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Chesterfield Sofas UK


The Chesterfield sofa has been a long-standing symbol of elegance and class. They were first made popular in the 1800s and became a symbol of luxury and comfort.


It is frequently considered the best type of couch because it provides a chic, sophisticated look to any room setting. To create a complete Chesterfield furnishings set, you will need a sofa with armrests, a couple of chairs, and a coffee table.


There are several different materials that Chesterfields are made from, such as leather, fabric or even velvet.


In regards to its origins, there are several different theories:


  • British cabinet maker Thomas Chippendale created the original design in the 18th century.
  • Some say it is named after the Marquess of Chesterfield, Lord Chesterfield, who commissioned the first one in 1750.
  • Whilst others say it was initially designed to mimic the shape of an 18th-century gentleman's frock coat, hence the name "Chesterfield.


Either way, they were popularised by the British aristocracy in the 1750s.


What makes a chesterfield sofa different


The Chesterfield sofa is a type of couch with a high back and armrests. It has a decorative design in the front and a tufted backrest.


This style is characterised by a distinctive, compact shape that is shorter in length than a typical sofa.


However, Chesterfield sofas come in various sizes and shapes, but they have the same stylish finish that makes them stand out from other couches.


Type of materials for Chesterfield Sofas


The fabric used on these sofas can be a great indicator of quality and age. Originally types of materials used on Chesterfields included horsehair, mohair, wool, silk or damask.


However, nowadays, the chesterfield settee is often made from wool, velvet or leather. Wool offers intricate detail and many textures, while leather provides durability and sophistication.


The type of fabric should be carefully considered when purchasing a chesterfield sofa because it will affect the price and the overall look of the piece.


Fabric can vary in price dramatically, ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds.


Fabric Chesterfield Sofas


There are so many reasons to buy a fabric Chesterfield sofa. They are beautiful pieces of furniture that add to a room, provide comfortable seating for guests, and will last for years with a bit of maintenance.


Some may consider these couches costly, but the quality and beauty of the pieces make them worthwhile.


Leather Chesterfield Sofas


Every home needs a place to relax and unwind. Sofas are the perfect place to kick up your feet and take a load off, but how do you know which sofa is right for you?


If you're looking for a traditional style that will fit in with any décor, leather Chesterfield sofas are the way to go.


A timeless sofa that mimics the look of classical English Chesterfield furniture, these leather sofas offer comfort, durability, and style.


Velvet Chesterfield Sofas


Velvet Chesterfield sofas are a luxury with a timeless quality to them.


They look good in many homes and are the perfect sofa for lounging.


These sofas can be found in various shapes, sizes, fabric colours, and styles. Velvet is easy to clean, which makes them practical as well as stylish.


Chesterfield Sofas Colour Range


A popular question among those looking for a new sofa is what colours are available?


Well, we have a range of colours and designs available for those looking for Chesterfield settees.


There are many colours to choose from: black, ivory, maroon, red, beige, and brown, to name a few.


Some of our popular colours are:


Brown Leather Chesterfield sofas


Brown leather Chesterfield sofas are vintage pieces of furniture.


They typically seat 2/3 people and are 2 feet deep, with plush cushions at the back, elbow pad armrests, and sometimes a top fabric in a different colour from the base.


Grey Chesterfield sofas


Grey leather Chesterfield sofas are an elegant piece of home decor.


They can be found in many different shapes and sizes. Popular sets are the L-shaped grey versions, which sits nicely in an open floor plan layout, or the sizeable overstuffed grey armchair.


These types of sofas are classically styled with button tufting on the back and seat cushions.


Grey fabric Chesterfield sofas are an elegant addition to any living room.


The sofas feature button-tufted backs and seats and can be found in all shades of grey. The most popular styles are dark, silver, slate grey, and light grey.


Ivory Chesterfield Sofas


Ivory Chesterfield sofas are an excellent option for anyone that needs or wants a sleek and stylish sofa with a timeless design.


Many different sizes and styles are available with our ivory chesterfield sofas, which means one can pick the perfect fit for their room.


Black Chesterfield Sofas


Comfort and style come together elegantly with a black Chesterfield sofa.


These sofas are plush and can be found in many varieties, from custom-made to off-the-rack.


From the classic look of a black Chesterfield sofa to more modern styles or even leather, there is a black Chesterfield for every home!


Red chesterfield sofas


If you are looking for something more trendy, red is an excellent option. Red is also great if you have a traditional or contemporary living room design.


Chesterfields come in many different types of colours, and each has its own specific appeal.


Different styles of chesterfield sofas


There are a variety of different styles of Chesterfield sofas. They are typically considered more elegant than other couches due to their high-quality materials and overall design.


Certain traits and features can recognise classical Chesterfields:


  • Rolled arms and deep buttoned back cushions
  • Features a high back, tufted armrests, and a deep seat that slopes down to the front.
  • With front angled arm with two wings used to support the back of the couch.


In reality, nowadays, there are several different styles of chesterfields, each distinguished by their unique decoration patterns.


Chesterfield Sofas are a great way to add comfort and style to any space. With the proper selection of style and size, you will definitely find that perfect piece.


How to choose a chesterfield sofa


As mentioned earlier a chesterfield sofa is a classic piece of furniture, with a rich history as the preferred choice of the British Royal Family.


With an elegance that can't be matched by any other sofa design, it's easy to see why this luxurious style has been popular for centuries. However, this doesn't mean you have to be Royalty to buy one!


When choosing a chesterfield sofa, it's essential to know what size you need and what fabric is best suited for your needs.


It's a good idea to think about how your Chesterfield is going to blend in with the rest of your living room furniture.


The colour is one of the most important considerations when buying a couch, so it's worth considering this carefully.


There are many types of colours that are available for Chesterfields: the most popular being black, brown and cream.


Chesterfield Sofa Clearance


The Chesterfield sofa is not just a sofa - it's an iconic design!


Buying a Chesterfield sofa on clearance opens up the luxury of owning one without the high cost. Not only do you get to save money, but ls improve your home decor without breaking the bank.


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