The Ultimate Guide to Marble Dining Tables

How to buy a Marble Dining Table in 2021



Marble has always been associated with artistry and luxury, and with its stunning splendour, its appeal has endured for centuries.


Iconic works of art such as the Pieta by Michelangelo and the Taj Mahal have been exquisitely crafted from this beautiful natural stone. For the same reasons, it was chosen to immortalise these historical, cultural icons; marble is also a wonderful addition to your home.


Marble tables, in particular, are the perfect statement piece to incorporate into your kitchen or dining areas and are bound to elevate your living spaces with their timeless aesthetic.


In order to bring out the beautiful organic qualities of marble, however, it’s crucial that you choose a marble table which will match the vibe and atmosphere of your living spaces as well as your personal preferences.


There are virtually hundreds of different, styles, colours, shapes, designs and sizes available to you, and knowing what you’re looking for will make your experience so much easier and enjoyable.


With our in-depth knowledge and expertise of interior design, we’ve written up this the Ultimate Guide to Marble Dining Tables so you can own the perfect yet cheap marble dining table to help create the home of your dreams.


Como Brown Constituted Marble Dining Table 200cm 2
Como Brown Constituted Marble Dining Table 200cm


The Importance of Durability in a Dining Table



Within any home, kitchens and dining areas are a pivotal gathering point for families and friends. Around a dining table, dinners are prepared, conversations are enjoyed, and memories and relationships that will last a lifetime are made.


This is why you want to be assured that your dining table will last for years to come, especially considering just how much they will be used throughout their life.


Generally, a quality dining table will be a forever purchase, which means that you’ll only want to be purchasing a dining table once. In this sense then, sturdiness, durability and quality are essential.


Marble dining tables are amongst the most durable and longlasting pieces of furniture you can buy.



alice 180cm white marble dining table with white hereford chairs
Alice 180cm white marble dining table with white hereford chairs



Selecting the Perfect Marble Dining Style



Marble dining tables come in an array of styles and designs, and the beauty of this is that you can select the table which most closely aligns with the dreams you have envisioned and brings your creative vision to life.


A marble table is undoubtedly an investment piece, and there is a good reason for that – they almost always take the spotlight wherever they are placed, and will definitely become a showstopper that is bound to attract the attention and admiration of your guests.


As a natural stone, marble comes in an array of colours and shades. There are marbles in the deepest of charcoals blacks and the softest of cloudy greys, not to mention the splatters and veins of patterns painted across its surface.


A darker marble can be integrated into a monochromatic kitchen or dining area which is predominantly in whites, greys and blacks. If your interiors are on the more colourful and vibrant side, then the subtlety to an off-white or velvet grey marble will balance the boldness of the vivid palette.


Upon hearing the term marble dining table, a marble-topped dining table usually comes to mind. However, a marble table can have a marble base as well or even a marble base combined with a marble top for a uniquely breathtaking effect. Alternatively, wooden bases such as oak, mahogany, walnut and pine complement the organic beauty of marble with their own natural appeal.


Whilst a marble base will give a more sleek appearance; wooden bases will bring some warmth and depth to the otherwise cold grandeur of marble furniture.


arivilino cream marble coffee table2
Rivilino cream marble table



Curves or Cornered Marble tables?



One of the most crucial considerations is the size – there are marble dining tables that will seat a handful of people and ones that are ideal for large gatherings.


It ultimately depends on the dimensions of your kitchen or dining area as well as the extent to which you want your dining table to dominate the room. For example, a large rectangular dining table topped with a mottled marble slab will probably become a statement piece that will take up a central position.


If, on the other hand, you’d prefer that your dining table merges into the surrounding décor than the softer contours of a circular or oval dining table will ensure it doesn’t overwhelm the foreground.


In a more compact or confined dining room or kitchen, round or oval marble tables are generally the most preferable because the lack of corners makes their design less obstructive. Curved tables also provide flexible seating, and how many people you can fit around the table is ultimately a matter of how many chairs can be clustered side by side.


Rectangular and square tables are undoubtedly more striking, but seating places are more limited because of the positions of the table legs as well as the presence of corners.



Coruna round Marble dining table 2
Coruna round Marble dining table



Maintaining Your Marble Dining Room Table



Considering how gorgeous marble is, you’ll want to ensure that its pristine appearance is maintained for years and decades to come.


Especially considering that dining tables are used multiple times a day and for a variety of purposes, they’re bound to experience some wear and tear over time.


Marble is an organic natural stone, which means that even though it is durable, it is also very absorbent. Due to this porosity, marble is prone to absorbing any liquids such as teas, soups or juices that you spill onto the surface.


Sealing your marble and promptly cleaning up any accidental spills should, however, keep your marble dining table in flawless condition.



Como brown constitued marble dining table 2
Como brown constitued marble dining table


A Wonderful Option For Your Dining Spaces – Marble Tables



Luxurious, classy and chic, marble is a beautiful way to bring some sophistication and elegance to your living spaces. When incorporated into your kitchen and dining areas, cheap marble dining tables are an incredibly useful asset.


Marble dining room tables can be found in an array of gorgeous colours, contemporary designs and traditional styles such as those with wooden legs or a marble base. Whatever vibe you may be going for, there is a marble dining table out there perfect for your home, budget, preferences and personality.


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Rivilino cream black constituted marble dining table 8
Rivilino cream black constituted marble dining table

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