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Coruna Octagonal Grey Dining Table

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Coruna Octagonal Grey Dining Table

Octagonal Dining Tables UK


Octagonal dining tables, or 8-sided dining tables, are an item of unique and exciting furniture to add to any home. These pieces can be challenging to come by, but if you want something that stands out from the rest of the items in your house, then we've got some fantastic tables for you! 


Traditionally, they are often used for small intimate gatherings due to their size and are manufactured from wood, marble or even ceramic nowadays.


Octagonal dining tables are a classic choice for those who wish to make a statement about the unique aesthetic of their home. While this dining table style is ideal for smaller spaces, it can also be used in larger living rooms with an open layout.


The table's octagon shape creates a symmetrical appearance that is elegant and functional.


Typically an octagonal table can seat up to eight people if there are chairs on all sides. However, if you have small children, you might be able to add a couple of extra diners.


Types of octagonal dining room tables


Dining tables are typically rectangular, oval, or square, but octagonal tables are unique. Octagonal tables give your space an exciting design element without being too dramatic. 


Octagonal dining room tables have a unique shape often overlooked by contemporary furniture pieces. Octagonal pieces are an excellent choice for various reasons, and one will enjoy the classic look of this table in their space.


Read on for more information about the different types of octagonal dining room tables!


Octagon shaped dining room tables.


Octagon shaped dining room tables are the perfect solution for small dining areas. These tables can be placed next to any wall or in the centre of the room.


These legs make it easy to access seating on both sides of the table without having to get up or stand on one's chair. The octagonal shape creates more space around the centre, where you can place your serving dishes.


Octagonal extending dining table


The Octagonal extending dining table is a practical and well-designed table that can be extended when needed. The design is very modern and sleek, making it the perfect addition to any décor. 


With its versatile size, this piece of furniture can accommodate up to 10 people with long benches or chairs. The surface area is also large enough for accommodating parties.


Octagonal garden table and chairs


Octagonal garden tables and chairs are a great way to add a little bit of sophistication to your outdoor space. Octagon shaped furniture is a unique shape that stands out from the ordinary square or rectangular shapes. 


The octagon shape not only offers a modern-meets-classical style to your outdoor furniture but also creates space for 6-8 people at any one time.


Outdoor octagon dining tables are a fine addition to any garden.


Octagonal glass dining tables


Octagonal glass dining tables, also known as octagon-shaped glass dining tables, are famous for modern homes.


They provide a sleek and contemporary look to your dining area while providing ample space for your family to gather around for dinner or a special occasion.


An octagon-shaped table offers a unique shape different from the traditional rectangle shape, making it the perfect choice for those looking for something different in their home.


Octagon dining table marble


Octagon dining tables in marble are a great addition to your home, as they can be used for many occasions and often provide an extra seating option.


The octagonal marble tables are very versatile, and it offers a high degree of comfort for those who dine there.


One of the most popular and innovative options is the Contemporary Octagon Dining Table Marble Top.


This table provides a piece of furniture that can accommodate any size, whether you live alone or with a family of five.


Octagon dining patio table


The Octagon dining patio table is a well-crafted, solid construction perfect for outdoor use.


The legs are made from sturdy steel, and the top is thick, tempered glass.


It won't break when you set it outside in the sun all day because it has a high tolerance to UV rays and temperatures.


Octagonal dining table vintage


Vintage Octagonal dining tables are as popular as modern ones.


This may be because they are not known for being practical due to their large size, but it is also because they weren't marketed as much.


Octagonal dining tables are superior to rectangular or square ones because they allow more people around the table with natural conversation flow.


Sizes of Octagonal dining tables


Octagonal dining tables are becoming more popular. They are typically smaller and offer a round table for conversation, making it easier to have an intimate dinner with family or friends.


Octagonal dining tables can be used in any homeroom that is not too small. They are usually about 5 ft long and 6 ft wide, but more extensive options are designed for larger settings.


These tables are great for families who want to make memories together.


Standard sizes include tables for 4, 6, 8 and larger.


Octagonal dining table and chairs sets


Octagonal dining room sets are perfect for people who want to create a more intimate space.


They are also great for homes with tighter margins, as they provide more seating without taking up additional floor space.


Octagonal furniture is generally smaller than traditional rectangle or square sizes.


The octagon shape of the table allows it to be smaller in size while still providing ample surface area for setting dinnerware and drinks on.


Octagon dining room table sets are great value for money too.


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