Fabric dining chairs vs Leather dining chairs – which is the best chair for you?

Welcome to the classic fabric dining chair vs leather dining chair debate!



From the vast styles of dining chairs like vinyl, plastic, metal, mesh, etc., the most common chairs used at dining tables are fabric and leather chairs.


It is a timeless custom that fabric dining chairs have been associated with all sorts of dining tables. Leather chairs might have appeared sometime after, but they soon became a popular mainstay.


From classical, contemporary and modern designs, variations of these two styles aptly suit any dining theme.


So which one is best for you?


Well, by weighing up the pros and cons of the differences & similarities in style, design, price, maintenance and more, hopefully, today we will find out.


We are here to help you decide whether fabric or leather is best for your circumstances with this useful guide.


Fabric chairs v Leather chairs – Price difference


We will start by looking at the price difference as this is what usually swings it one way or another for most people.


Leather chairs are usually more expensive than other dining chairs. PU faux leather or bycast leather can be cheaper than real genuine leather, but they can still be a bit pricey.


The price of fabric chairs do start much lower, and even though they can shoot up quickly, there are more economic benefits to buying cheap fabric chairs over others.


Typically fabric chairs can last a few years if looked after correctly.


Leather chairs can last a generation or two. Don’t be surprised if your leather chair never needs to be replaced even after many years of usage.


Who wins?


Leather chairs are more of a long term investment; therefore, in the long run, can save you money. But if you are merely acknowledging initial costs, then fabric chairs are relatively cheaper.


Clarissa Fabric Grey Dining Dining Chair Pairs 6




Malibu Green Pu Leather Chrome Chairs Pairs 1



Leather chairs v Fabrai chairs – Aesthetics


As with most things we buy, the way something looks matters a lot.


Leather Chairs


Leather furniture is probably the most elegant furniture design you can buy.

Just the natural look of leather displays is beauty and class. It’s shine, firmness and grandeur look, sets leather chairs apart from other styles of dining chairs.


If you have a traditional looking dining room or a dining table made from solid wood, then these chairs will complement it perfectly.


tribeca brown faux leather dining chairs pair4


Fabric chairs


Fabric chairs always emit the intimate family feeling. Not only are they inviting and warm, but these tables suit old theme dining spaces and more contemporary ones just as well


So if you’re trying to furnish a rustic extended table or a modern high gloss one, fabric chairs will find a way to fit in!



courtney cream fabric dining chairs1


Legs Designs


Most leather chairs do come with wooden legs; it suits the grandeur style of the leather. Leather chairs do go exceptionally well with wooden legs.


You don’t get many leather chairs with metal or chrome legs. Even just thinking about it doesn’t seem right!


Whereas fabric chairs, due to their versatility, they do adapt to any leg design, including metal, wooden, metal, chrome and even plastic.


Who wins?


If you’re after natural beauty and character, then leather chairs just about top it.


Casa Bella Grey Fabric Chair with Natural Ash Wood Legs 2


Fabric chairs v Leather chairs – Design and styles


Chairs come in many styles and designs. Both fabric and leather have a whole range to choose from.


Leather designs


Most leather dining room chairs are commonly designed with high backs. Which is part of their classic look and gives the chairs that grandeur look they are famed for.


In terms of colours, leather chairs are traditionally upholstered with darker colours like black and brown.


Nowadays, cream leather chairs are also popular and colours like taupe, beige are also available.


Fabric chairs


There is almost no limit to the design of fabric chairs. From floral arrangements to plush fabric, multi-coloured upholstery to soft velvet designs.


These dining chairs are available in a myriad of colours. Including, beige, black, cream, grey, white, red and more!


The flexibility of the fabric design makes it easy to suit your existing decor.


Fabric chairs have such a wide range of style to choose from that you will never be bored with their designs nor the options available.


Who wins?


For designs, colours and finishes, fabric chairs have a much more comprehensive range.


Not only do you get an array of colours and design to choose from, but if even you really want you can even design your own!


dining chairs


Leather Chairs v Fabric Chairs – Maintenance


One drawback to leather dining chairs is the need to maintain the expensive leather material you’ve invested in.


To keep your leather chair in top shape, avoid keeping it in direct sunlight and make sure to clean every once in a while.


Please avoid the wrong type of cleaner. If you want to keep your leather looking good for a long time, then use genuine leather cleaning products.


Leather chairs hold heat in far better than other chairs like vinyl chairs.


So if that’s important to you, then you may want to check out our leather chair options.


Generally leather ages well, so leather chairs can last a relatively long time.


Fabric is perfect for dining chairs which are only used at mealtimes or in shorter bursts.


If you use the area for longer periods, then fabric chairs are not the most ideal.


Why? Well, due to their nature, they don’t allow air to flow and pass as easy as other designs. This can lead to locked-in moisture and odours.

And if you have your dining table in your kitchen, or right next to your kitchen, these chairs can store up your cooking trail!


Some chairs allow their fabric to be removed, and this is perfect for cleaning and maintaining. Helping your chairs look like new all the time.


Who wins?


Well with this one, they both have their pros and cons. Leather chairs can be maintained to last longer whilst fabric dining room chairs can be cleaned easier.





Comfort and Feel – Fabric or Leather Chairs?


Leather dining room chairs are fantastic at giving you extreme comfort. They embrace the seat and give you a feeling of relative ease.


Material qualities also can vary between both. Leather chairs can almost all the time guarantee top quality.


Each leather chair will get age well, remain reasonably firm, and not stretch or give as much. They are perfect for sitting down for long periods. And with genuine leather, the colour doesn’t fade as much too.


Leather types do vary but all in all, you can’t go wrong with its quality.


Now with fabric dining room chairs, the materials vary enormously. You can buy cheap and cheerful or grand and stylish.


Some fabric chairs have padded cushion while others have softer seats giving you the wonderful sinking cosy feeling.


With quality fabric, like plush chairs, the comfort you get is second to none.


Most fabric chairs have the option of removing the cushion and replacing when they wear a little. Again this is an extra cost to keep in mind.


Who wins?


Well first and foremost just to let you know, all of our dining chairs here at efurniture Uk are super comfy.


For a cosy feeling, fabric comes on top, and for a more practical firmer option, leather chairs have an advantage.



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So finally, Fabric or Leather?


So which one should you chose, well ultimately it is down to personal choice. Do you prefer comfort, style or design? Or is it size and maintenance that you need to think about?


Or maybe it’s budget and price. Either way, you need to decide the most crucial factors for you and your family and decide from there.


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You can also browse our cheap fabric dining chairs and leather dining chairs collection too.

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