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10 Seater Dining room Tables for Sale - Rock Bottom Prices & Discount Offers


Looking for a cheap 10 seater dining table? Get Rock bottom prices on furniture from efurnitureuk. Check out the best selection of affordable 10 seater tables & chairs dining sets.


Buying a 10 seater dining table is easy with us! Not only do we have a vast range to choose from, but our customers can make good use of bulk purchases to take advantage of further discounts and savings that our partners and we offer!


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10 Seat dining tables in various designs


If you're looking for a one of a kind unique 10 seat dining table and chairs set, browse our fantastic range.


We have traditional wood sets, rustic sets, and modern sets.


With so many styles of chairs, tables, and materials to choose from, it can be hard to find the perfect set-up; hence this is why we have split all our dining tables into easy to navigate sections so you can easily find what you are looking for.


A few things to consider is the type and style you want. Are you after a wooden set, or maybe a glass one? Or how about a more modern marble set? Whatever the case is, we have a superb selection of various styles and designs to choose from that will fit any home decor.


Large 10 Seat Contemporary Dining Set with Table and 10 Chairs


A range of large 10 seat contemporary dining set with tables and 10 chairs with beautiful designs.


Some people may think it is impossible to find a 10 seater dining table with a contemporary design.


However, we have a whole host of 10 seater dining tables for sale. Our contemporary large dining tables and sets are the perfect choice for someone looking to host big family dinners or festive parties.


Our contemporary dining table 10 seaters are made from durable materials that are attractive and can also withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.


These contemporary dining tables come in various shapes, sizes, and colours, so you can easily customise your design.


The contemporary 10 seat dining table is a versatile piece that can be used in many settings, not just in homes with large families or groups.


If you're looking to host an intimate dinner party for several people, where everyone has ample space to enjoy the meal, these are the perfect tables to go with.



10 Seat Dining Table Modern Style


If you require a table that can fit 10 people, many modern options are available to purchase.


Out 10 seater modern tables are built from materials touted for durability and can serve as a dining room table and an office desk.


The 10 person dining table modern designs are a practical and stylish way to entertain friends or family. Designed with a large surface area, these tables provide plenty of room for plates, utensils, and cups. With no need for a secondary table, these tables are perfect if you're looking to maximise your dining space.


Our modern-style tables feature a sleek wood top with contrasting silver metal legs, ceramic granite options, marble finishes, and glass designs.


Many people are turning to modern designs because these pieces are often sleek, space-efficient, and offer a modern look in line with many contemporary decorating styles.


Benefits of 10 Seater Dining Tables


There are many benefits to using a 10 seater dining table. For example:


One, you can easily seat ten people at one time.


Second, it saves space by not needing an extra table.


Third, you can customise your dining room around these gorgeous centrepieces.


Lastly, if you're looking for something modern and sleek or classy &traditional, these tables are perfect for every style.


Many of these tables are designed to be used with barstools, benches as well as chairs. They also have pedestal, chrome and steel legs.


Things to Consider When Shopping for a Dining Tables to seat 10


To save time and money on finding a table that meets your desires, consider these factors before making your purchase.


Are there kids in the family?


If so, you might want to consider a kid-friendly surface or place settings that are easy for children to use.


Do you like formal or casual gatherings?


You might want to select a table that can accommodate both. It will save you time and money if you can use one table for both purposes.


What size is your space?


If you are in a small space, you probably won't fit a large rectangular dinner party. However, a 10 seat round dining table might be a perfect size. There is also the option of the 10 seater extending table too.


What type of finish are you looking for?


The kind of finishing on a dining table is a decision that needs to be made early on in the shopping process. The finish of your table can range from a varnished, lacquered, or oiled surface to a natural wood surface. Then there are glass, marble and ceramic tables.


Is durability an important factor for you?


Different materials last a different amount of time.


You will want to know what makes some tables more durable than others. But there are many different types of materials used in making tables, each with its own level of durability.


What type of material would best suit your needs?


There are many different options for materials available, such as wood, glass, marble, metal and stone. Each with its own unique features and benefits.


The Shape of the Dining Table you are after?


This is also important. Round tables are a familiar shape for dining rooms, but you can choose an oval or rectangular table depending on your room's size, and whether you want to fit more, an octagonal table could do too.


The size of the table you are looking to buy


This will depend on the number of people you intend to use it. A good rule is to buy a larger table if your family comprises of 5 or more members.


However, if you regularly hold diner parties, then the bigger, the better!


