Why Every Bedroom Should Have A Chest Of Drawers

Drawer Chests for your Bedroom



When designing a bedroom, every tiny detail matters.


You need to have a vision that considers aesthetics, design, and functionality.


That is why a chest of drawers should be on the top of your list when creating a new bedroom.


A chest of drawers is a multipurpose piece of furniture that comes in various designs and styles.


It is the best option for storage, as it can help you stay more organised.


Here is everything you need to know about a chest of drawers for your bedroom.

bone inlay bedside with 2 drawers 1
Bedside with 2 drawers


History Behind Chest Of Drawer



Every object has some history behind it. The chest of drawers originated in Europe during medieval times. During this time, they were known as coffers.


Coffers were wooden boxes with a hinged lid. They were made of oak, and they came without and with feet. The coffers were used to store various items.


However, as time passed by, the coffer developed into a chest of drawers.


Many more drawers were added to the coffer, and it became what we now call a chest of drawers.

Sadie Oak 3 Drawer Chest
Sadie Oak 3 Drawer Chest

Benefits Of Adding A Chest Of Drawer To Your Bedroom



Chest of drawers can be added to any room. It can act as a statement piece for the room, or it can also act as a storage unit.


One thing is a guarantee, and that is that a chest of drawers is an ideal choice for your bedroom.


Don’t believe us? Here are the reasons why:

Artisan 9 Drawer Chest of Drawers Solid Mango Wood 2
Artisan 9 Drawer Chest of Drawers Solid Mango Wood 


1. More Organised Space with a Chest of Drawer



Don’t you hate it when you are trying to look for something, but you can’t find it anywhere?


We all hate this feeling because it is chaotic and frustrating.


However, you can simply avoid feeling like this by adding a chest of drawers to your bedroom.


It will not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom, but it will also allow you to organise your things.


The best way to do that is by buying small acrylic boxes or dividers that can fit in your drawers.


Such boxes will allow you to maximise the space inside and organise your things efficiently.


You can then have specific sections for different belongings such as documents, cables, makeup. You will not have to look everywhere in your room to find little objects.

sydney 3 over 4 drawer chest
Sydney 3 over 4 drawer chest



2. Bedroom Storage with Drawer Chests



A bedroom is not just a place of rest, but also a place where you store most of your belongings.


That is why it is essential to maximise this storage with various options. A drawer chest is the ideal piece of furniture for bedroom storage.


You can keep your chest of drawers near your bed and fill it with items such as books, a lamp, alarm clocks, and anything else you might need.


It will allow you to have your essentials next to you at all times.


Such versatility is one reason many individuals love to keep a chest of drawers in their bedroom.

Chest of drawers
Chest of drawers for Storage


3. Save Space with Drawer Chests



It doesn’t matter if you live in a small apartment or a big house as everyone needs to save space.


If you love a modern and minimal interior, a drawer chest will be the perfect option for you. It is one piece of furniture that can store a variety of items.


So, it will help you keep your items without utilising other spaces around the house.


For example, you can store your clothes, keepsakes, pillowcases, duvet covers, documents, and much more.


You will save space as you will utilise your storage much more efficiently.


messina oak 7 drawer chest
 Messina oak 7 drawer chest


4. Adds Aesthetic Appeal to your Bedroom



Your bedroom design probably has a theme it revolves around. A chest of drawers can be a fantastic addition that will enhance the aesthetic appeal even further.


That’s because it can be a statement piece in your bedroom.


Using it as a statement piece will grab the attention of anyone entering the room.


That way, it will be the focal point that will add more depth to your bedroom.




Rohan Oak 2 over 3 Chest of Drawers
Rohan Oak 2 over 3 Chest of Drawers


5. Durable Drawer Chests



A chest of drawers has an incredibly long life. They can last for decades if you take care of them properly.


They come in various styles and materials that are strong and durable.


The best part is that to maximise its durability, you can always upgrade the style through minor changes.


As your bedroom changes and upgrades, you can always change your drawer chest too with minor adjustments.


It is an investment in your bedroom that will have a high return in the long run.

Drawer Chests


Things To Look For When Buying A Chest Of Drawer For Your Bedroom



It is always good to have a plan and vision in mind; so you can choose the right chest of drawers for your bedroom.


It should go with the aesthetic and design of your bedroom. Here are a few things that will help you decide the right chest of drawer:


  • Number of drawers: You can choose this depending on your storage needs
  • Placement: Where will you place it?
  • Style: Do you want something classic, modern, or mid-century modern?
  • Measurements: The width and height of the chest of drawer


Always think about these four things before investing in a chest of drawers.


All these factors depend on how big your bedroom is, its design, and the amount of space you have.


Once you figure this out, you can choose the perfect chest of drawers that will fulfil all your storage needs and preferences.



adalee white grey 5 drawer chest
Adalee white grey 5 drawer chest


Final Thoughts on Chests of Drawers



Your bedroom is a place that reflects your inner world.


It is your sanctuary and the place where you spend most of your time.


That is why it is important to utilise it properly and maximise its space by adding a chest of drawers to it.


There are endless benefits to it, and you can choose from endless options.


One thing is a guarantee, and that is a chest of drawers will make your life much easier.


Pippa 3 Drawer 3 Basket Unit
Pippa 3 Drawer 3 Basket Unit

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