Which type of dining table should you buy Marble, Glass or Hardwood? 2021 Guide!

Which type of dining table should you buy Marble, Glass or Hardwood?


Dining tables are probably the essential piece of home furniture we all need.


 Why? Well, it is the only one which we all share on a daily basis.


It brings everyone together, and everyone uses it in the same way. 


No matter where you’ve been and what you’ve had to endure, the dining table is the place to let your hair down, have a good meal and catch up with everyone’s else day.


Now, when you’re living at home with the family, you probably know what size of table you need. 


You might even have an idea about the theme, as this will probably be according to your dining room design unless you are planning a complete makeover!


However, one thing which might still confuse you is the type of table to buy.


Which type of table would suit your needs more? A glass table or a marble one. Or will a traditional wooden table do?


Well, this article will give you a detailed breakdown of the differences between these three most common types of tables and help you make your decision easier.



Pros and cons of a Marble Dining Table


Marble is one of the most expensive materials when it comes to quality dining tables. This is because marble is not a material that is easily modelled. 


Many processes go into making these marble dining tables to attain the highest standard of quality. If you are looking for a high-end table piece, this material is the one for you.


Despite the expense, there are many benefits to choosing marble dining tables. 


The most noticeable feature about marble tables is the aesthetics of the table.


Beauty of marble


  • Marble tables have an exquisite look. And if your dining room has a niche or nook area, they are perfect for candle-lit dinners. 
  • When choosing this type of table, you can be assured that it will make any dining room look elegant. 
  • Some marble tables have other material embedded in, like oak or walnut, to achieve a grandeur look for further enhancements. 
  • We also have some tables that have marble bases/pedestals with a clear glass tabletop.
  • Modern marble tables are available in many different colours, i.e. White marble tables, black tables, grey marble, brown and cream marble.


Marble longevity with wear and tear


Another benefit of using the marble material is that you won’t have to worry about the scratches that a wooden table can get. 


With other material types, the table can wear and tear quite significantly with time.


You won’t have to deal with this when you choose marble over a cheaper alternative. 


Another great benefit of choosing the marble table over some other types is that it is incredibly durable. 


Because of the marble top, it is much less likely to be broken during use. This means that you will not have to replace your dining table often, which is a cost that is quite affordable for most people.


In fact, Marble tables can last generations, so you should view them as a real investment.



Some disadvantages of marble tables:


As wonderful as they are, Marble dining tables do have a couple of minor drawbacks.


Firstly, due to the inherent nature, marble tables are more difficult to fashion than wooden tables. Hence why there are much more wooden styles and designs available.


Secondly, marble is expensive, so these tables generally have a higher price tag.


Heavy – These tables are heavy to move. So make sure you know exactly where you want it and put it straight there. It’s not easy to move them around compared to glass and wooden tables.


Repair and damage – Small scuffs, scratches or chips aren’t so much of a problem. However, if you have a deep crack or breakage, there is no way to fix it. The table might need replacing.


Maintaining Marble Dining Tables


Another thing to consider when purchasing dining tables is maintenance.


Marble is very easy to maintain. You need to wipe it down after use with a damp cloth or paper towel. 


If you have any spillages, then use a special marble cleaner to wipe them away.


Most marble tables come sealed, so the stone will not absorb any liquid stains etc. However, it is still advised to wipe up the spills as soon as possible to prevent any staining or longer-lasting damage.


Since it is straightforward to care for a marble dining table, you should consider this a significant benefit. 


And finally, another great feature of marble tables is the finish and design.


They are available in many different styles, colours, sizes and shapes!


For example, if you are interested in having your table look more like a natural stone, then you can opt for the natural veining finish on the marble table. 


You will also find that this type of finish has more of a realistic effect on the light. Thus, it is a much better option for those trying to get the true look of a natural stone table.


Or you can go for a dark grey or black marble table for the slick, cool look!


Regardless of what type of finish you choose on your marble table, you will enjoy the benefits of owning one. 


It is highly durable, easy to care for, and looks fantastic. 


You can even choose to add additional decorations to your tables, such as candles, frames etc.


So if you are looking for an exquisite addition to your dining room- a marble table could be the way forward!


Ok, so next up are glass dining tables.



Glass Dining Tables


Glass tables are the quintessential modern statement in a dining room. They are easy to look at and can go with any background colour scheme.


