Our fantastic types of cheap Dining Chairs 2021

Best Dining Chair types of 2021


If you are familiar with our cheap dining chair collection, then you will know that we have a fabulous range.


From a spectrum of colours, finishes, materials and styles, our various types of dining chairs are sure to suit any dining table you have.


To give you a quick breakdown of what we have, we have put together this convenient guide to help you choose your perfect chair.


We will start this guide off with our chair colour range and then go through each feature in turn.


Colours of dining chairs


The colour of any piece of furniture can make or break your room.


We have an extensive range of coloured dining chairs. Wherever in fabric, leather or suede, our dining chairs come in many colours and shades.


Beige Dining Chairs


Beige dining chairs go well with lighter coloured dining themes. However, they can contrast nicely with dark coloured dining tables too.


Our beige chairs are available in fabric finishes as well as PU faux leather designs.


A few examples of our beige upholstered dining chairs include:


Clarissa Beige Fabric Dining Chair – Not only does this chair provide both comfort and sturdiness, but also boasts a luxurious seat with solid wooden legs as support.


The Albury Dark Wood Dining Chair in Beige – A charming chair that is assembled from a linen-like fabric which covers the backrest and cushioned seat. For support, it has solid dark oak legs.


Ava Beige Stackable Dining Chairs – These chairs are a fantastic way to add colour and minimalist style to any dining area. They are designed to be stacked onto each other to save space easily.


We also have beige leather dining chairs and beige faux leather dining chairs.


Black Dining Chairs


Black dining chairs are a popular choice for many diners. Available in fabric as well as leather, the designs can fit in with many modern tables.


If you have a light coloured dining table, like one from our marble collection, then these black chairs provide the perfect contrast to them.


A few examples:


The Alma Black Dining Chair available is in a faux leather and fabric version. This chair has a The minimalist design which allows it to provide an effortless complement to a wide range of interior styles.


Then there is the Halle Black Faux Leather Dining Chair, which is an eye-catching choice with a contrast between its slanted, tapering legs and its softer curves of its seat.


Tonia Hooped Leg Pu Black Dining Chairs – These contemporary dining chairs create a fashionable impression in any interior space, ideal for providing a novel finishing touch when paired with your choice of a dining table.


Maiya Fabric Upholstered Black/Dark Grey Weave Fabric Chairs – These beautiful chairs can complement many different types of oak tables as they feature solid wood legs and are upholstered in a dark grey/black woven fabric.


Blue Dining Chairs


In recent times our range of blue dining chairs has become more and more popular. These gorgeous blue chairs are available in classy plush fabric as well as blue-painted wooden chairs.


A few examples:


The Kalim Blue Plush Studded Dining Chair  –  With a blue plush fabric covering the chair, it is designed to portray sophistication as well as provide comfort for diners. Complete with oak legs and studded metal buttons.


kalim blue plush dining chairs pair 1



Chichester Oak and Blue Dining Chair  –  Designed to complement the Chichester Oak and Blue Dining table, the chairs have been carefully crafted from solid hardwood and offer a classic slatted backrest design.


chichester oak blue chairs pair 1



The Atlanta Dining Chairs Smooth Faux Leather And Solid Oak Legs – This is really a grey dining chair but with a slight hint of blue in it and solid oak legs.


Atlanta Dining Chairs Smooth Faux Leather And Solid Oak Legs Pairs Grey 1


Brown Dining Chairs


The original dining chair. Brown dining chairs are perfect for any classic and traditional dining table. And now with lighter brown and tweed designed chairs, brown chairs can also fit into more modern dining spaces.


A few examples:


Archie brown dining chair –  Upholstered in soft faux leather and featuring a tufted backrest with black metal hooped chair legs, these Archie dining chairs are a stunning alternative to the traditional style of chair.


archie chair 1


Monte Carlo brown chairs   –   Have dark lacquer covering its solid oak frame with a genuine leather seat.