The size of your family or group, the frequency with which you host dinners, and your personal style all play a role in determining what dining table is right for you.


Value for Money: Affordable, good quality 10-seat dining tables


One of the few luxuries in life is having a nice dinner with family and friends, and it can be a daunting task to buy the perfect table on a budget.


But if you shop with us, you will find the perfect table to suit your needs on a budget you can afford.


We have sourced several affordable and top quality 10-seat dining tables that won't break the bank and provide you with a gathering spot for friends and family to share meals and conversation.


Tables are often the centrepiece of any shared dining space; more often than not, they're the place where everyone congregates. So why not make it an area you can enjoy too?


There are many types of cheap dining tables available on the market, and their quality can vary greatly.


It is essential to assess your budget and determine what is available in your price range.


Some factors to consider when choosing a table include size, finish, style, and durability. When considering durability, determine if the table will require regular maintenance or not.


By keeping the above in mind, you will ensure you get the most value for money.


10 Seater Wooden Dining Tables


Many people prefer using wooden dining tables because they are sturdy, beautiful, and easy to maintain.


Hardwood tables were often more expensive than their predecessors but became more affordable over time. Wooden tables are made of many different types of wood, so you can find one that fits your needs and style.


A few variations:

  • 10 seater oak dining tables
  • Large Hardwood dining table seat 10
  • Pine dining tables for 10 people

Durable wooden construction ensures this furniture will last you a long time, while the rustic finish makes it look like an antique piece from another era.


10 Seater Marble Dining Tables


A dinner party is a great way to show off your skills as a host or hostess with a gathering of friends or relatives. One way to elevate the ambience of the occasion is through the use of a marble dining table.


Marble is a durable material and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It's also stain-resistant and easy to keep clean, which is excellent if you have children or pets. If you opt for this type of table, it will last your family for generations to come.


10 Seater Glass Dining Tables


It has never been easier to find the perfect 10 seater glass dining table. Available in many shapes and colours, these tables are an affordable option for those looking to invest in a practical yet stylish addition to their home.


The design allows for ample seating space at each meal without anyone feeling cramped or pushed up against one another.


One of the most convenient features is that they can be placed with other furniture in any room, traditional or contemporary.


10 Seater High Gloss Dining Tables


Lately, as more and more people are opting to dine in the comfort of their own homes, there has been a spike in demand for more luxurious options.


For those seeking to host a dinner party or large gathering of family and friends, a ten-seater high gloss dining table is a perfect choice.


These tables come with a smooth surface that is resistant to cracks and scratches from everyday wear. This means better quality food can be served without fear of ruining the furniture.

Shapes of a 10 Seater Dining Table


10-seat dining tables come in different shapes and designs, such as round and square. There are also varying heights and widths to choose from and colours to suit any décor.


Now, the choosing shape of a 10 seater dining table can be based on its intended space.


When you are limited in space, it's important to know how much area you have available. The shape of the table depends on the number of people who will sit around it at once and what kind of dining ng room it will be in.


A 10 seater round dining table houses up to 10 people and is great for more casual occasions.


Oval shaped tables generally accommodate up to 10 people and work best in large, open spaces like a living room or an outdoor patio.


Square and rectangle tables can also accommodate upwards of 8-10 people but work best in smaller, more intimate rooms.


There are also the Octagonal shaped ones. These are perfect for larger rooms where the table will be based in the centre of it.


10 Seat Dining Table Size Dimensions


Buying a 10 seater dining table can be challenging because you want to ensure that everyone has enough space.


A 10 seater dining table can offer a lot of additional space for guests or just extra storage. You can also use a 10 seater dining table in a commercial setting such as a restaurant or hotel.


Having a large dining table is the key to family time spent together and making memories. For many families, their dining table is also used for doing homework, reading books, and playing board games.


What Table Size is Best for you?


Our 10 seaters range from Glass 160 extending tables to the more prominent 300cm!


Space between diners differs from table to table, as does surface space. Each of our 10 seaters has precise dimensions with them so you can make a more informed choice.


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To sum it up


In conclusion, 10 seater dining tables are great for families with many people who want to share a meal together.


They also offer flexibility in seating by providing more than just the typical 4 chairs.


Family dinners can be challenging to coordinate, but 10 seater dining tables provide an opportunity for the whole family to be seated together comfortably.


It makes entertaining much easier, as it takes up less space than other types of tables, and it can hold everyone at once!


Check out our complete range with Free delivery and bulk purchase discounts above!