How to Look After Your Marble Dining Table

How to Look After Your Marble Dining Table


Suppose you are after styling your home with some marble.


If so, Marble dining tables are an easy and stylish way to bring Marble into your kitchen and dining rooms.


The beauty of Marble has inspired people for hundreds of years, and this natural stone has been used in home design for centuries.


Marble has always been a popular choice, and it has been gaining popularity in recent times. The modern home is all about minimalism, clean lines and neutral colours – a style marble is perfect for.


Furthermore, and without doubt, the most common marble furniture is the Marble Dining table.




Well, Marble is long-lasting and extremely popular, and this makes it perfect for dining tables. Each piece of Marble is unique when it comes to its patterns and colours. When you bring a marble dining table into your home, you feel like you’ve brought something special and valuable.


A well-made marble table is an investment piece for your home and is generally always bought with the idea that it will be in your home forever.


Hepburn marble dining table 200 cm
Hepburn marble dining table 200 cm

Do Marble Tables wear and tear?



A marble dining table is likely to experience some wear and tear over the years, considering how much dining tables are used.


Now, to keep your Marble table in excellent condition, we have drawn up this short yet thorough maintenance guide.


Hopefully, now you will be able to keep your table as beautiful as it was the day your first brought it.



Marble lamp tables
Marble lamp tables


The Importance of Sealing your Marble Dining Table



So it’s all good and well investing in a Marble dining table, but how do you protect your prized possession?


Well, let’s start with sealing.


Sealing is the most important way in which you can protect your marble table. A seal makes sure that your marble dining table continues to have that wow factor – even after years of use.


It helps lock in its natural shine and glamour.


Even if your marble dining table arrives already sealed, it’s vital that you regularly re-seal it.


It’s recommended that you seal Marble once every six or twelve months. Depending on how much it is used.


An accurate rule of thumb when it comes to re-sealing your marble dining table is checking whether any water poured onto the surface beads or not.


If it doesn’t bead, it is a good indication that your marble dining table needs a fresh coat.


Another important thing to remember is that sealing doesn’t mean your Marble is resistant to scratches, staining or wear and tear.


It just lessens the chances of these things damaging your table.


For example, sealing may protect against staining agents. However, your marble dining table could still become stained if adequate care isn’t taken.


Valencie all brown constitued marble dining table 2
Valencie all brown constitued marble dining table 


Preventing Stains and Scratches on your Marble Dining Table



Marble is a wonderful natural stone, and much of its beauty is due to its soft colours and delicate patterns.


This means that you will have to take care in making sure that your Marble doesn’t become stained, even if it has been sealed.


Liquids such as juices, coffees and teas should be soaked up with tissues or clothes straight away.


Even when using cleaning products such as sprays and wipes, should be used carefully, because of the risk of acidity ruining the seal.  The sooner you can clean away a spill, the less time there is for any spills to be absorbed into the marble surface, and the less likely it is that there will be any staining.


Using coasters and place-mats are an effective and simple way to protect your marble dining room table from any accidents such as this.


Preventing scratching is another essential part of caring for your marble table.


Coasters and place-mats not only protect against staining, but they also lessen the chances of glasses, plates or cutlery being dragged across the marble surface and scratching it.


If some scratching does happen, then you all you need to do is buy a marble polishing powder and gently rub it into the scratch.


Alba cream brown constituted marble dining table 2
Alba cream brown constituted marble dining table 



Cleaning and Polishing your Marble Dining Table



Dining tables are where everyone comes together to eat, work or study on or just hang around. Hence you will most likely have to clean your marble table daily.


Cleaning and polishing your marble dining table doesn’t take too long. Still, it will make a world of difference when it comes to the appearance and beauty of your dining table.


With Marble, using a soft sponge or cloth to wipe the surface gently is more than enough. Some mild soap and water are all you’ll need.


Applying liquids such as vinegar, acidic juices, bleaches or cleaning sprays directly on to the table should be avoided. This is because there is a chance of them ruining the seal and even making the surface of the Marble look dull.


Also, using rough sponges, cleaning pads, or cloths should be avoided so that you don’t accidentally leave scratches while you’re cleaning and polishing.



como white 160cm marble dining 2
Como white 160cm marble dining


Preserving the Beauty of Marble Tables


Marble dining tables are beautiful pieces of furniture that will increase the beauty of your living spaces.


So if you want to preserve the natural beauty and appearance of your Marble – well it couldn’t be easier – all you need to do is:


  • Reapply a seal once or twice a year
  • Avoid any spills or scratches
  • and spend a couple of minutes each day gently cleaning the surface



In return for these simple measures, the elegance of Marble will make your home look beautiful for years to come.


Hopefully, now you can keep your marble dining table in as good condition as it was the day you first brought it.


metropolis 160cm Extending Grey Marble Dining Table
Metropolis 160cm Extending Grey Marble Dining Table

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