Monte Carlo Dark Solid Dark Oak Chair With Brown Leather Seat Pair 1


Louisa brown chairs –  An antique brown fabric hoop leg dining chairs make an impression in any dining area. These stunning dining chairs are upholstered in smooth brown fabric and feature a stitched seam design.



louise antique brown fabric dining chairs pair 1



Rivilino Brown Dining Chairs – These Solid wood chairs will add a complete style to your dining set. The chairs are finished with a smooth brown high gloss for a smooth and elegant look that complements a variety of dining tables.



rivilino brown dining chairs pair1



Brown faux leather dining chairs


We also have a range of brown PU leather chairs too.


Alma Brown Faux Leather Dining Chair  –  This brown faux leather chair combines bold straight lines and supple curves to create a balanced look that is a complement to any interior.



Alma Pu Dining Dining Chair Brown Pairs 1



Light & Dark brown dining chairs


Our brown shades include light brown, standard oak coloured and more traditional dark brown chairs.



Cream Dining Chairs


Cream dining chairs have always been incredibly popular. They communicate a very welcoming and homely feeling, perfect for family meals.


Cream chairs are available in many different styles which include fabric, leather, suede and more etc.


Aviva cream dining chair  –  The Aviva Cream Faux Leather Dining Chairs are stylish and chic, featuring a buttoned back design as well as a diamond-shaped back, to accompany the sumptuous cream faux leather and dark wood high gloss legs.


aviva cream dining chair 3










Fredo cream dining chair  –  The Fredo Cream Faux Leather Dining Chairs are exquisite in design and style, and the cream colour is complimentary of this. With distinct diamond-shaped stitching on the chair back, and a comfortable padded seat.


fredo cream dining chair 1


Hatfield Cream Faux Leather Wooden Leg Dining Chair  –  The chairs minimalist design is contrasted perfectly by its warm cream faux leather upholstery and oak effect legs. The seat is ergonomically shaped too.



hatfield cream faux leather wooden leg dining chairs 1




Green Dining Chairs


After a funky dining chair? Well, green dining chairs could be your ideal choice. From quality fabric to stackable green plastic chairs and even green metal chairs, we have a surprising choice of fantastic a chic and stylish green chairs.


Newark green chairs  –  Instantly add colour and chic Scandinavian style to your dining space with the Newark Chrome Sled Leg Green Dining Chairs. A styled sculpted polypropylene seat that offers excellent support.



Newark Metal Sled Leg Green Dining Chairs Pairs 1



Tribeca green fabric dining chairs  –  These chairs design is retro-inspired but works well in both in contemporary and more traditional settings. The stylish chair features tapered solid oak legs and is upholstered in muted green coloured stain fabric resistant.



Tribeca Green Fabric Dining Chairs Pairs



Ava green stackable chair  –  The Ava green chairs is designed to stand up to the rigours of the modern home, its metal frame is sturdy and the green satin fabric is waterproof and easily wiped clean.



Ava Stackable Green Chair 2 Chairs 1


Grey Dining Chairs


From all of our fabric dining chairs, grey is amongst the most popular. So wherever you are after wooden, plastics, hardwood or more, we have a variety of styles of cheap grey dining chairs.


From grey fabric, plastic, suede, plush and leather designs, all sold in pairs and suited for modern as well as traditional dining tables and dining areas.


Damanti dining chair  –  These chairs have beautiful, retro designs which are infused with a contemporary twist. They feature a tufted back and seat, smooth grey faux leather and black angled legs.



Damanti Grey Dining chair1

Danni light grey dining chair  – This light grey fabric dining chair is a delightfully contemporary piece with bold sharp lines balanced by graceful curves. It has foam padded seat and comes with round oak legs.



Danni Light Grey Fabric Dining Chair Pairs 1


Harley tweed dining chair  –  Harley tweed Fabric Dining Chairs are perfect for adding a subtle touch of colour to your dining suite. Upholstered in beautiful light tweed fabric, the Harley chairs complement oak furniture beautifully and are sure to make your dining set stand out.



Harley Tweed Solid Oak And Fabric Chairs Pairs 1



Elstree x shaped grey oak dining chair  –  The solid hardwood Elstree chair features grey paintwork to the frame and crossed backrest and are complete with natural timber seats.


