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Our range includes wide bedsides designed in fantastic modern and contemporary styles, including oak hardwood, high gloss and high-quality MDF.


All are sourced from sustainable resources.


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Assorted Oak ish Media Unit 1



Artisan Assorted Oak-ish Media Unit

Hong Kong Black 1 Drawer Bedside Cabinet with Wooden Legs 1


Hong Kong Black 1 Drawer Bedside Cabinet with Wooden Legs

Extra Wide Bedside Tables for 2022


Do you have a lot of items next to your bedside table? Do you need more room for other things? Extra Wide Bedside Tables are perfect for situations like this.


Now we all know bedside tables are a necessity for everyone. They usually consist of one or more drawers for storing personal objects that someone may need to access at night-time and space on top for reading material, phone chargers, etc.


However, conventional bedside tables are typically pretty small. If you have a lot of stuff or need more storage space, extra wide bedside tables are what you need!


They provide extra room for other items and give you plenty of space to lay down your laptop or any calendar or magazines you might have.


With an extra-wide side table, there is extra space for everything you need while still being able to keep your bedside table free from clutter.



Our variation of extra-wide bedsides


As mentioned, bedsides are a common household item found in almost any home. They're often used as storage space for phones, tablets, books, glasses, and personal belongings.


Nowadays, people want to maximize the available space by utilizing all available surfaces. To do this without taking up too much floor space, we sourced a variation of bedsides that are extra-wide.


They come in various shapes and sizes and can even be painted or decorated with a bold design to match your room's decor.


We also have wall outed as well as the standard floor bedside tables.


Here is a quick rundown of some of our most popular ones:


Extra wide oak bedside tables


The Extra wide oak bedside tables are an excellent choice for creating a cosy and inviting bedroom.


The bedside tables are perfect for your bedtime reading, as well as for holding other necessities such as a phone, laptop, water glass or book.


If you have a king-size bed or even an extra-large queen bed, you might want a larger bedside table.


Extra wide oak bedside tables are the perfect partners for a larger king or queen-sized beds!


These bedside tables' sleek, dark, or even light finish will effortlessly fit into any home decor and will not overpower the room.


These tables are usually three feet wide and provide a large surface for any possible need.


They can be placed on either side of a bed.


This bedside type is perfect for setting down items without getting knocked over. Their size makes them ideal for small spaces that may not have room for anything else.



Extra wide black bedside tables


There are many reasons why you might need an extra-wide bedside table.


Maybe you have two twin beds and need one table for each side to place your alarm clocks, books, and other items.


Perhaps you want to use it as an ottoman in front of your couch or recliner.


Regardless, the suitable extra wide black bedside tables will do the trick.


Our extra wide black bedside tables are a beautiful addition to any bedroom or living room.


They are convenient because they give the user a place to set objects that need to be reached quickly during the night, such as water glasses, phones, books, clocks, etc.


The size of these tables does vary.


But typically, there is more than enough space for anyone who needs a place for their items.


Even though they are finished in black, they come in many different styles to match any décor.



Extra wide mirrored bedside tables


Extra wide mirrored bedside tables will make any bedroom more elegant and stylish.


These tables are made to be placed at the side of a bed, and they typically feature two mirrors on either side of each other that offers a very polished look.


The tables can have a wide variety of designs, but most have a sleek, glossy effect. They are usually made from wood or metal and often have a shiny finish.


Our collection of extra wide mirrored bedside tables will make it easier to set up the perfect bedroom.


They are great for storage, nightstand, and surface for makeup and other items.


Wide, mirrored bedside tables vary in size, colour and material to suit any bedroom theme.


Extra wide white bedside tables


Extra Wide White Bedside Tables are a modern and stylish way to add a classical and welcoming feel to any room.


These extra wide white bedside tables provide the perfect amount of space for placing lamps, watches, and glasses.


The contemporary designs are crafted from oak veneers and accented with various shades to mix both wood and metal.


The bedside table is an essential piece of furnishing in your bedroom.


It should be big enough to hold all of your reading material, water, glasses, phone, pillows and other things you might want close by during the night.


It's also perfect for displaying beautiful items like candles or flowers.


Extra wide white bedside tables are a great option if you have a lot of space in your bedroom.



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To sum up our wide bedside tables


In conclusion, bedside tables are an excellent addition to any bedroom.


They provide a place for the person sleeping on the bed to set their alarm clock, eyeglasses, and cell phone.


It also provides an extra surface for people who need more space to work with.

Extra wide bedside tables are perfect for your bedroom, and guest rooms or anywhere space is limited.


Some have drawers for storage, while others have a shelf to display items near your bed.


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