously opulent aesthetic.


The glossy finish of the cream marble tabletop is accentuated by the intense black of the curved pedestal log, which itself rests upon a marble slab.


Expertly crafted and beautifully hued, this table has a sleek and contemporary silhouette.


The juxtaposition of the colours, geometric shapes, lines and contours ensures that this elegant design will elevate the sophistication of any dining area or kitchen.

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