Elstree Solid Hardwood Painted Dining Chairs Pairs Oak Grey 1

Red Dining Chairs


The perfect dining chairs for a quiet romantic night, red dining chairs are ideal for couples and singletons.


We have beautiful red faux leather chairs that are diverse enough to fit into an array of interiors.


Our red chairs are classically stylish and beautifully refined and available with solid wood frames, plastic stackable chairs with metal or chrome legs.


Atlanta Dining Chairs  –  Classically stylish and beautifully refined, the Atlanta Dining Chairs effortlessly complement any dining area and are complete with solid oak legs.




Atlanta Dining Chairs Smooth Faux Leather And Solid Oak Legs Pairs Red 1


Halle PU red dining chairs  –  A combination of bold straight lines and graceful curves that characterises these Halle Red Faux Leather Dining Chairs. Designed with rounded backrests and comfortably foam-padded seats and finished with handsome oak legs.




Halle Pu Wooden Leg Dining Dining Chair Red Pairs 1


Malibu PU dining chair chrome legs  –  these red chairs are ideal for many high gloss dining tables. Made with chrome legs and an upholstered faux leather – this dining chair replicates a refined appearance that can cater for comfort




Malibu Red Pu Leather Chrome Chairs Pairs 1



California PU dining chair  –  The California PU upholstered red chrome dining chairs are designed with an attractive tufted design.



California Pu Upholstered With Chrome Dining Chair Red Pairs 1



White Dining Chairs


Beautiful white dining chairs are aesthetically pleasing and the perfect companion for every colour of dining tables.


They couple up great with glass dining tables as well as marble ones; they also look perfect with traditional oak and other classic hardwood designs.


We have white painted solid wood chairs, white fabric dining chairs, white faux leather chair, white chairs with chrome legs, white chair with wooden legs and more!


A few examples are:


Lucy hoop leg PU white dining chair  –  Lucy Chairs bring a touch of unique contemporary style to your dining area. Accompanied by a tufted design and high-quality chrome legs with an eye-catching hooped design.



Lucy hoop leg white pu leather dining chairs pair11


Chichester white hardwood dining chair  –

The Chichester solid hardwood chairs are finished in lovely white paintwork to match the Chichester dining table.



Chichester Solid Hardwood Painted Dining Chairs Pairs White 1



Olivier round leg white faux dining chair  –  These chairs have an eye-catching modern design which marries bold straight lines to supple curves, creating a stunning effect. With stylishly angled, solid-oak legs providing the support to their comfortably foam-padded seats.




Olivier Round Leg White Faux Leather Dining Chairs Pairs 1



The Robina Oak and White Dining Chairs  –  The Robina Oak and White Chairs feature an attractive two-toned design that brings style to any dining space. Featuring durable wood frames with elegantly tapered rubberwood legs and are complete with curved white backrests and padded seats.




robina oak and white dining chairs1



Check out our full cheap white dining chairs here.


Next up, types of upholstery:


Dining Chair materials


When it comes to material choice, it might sound surprising, but it is as diverse as our colour range.


We have many different types of upholstery, including fabric, plush, suede, solid wood, plastic, metal, PU leather and genuine leather.


Here is a simple breakdown of each one:


Fabric chairs– fabric chairs usually have padded or cushioned seats and backrests. They are the most diverse in colour range and designs. You can also get printed images on your fabric chairs!


Here are a few examples:


The Julia Grey Fabric Dining Chair  –  is a perfect complement to a range of interiors providing grace to your home. A classic design with a padded foam seat and attractive rubberwood leg.



julia grey fabric dining chairs1


The Pailin Beige Dining Chairs  –

Featuring a patterned design and a studded detail which runs across the stitching line to add that extra bit of class. These chairs are perfect for solid wood dining tables and even have their own solid oak legs for a resolute build and firm base.




Dark Pailin Beige Solid Dark Oak And Fabric Chairs Pairs 1 1


Dark Pailin Beige Solid Dark Oak And Fabric Chairs Pairs 2



Plush fabric chairs – Our plush fabric chairs are vintage in design and ooze luxury. The plush fabric portrays sophistication as well as provide comfort for diners.


