Tips for buying your perfect dining chairs!

Dining chair article

How to buy the right dining chair for your dining table!


Looking for dining seats and not sure which type to buy?

Here are some key factors for you to take into consideration whilst choosing the perfect chairs for your dining tables.



As a general rule of thumb, there should be a space of 12 inches between the head of the Dining Chair and your table.

There should also be 7 inches between the highest points of the seats’ arms and the base of your tabletop.

Now in regards to the seats, they should be around 18 inches off the floor to enable individuals to easily rest their feet whilst sitting.

Most tables are around 30 inches high, so this meets the 12-inches separation rule. On the off chance that your table is a couple of inches higher, consider picking Chairs with foot bars between their front legs for optimum support.



The dining table is a crucial part of any dining area, and its selection should be based on comfort and how it would fit into the overall aesthetic.

It is essential to consider both the size and the shape of the dining table to complement it with perfectly sized chairs!

Each design and size of our dining chairs have their corresponding compliment, for example, Dining Chairs without armrests are typically suited for little round dining tables.

Whilst Chairs with armrests are perfectly suited for tables that are larger and are rectangular in design.




Dining Chairs are an important component to complete the impeccable look of your dining room. Think thoroughly about the look and feel that you’re trying to achieve and find chairs that perfectly match the aesthetic you’re going for.

For example:
You can get a lot of coordinating seats in similar colours and styles if you need a more formal and exemplary look.
However, if you are going for something a bit more audacious and striking, then an assorted blend coloured Dining Chairs around the table to make a mixed and intricate aesthetic, creating an overall excellent combination.




This decision is centred around the amount of time that you choose to spend on your dining table. If you love to relax around the table and spend a large portion of time there, you should consider making the space more comfortable by choosing grey dining room chairs with pads installed.

Be that as it may, you like to invest more energy around the couch or before the TV, you can simply go for un-upholstered seats to cater to affordability as a factor.




If space is limited in your dining room, you should consider how to accommodate more individuals around the table when your visitors show up.

You can consider getting stackable seats or dining benches that can be stacked or stored when they are not required.

Alternatively, you could go for narrow, sleeker designs to help you fit in more people on the table. As they say, the more, the merrier!




Before deciding upon the right dining room chairs for your home, make sure to feel the weight before acquiring them. The heavier they are, the harder you’ll need to push and drag them around the floor when you are getting in and out of the seat.

If you have fragile marble or parquet floors in your dining area, pick seats that are light and simple to prevent scratches on your floors. Lighter chairs also allow for children and elderly individuals to easily pull back and sit on the chairs.




Our cheap dining chairs are available in a vast combination of materials and designs that can complement your table, supplement it, or make a marked difference.

The material you pick can change the appearance of your table, and even set a totally new tone in your dining room. Wood and metal are two of the most well-known materials for dining room chairs; however, there’s an endless variety of choices that make shopping a genuinely tough decision.

Our favourite picks include:


 Hardwood dining seats


Conventional and durable, wood is one of the most well-known materials for home furniture. You can discover seats crafted from solid hardwood, fabric seats with wooden legs, and seats with wooden backrests and arms.


 Metal & chrome


Giving a sleeker, more contemporary appearance, metal is another mainstream dining chair design. It’s a terrific alternative for families with kids since it’s so easy to clean, and most re easily foldable.
Chrome chairs also add an additional explosion of sparkle.


 Grey plastic dining chair


If you’re looking for a striking effect, then plastic chairs could be the ideal choice. Regularly economical contrasted with metal and wooden furniture, plastic is another incredible choice in homes that see a ton of movement and festive dinners.

They are also lightweight and simple to move around and come in a considerable scope of shapes & sizes — with or without adorned subtleties.


 Wicker Dining Chairs


This woven, dainty material is ordinarily found on the seats of dining chairs. It includes additional padding and a rural, farmhouse contact to the room. Wicker seats aren’t upholstered; however, you can include seat pads for more delicate quality.




Thoughts regarding materials are whirling around in your mind — presently it’s an ideal opportunity to mix those with the diverse seat types to narrow down on the perfect dining chairs that you’ll totally fall in love with.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for something with or without arms, soft fabric or rough texture, there’s a seat style out there that will be ideal for you.

Consider the following designs to help make up your mind:


 Arm Chairs


Rocking armchairs have solid arms that are made from similar wood or material of the legs and backs of your seats. They feel somewhat more comforting and informal than ordinary dining chairs.

They have a denser look to them than average chairs, as well, so they function admirably at the tops of your table or in a more significant dining area.


 Side Chairs


Side seats are like rockers — just without the arms. As an informal rule, these are placed at the edges of the dining table. There’s no compelling reason to adhere to that old standard, regardless of whether that is how the seats got their name. Since they don’t have arms, side seats are outwardly lighter than rockers. They can be perfect in tighter spaces.


 Parsons Chairs


Like a side seat, a parson’s seat doesn’t have arms. They’re generally somewhat taller and sleeker than opposite side seats, and their backs are generally strong. Their spotless lines assist them with mixing admirably with most stylistic layout styles.

What colour of dining chairs?

Choosing the perfect colour can be a real task; however, it is usually defined by the design of the table and the decor of the dining area you have.
We have a whole range to chose from so wherever you are after a neutral colour to blend in your furniture, something a bit more striking or a more subtle relaxed theme, with our range we are confident you will find something that suits your taste as well as your budget.

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