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Promo 150cm Solid Oak Dining Table

Traditional Dining Table UK


The dining room is one of the most essential rooms in any household. It is a place for family and friends to gather together, share food, and enjoy time together. 


Traditionally, a dining table is eaten with many people seated around it. On this page, we will explore the various types of traditional tables that exist today and how to choose the perfect one for you.


Traditional Dining Table Types


A dining room is often the heart of a home, being the place where family and friends come together to eat, talk, laugh, and just be themselves. A critical piece that brings this all together is the dining table. 


There are many different types of tables to choose from for dining rooms, but this article will focus on traditional dining tables in particular.


Traditionally, simple dining tables are made of wood, though many modern designs break the mould. 


Some popular traditional dining tables are round, rectangular tables and pedestal tables. 


Round tables are typically best for four people but can also fit six people. 


Rectangular tables are suitable for larger parties of eight to ten people. 


A pedestal table has a column in the centre to hold up the tabletop.


Dining tables come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. When considering a dining table for your home, it's essential to know how many people will typically be seated at the table and what you'll use the table for.


Size of Traditional dining tables


The size and shape of a dining table have always been an essential factor in determining the beauty and function of a room. 


Traditionally, family members would eat at one large dining table with smaller tables for side dishes and drinks. 


These days, tables come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate families that choose to eat at different times of the day or separate spaces such as the kitchen or formal dining area.


Square traditional 2 seater dining tables


Square 2 seater dining tables are an excellent choice for those who have a small dining space. These square tables are best suited for smaller homes with limited square footage. 


The square shape of this type of table is often considered the more classic design over traditional rectangle shapes, so it may be easier to find one that fits your desired style. 


Square 2 seater dining tables also typically cost less than other styles, which can help you save money on your purchase.


Small Traditional dining tables for 4


Small traditional dining tables for 4 often include a table with chairs set to fit a smaller space. 


These tables are typically round or square. The round tables usually come with 4 chairs, and some rectangular tables come with 2 benches on either side of the table. 


The shape of the table is beneficial for small families or couples.


Small Traditional dining tables are perfect for tiny homes or apartments with limited space, and they are often the only option for those looking for a table that will seat four people without taking up too much floor space.


These tables are also suitable for smaller families, as they usually only seat four people instead of six.


Square Traditional dining table


Many people are looking for a space-saving solution to their dining needs. A traditional square table is often perfect for smaller homes or apartments.


The square traditional dining table is the most popular table-type; these tables are generally square-shaped and have four legs. 


They are typically made of wood but can also be marble or stone. 


Traditional dining tables for 8


Traditional dining tables for 8 people vary in size and shape, and one of the most popular shapes is the rectangular table. Rectangular tables typically come as six chairs and can be found in various sizes, such as six feet by three feet. 


The benches on these tables offer ample seating space for those who don't want to spend their entire meal sitting down or those who enjoy eating on an incline.


Large Traditional Dining Tables


Large traditional tables are often the focal point of any dining room. A large table usually seats 8 or more people, which can be great for entertaining or family get-togethers. 


This type of table can also be found in many restaurants where they are used for seating large groups of guests at one time. 


There are many different styles and price points for tables, but this style is typically considered classic and will never go out of style.


Traditional Dining Tables in a variety of colours


A traditional dining room can be a place to share family memories over dinner. 


However, finding a functional and aesthetically pleasing table is not easy. Most people will find themselves torn between the two and often settle for one or the other. 


However, traditional tables are practical as well as stylish!


Wooden tables are not only functional and sturdy, but they also come in all sorts of different colours and styles so everyone can find one that suits them.


The perfect centrepiece for this comforting space is a uniquely styled table that provides plenty of room for all family members.


Dark traditional dining tables


Traditional dark wood dining tables are time-tested pieces of furniture. These tables were used as a functional piece in the dining room and were often quite prominent in the past. 


Today, they can be found in many homes as a decorative element and occasional use. They still come in all shapes and sizes and can be purchased in many colours and designs to suit your needs.


White traditional dining tables


A traditional, white dining table is a classic piece of furniture that can be the centrepiece of your living room or kitchen. 


These pieces are available in any shape and size. 


Tables range in size from small sets for two people to large groups that can seat six or more people.


Materials of Traditional Dining Tables


A traditional dining table can be made out of a range of materials. Some are more popular than others. 


For example, oak has been an essential material for centuries because it's relatively cheap, solid and aesthetically pleasing. 


Other materials include glass, which is mainly used for its appearance or as a showpiece for other pieces in the room. 


Teak is another popular material used to make tables because it's durable and looks great due to its natural wood grain patterns.


Traditional Marble Dining Tables


A marble dining table is an exquisite and stylish table. The table is made from a marble slab cut to size, with a rectangular profile and a flat top. 


These tables are tough to make as; usually, they are made from a single marble slab or other stone, without any joints or seams. To maintain the flat surface of the top, the edges need to be polished and ground before assembly.


Traditional wooden dining tables


A wooden dining table is a good choice for any room in the home. They come in many different shapes and sizes, but the most common are 6 seaters.


These tables can squeeze fit 8 people around them without feeling too cramped. 


These tables are straightforward to clean as they usually have a gloss or varnished finish.


A wooden dining table is a good choice for any room in the home.


Traditional Glass Dining Tables


Glass dining tables are the perfect way to create an eclectic, modern feel for your furniture. They are stylish and dazzling because they offer a clean, sleek aesthetic that will never go out of style. 


These tables are perfect for modern or contemporary settings because of their aesthetics and cool designs.


Traditional Dining Table Sets


Most families would have a large dining room table with chairs back in the day, and they would use this for all their meals and celebrations. 


A traditional dining table set consists of a rectangular dinner table with two feet, four solid legs, and four chairs. 


These sets are typically made from oak, cherry, or walnut wood. The table and chairs can be plain or elaborately carved and inlaid with ornamental designs.


When it comes to choosing a dining room set, traditional sets are the way to go.


Traditional dining tables and chairs are perfect for hosting dinner parties. 


These table sets can seat eight people comfortably and are available with benches.


Some sets feature a round trestle table with cross-braces and four matching chairs with x-back spindles. 


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