Maiya Plush Grey Dining Chairs  –  These elegantly designed chairs have comfortable foam-padded chairs, solid traditional oak legs, and soft luxurious plush fabric to die for!



Maiya Plush Grey Dining Chair Pairs 1


Kalim Grey Plush Fabric & Solid Dark Oak Studded Dining Chairs  – If you have dark oak or any other type of traditional dining tables, then these chairs are your perfect partners.


Not only are they luxurious, stylish and full of character, but they also bring a smooth, comforting feeling with their high-quality plush fabric seat and backrest.


Designed with chrome studded detailing on the front and a uniquely designed chrome ring on the back.



kalim grey plush dark oak leg chairs pair 1



Suede dining chairs – Faux suede and genuine suede dining chairs from our premium quality range add a touch of vintage class to any dining setting. You can be sure wherever you place them; they will add elegance to any interior.


Pu and genuine leather dining chairs


Pu and real leather chairs are a fantastic way of bringing some extra style to your dining room. These classy pieces can make their presence felt in any room.


With their distinctly refined impression and tasteful leather, they exuberate design and style in abundance.




Carsen Black Pu Leather Chrome Chairs  – If you have a high gloss table, then the Carsen chairs are ideal partners for it. Designed with curves and a slightly indented seat pad for extra comfort when seating for dinner, these chairs are a classy addition to any dining space.



Carsen Black Pu Leather Chrome Chairs Pairs 1


Carolina Grey PU Dining Chair  – If you want to update your dining space, then these are the chairs for you. With a modern yet simplistic design, padded foam seats, a comfortable backrest and finished off with sleek chrome legs.



carolina 90cm round glass dining table 3



Hereford White Pu Leather Chrome Dining Chairs  –  These chairs are the perfect complementaries for modern dining tables, especially glass and marble designs.


Designed with a unique Z shape, the Hereford chairs have smooth white PU leather upholstery, comfortable seats and sleek chrome-based legs.



Hereford White Pu Leather Chrome Dining Chairs Pairs 1



Wooden dining chairs


The most classical dining chairs you can buy for your hardwood tables are wooden dining chairs.


They are available in a variety of designs including solid wood chairs, wooden chairs with bycast seats, high gloss wooden chairs, and wooden chairs with timber seats.


These chairs can create a simple yet modern aesthetic for your dining space.


A few examples are:


Marcham White & Oak Dining Chairs  – Uniquely designed with modernism in mind, these chairs are a beautiful addition for most contemporary dining rooms.


Built with a solid oak frame and a slight lean for the extra chic look. The legs are perfectly angled to help give a sturdy base.

All in all, an incredibly smooth dining chair.



marcham white and oak chairs



Arizona Solid Oak Chair With Bycast Cream Leather Seat (Pair)  –

The Arizona Cream Oak Chair is a well-built piece that would add a unique element to any dining table. It has a bycast seat and a stylish V-Cut pattern carved in the back seat. Perfect to partner oak or traditional dining tables




Arizona Solid Oak Chair With Bycast Cream Leather Seat Pair 1



Sandringham Dining Chair In Oak And Painted Grey  – If you are after a chair built through solid construction and solid materials, then the Sandringham dining chair is for you.


It has a robust wooden frame strengthened further with its laddered backrest and sturdy legs.


Finished with a bevelled seat, these chairs are the epitome of traditional classics.



sandringham oak grey dining chairs pair 1




Plastic and Metal Dining Chairs


Plastic & Metal dining chairs have become more popular in recent times. Not only are they convenient, by being stackable and in some cases foldable too, but they are very budget-friendly too.


A few examples:


Ava Stackable Grey Chairs  –  Ava Grey Stackable Dining Chairs are a quick way to add colour and minimalist style to any dining area. It has a sturdy metal frame which has been designed with the modern home in mind.


Easily stackable to save space and come with a waterproof satin fabric which can be easily cleaned. Available in red, green, grey, purple and beige.




Ava Stackable Purple Chair 2 Chairs 1



Newark Chrome Leg Black Dining Chairs  – If you like understated Scandinavian designs, then the Newark chair is a modern twist to one. It has a polypropylene seat which can be easily wiped to clean.


