A Guide to Maintaining Your Chest of Drawers in 2021

A Guide to Maintaining Your Chest of Drawers in 2021


sydney 3 over 4 drawer chest
Sydney 3 over 4 drawer chest


What is a Chest of Drawer?


Essentially, a chest of drawers is a type of cabinet that is generally used for storage and organisation, particularly for clothing, toiletries and household items. 


A chest of drawers consists of multiple parallel drawers stacked horizontally on top of one another. A typical chest is rectangular in shape with a short leg on each corner upon which it rests. 


Chests of drawers have a long history. While they typically are placed within a bedroom, they can be placed in virtually every corner and room of your home, including dining areas, bathrooms, landings, hallways, as living rooms.


It’s a traditional piece of furniture that has been used within homes for hundreds of years. As well as being immensely useful on a practical level, it also brings an immense amount of aesthetic value to any home.


Considering that drawers chests come in so many styles, shapes, and sizes, the available options are genuinely countless when selecting the perfect chest of drawers for your home.



Drawer Chests – A Versatile and Multi-Functional Piece of Furniture


Sadie Oak 3 Drawer Chest
Sadie Oak 3 Drawer Chest


There’s no doubt that a chest of drawers is probably one of the most effortlessly stylish and impressively versatile pieces of furniture that you can own. 


Drawer chests have always been associated with traditional country houses and grand stately homes, and they will instantly elevate the appearance and impact of your home with their sophisticated presence. 


Nowadays, though, a drawer is a staple in every home up and down the country.


Regardless of the size of your chest of drawers, they will have multiple uses throughout your home.


As well as just clothes, they can be used to store away a range of household items – from cleaning supplies to kitchenware, jewellery, stationery and various paraphernalia and accessories. 


You can use a small chest of drawers as a bedside table or as a toy box for your children, and you can use it for laundry or even as a way to bring some character and uniqueness to your home.



How to Take Care of Your Chest of Drawers


chest of drawer maintenance
 Fixing your chest of drawers


Chests of drawers are remarkably durable and sturdy pieces of furniture, and as long as you’re purchasing them from a dependable and quality store, they’re quite long-lasting too.


A well-crafted and robustly designed chest of drawers isn’t at all flimsy and won’t be prone to breakage, cracking or any type of structural damage. 


However, with the passage of time or extensive usage, it’s only natural that your chest of drawers will begin to demonstrate signs of wear and tear with regards to its paintwork and finish.


If you have an old chest of drawers that has seen better days and you would like to refurbish them, or even if you’ve just purchased a new chest and you want them to look perfect for as long as possible, then there are a few simple measures you can adopt to repurpose your chest of drawers:


• Cleaning Products – the importance of using the right cleaning products cannot be emphasised enough. Typically, a damp cloth or a gentle cleaning spray is more than sufficient. 


You may have also heard that oil is essential to keep a wooden chest of drawers from deteriorating in quality, but wood requires any type of moisture and not just oil. An oil soap would be perfect for this purpose.


wood oil
Wood oils for long-lasting furniture


• Moving it around – a chest of drawers is typically quite a sizeable and awkward piece of furniture to move around.


 If you don’t proceed with caution, there is a significant risk of you damaging it. If you have to move it around, try to manoeuvre it on a piece of carpet or fabric to avoid scuffing the feet. 


What’s more, make sure you remove the drawers first to prevent them from rattling around, falling out or damaging the tracks.


• Painting – some paint can do wonders when revitalising and refurbishing a chest of drawers. 


Of course, it’s vital that you understand which methods and types of paints will work best for a chest of drawers to ensure that you achieve the most desirable results.


Following will be a helpful step-by-step guide on how to paint your drawers:



How to Paint a Chest of Drawers


paint chest of drawers
Painting your Chest of drawers


For anyone who has been wondering whether you can paint a chest of drawers, the answer is a resounding yes. 


Upcycling a piece of furniture is such incredible fun, and it is a wonderful way to be thrifty and unleash your creativity and flair for art. 


You will have to adopt several steps before actually painting. These would include dismantling the chest of drawers as much as you can, sanding the wooden surfaces, and applying an even layer of primer. 


Primer ensures that the paint you apply will actually adhere to the surface, guaranteeing optimum coverage and long-term colour stability over the years.


When selecting a paint for your chest of drawers, latex, or water-based, colours are a considerable measure the most popular option. 


wood colour palettes
Wood colour palettes


There is a range of finishes that you can choose from, with satin and gloss options giving a tremendous polished appearance.


If you can find latex enamel paint in the colour you want, it would be a perfect choice.


Why? Enamel has a beautiful but durable finish and is remarkably resilient to scratches, moisture damage, and any knocks or scrapes. 


Even a chest of drawers that is fashioned from pine can be repainted, as well as those made from oak or cedar.


Of course, you may be considering alternative options, such as whether or not you can paint a drawer chest with chalk paint. 


Chalk paint can actually be used to give any piece of furniture a new lease on life, and a chest of drawers is certainly no exception. 


With chalk paint, you won’t need to strip your chest of drawers from old paint and aged finishes, which is definitely a huge advantage. 


Some simple soapy water is enough, and once you have painted your chest of drawers and ensured that it has dried, you just need to seal it with a layer of wax. 


soapy water
Soapy water


This is a crucial step because chalk paint doesn’t have a sealer like other stains, so the wax will be required to seal the colour and protect it from moisture and debris once dried.


There’s something about spray painting that is so satisfying and fulfilling, and you’ll undoubtedly be pleased to learn that you can easily spray paint a chest drawer.


When it comes to spray-painting any furniture piece, you must work within a well-ventilated and relatively spacious area and wear the necessary protective gear such as gloves and masks. 


You can either choose to spray paint outside on a dry day with no wind or if you work indoors, just make sure that the windows are open and cover anything that you don’t want to be painted with drop cloths. 


Once you have dismantled the chest of drawers and sanded it down, you can begin spray painting it for an instant and beautiful transformation.


A chest of drawers is an effortlessly gorgeous and handy addition to anyone’s home. What’s more, there are so many options when it comes to refurbishing, upcycling and revitalising any old or new chest of drawers that you may have lying around. 


It’s truly astonishing what some coats of paint can do!



Where Should You Purchase a Chest of Drawers From?


Pippa 3 Drawer 3 Basket Unit
Chest of drawers with free delivery


When it comes to purchasing a chest of drawers, it’s essential to ensure that you are with a reputable and trustworthy company.


This is because that even an affordable and modest chest of drawers is still an investment, and you want to be assured that the furniture you purchase will be of premium quality so that it will last you for years, decades and perhaps even a lifetime to come. 


Depending on your chest of drawers’ material, size, and design, the price can vary greatly. A good quality drawer can start from anything between £50 – 60, leading up to thousands of pounds. 


But suppose you’ve been wondering where to buy a perfectly good and cheap chest of drawers. In that case, we’re delighted to provide our customers with an excellent standard of service that is genuinely unparalleled regarding its efficiency and attentiveness.


When you purchase your chest of drawers with us, you can be confident that we’ll check everything for quality and functionality before sending it to you. 


This includes everything from the paintwork to the craftsmanship, stability, hinges, finish, balance, and so much more. You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that we’ll be taking care of everything from the moment you place your order, ensuring that your chest of drawers arrives at your home promptly and in perfect condition.


Another thing to look out for is guarantees and warranties with your furniture. This is why here at efurniture, we partner up with retailers that offer such assurances.


brown chest of drawers
Brown chest of drawers





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