Its foot protectors guard against scratches, and just like the AVA, it can be stacked for easy storing.


Sophisticated and chic, this is the chair for moderns homes.



Newark Metal Leg Mink Dining Chairs Pairs 1


Plastic or polypropylene chairs are incredibly durable and easy to clean, so if you have children running around the house, then these are the chairs for you.


Due to the inherent nature of their material, they can be easily manipulated to make ergonomically contoured seats which are comfortable to sit on as well as impressive to look at.



Designs of chairs


As mentioned above, our dining chairs are built from different materials and finished in a range of colours and styles.


Now, with a combination of both, we also have a myriad of designs to choose from.


Or you can choose from those fabric chairs which have upholstery on the backrest and seats so very little of the frame can be seen.


e.g. Harley Tweed Solid Oak And Fabric Chairs (Pairs)



Harley Lime Solid Oak And Fabric Chairs Pairs 1


Or you can choose from those fabric chairs which have upholstery on the backrest and seats.


e.g. Julia Fabric Grey Dining Chair 



Julia Fabric Brown Dining Chair Pairs 1


Some Chairs have a fabric seat only, like the Valencie Brown Solid Wood And High Gloss Dining Chairs



Valencie Brown Solid Wood And High Gloss Dining Chairs Pair 1


Some of our chairs are upholstered in genuine or Pu leather chairs. Leather chairs always give off an expensive and classy look—especially when used with marble or traditional dining tables.


Bromley Cream Bycast Leather Chair With Solid Oak Legs  – The Bromley Cream Chair is fabricated from a bonded leather and solid oak.


The frame and legs of the dining chair use solid oak whilst almost the entire seat is covered in a bonded leather which features a scroll back on the top-end of the back support. Available in black, cream, blue/grey and brown.


Bromley Black Bycast Leather Chair With Solid Oak Legs Pair 1


Bromley Grey Bycast Leather Chair With Solid Oak Legs Pair 1



A couple more examples of our cheap dining chairs:


Ronda dining chair (pairs)  –



Ronda Dining Chair 1


Almeria brown leather dining chair (pairs)  –




Almeria Brown Leather Dining Chair 1



Almeria Cream Leather Dining Chair 1


Leg styles


Apart from the standard wooden leg design’s, our chairs come in different leg styles. For example, Chrome, metal, wooden, hoped, sled etc.


The Olivier Round Leg Dark Grey Fabric Chairs have tilted solid oak legs. Whilst the Calabusus and California have chrome legs


If you are after something a bit more modern, then try out the Newark dining chairs with their sledge leg design.


We also have the Newark with beech wood legs complete and feature chrome cross joints.


Rivilino Brown Solid Wood Chairs in a High Gloss finish add complete style to your dining set. It’s backrest doubles up as rear legs for extra support.


Lucy Hoop Leg Pu Dining Chairs is available in white, cream and black.

The Lucy chairs create a distinctive impression, ideal in modern interiors and are designed with hooped leg design.


Aviva cream or grey dining chair is stylish and chic, featuring a buttoned back design as well as a diamond-shaped back. They come with beautifully styled traditional legs.


Featuring a modern tub design, the Cape Verdi Light Grey Dining Chairs bring chic contemporary style to every occasion with elegant tapered legs.


The Canterbury Dark Brown Dining Chair is manufactured in a manner to depict the quality and care gone into the design and build. It has a cross designed backrest and framed box leg design.


Modern and classical designs


Our modern chairs easily fit in with glass, marble and wooden tables.

If you are after a traditional theme, then check out the following:


Kalim Grey Plush Studded Dining Chair (Pairs)


Elstree Solid Hardwood & Painted Dining Chairs Oak & Cream


Almeria Brown Leather Dining Chair (pairs)


For a modern selection, check out the following:





Final words on our dining chairs


This was just a quick glimpse into our vast range of types of dining chairs we sell. We hope you found it helpful, and it made choosing your perfect dining chairs easier.


For more information on our cheap dining chairs, please visit our category pages or check out our blog.

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