Available in many different shapes, sizes, and now even colours, glass table are increasingly becoming very popular in dining rooms up and down the country.


If you want to change your dining room’s look but are unsure how to, glass tabletops might do the trick!


Aside from being light and easily customisable, a glass tabletop is also very easy to clean. 


So if you have a cafe theme at home and have your dining area set up like a restaurant, you can choose a glass top table. 


This will allow you to serve yummy coffee and desserts for your guests and visitors.


Although some modern designs might seem a bit expensive, it is a very wise investment. 


Not only will it last for a very long period, but it is also going to provide you and your family with a very safe surface to eat from. 


Your guests will love the fact that your table looks very beautiful, and it will never shatter due to tableware being dropped on it. 



Benefits of owning a glass dining table


If you opt to get a table with tempered glass, you can be assured that it will last for a long time. 


This assures that there will be no nasty accidents, especially if you have the elderly or young kids around.


You should know that a good glass tabletop can last anywhere from five to ten years. So it is a worthy investment.


Of course, durability does not mean that the table would look perfect every single day. It merely means that the table will generally have a long life and hopefully be a worthy investment.


And with a bit of TLC, the shine will not fade, and it will withstand everyday wear and tear.


Some people are a little more creative when it comes to designing their dining room. If you want a glass tabletop that will be eye-catching no matter what, you might want to consider getting a clear table.


These come in a variety of different shapes and can blend in perfectly with any colour scheme. They can also be used as a dessert buffet if you are planning a party! 



Some disadvantages of glass tables:


 First of all, even though tempered glass is solid, hardwood and marble are more durable.


This is one reason, compared to dining tables made of wood and metal, glass tops are not that expensive at all.


Sometimes glass tables do have a chilly feeling to them. The glass can get a bit cold during the winter months.


If you’re not careful when moving them around, you could accidentally chip the bevelled edges.



Maintaining Marble Dining Tables


Glass tables are probably the easiest to clean. 


A warm damp cloth easily removes any smudges, and a cleaning spray will remove any stubborn stains.


With tempered glass, you do not need to worry about scratches and cracks.


The glass tops are usually resting on well-built legs, pedestals or bases. These can also be easily wiped, and access is typically no problem too.


All in all, glass tables are an excellent option for your dining room.



Wooden Dining Tables


Wooden dining tables are the classic choice.


Available in many different types of woods, they can be shaped into many design and styles.


The most popular wooden tables include maple or oak, walnut, redwood, cedar and pine.


However, due to differences in grain patterns and hardness, each of these different types of wood can result in distinctive and intricate table designs.


The standard shape is usually a simple rectangular table without any legs and usually no head support. Some tables have drop leaves and are called gable tables. 



Benefits of owning a wooden dining table


Wood has several advantages over other materials for use in tabletops. 


For one thing, it is far more durable than most other options. 


If care is taken to preserve the wood, it should last a long time. The best care is to keep it out of direct sunlight, and to protect it, you always add a layer of lacquer, though most dining tables come with this as standard.


Wooden tables are easier to move around than heavier marble tables, and care of the table itself will be less complicated. 


If care is taken, a solid wood table can be moved from room to room, if needed, without any additional support. 


Wood furniture is popular because it allows for a great variety of styles and designs. This is because the pieces can be unfinished, cut to the desired shape and size, sanded to rough or smooth surfaces, and painted.


Some of the more popular tabletop styles include a rectangular, half-moon, or L-shaped arrangement. 


Some tabletops are finished with a variety of different effects. These finishes are achieved by buffing or finishing the surface with special tools.


Besides adding a variety of different effects to the tabletop surface, these finishes can also add a unique appearance to the furniture itself. 


The tabletop itself will be completely smooth, while the legs and corners may have bevelled edges.


Wooden dining tables can always be sanded down and repainted or stained for a fresher look!



Disadvantages of Wooden dining tables.


Wooden tables are seen as old fashioned and more adept to traditional settings rather than modern.


If You damage the table, it will need sealing with oil and protective lacquer, otherwise if exposed to liquids, the table could start warping later on.


Another thing to be careful about is that if the table is cracked, it needs to be looked at early; otherwise, the crack could extend and render the table unusable.


Maintaining Wooden Dining Tables


Wooden tables are also reasonably easy to maintain.


A quick wipe soaks up any split liquids, and there are many cleaning sprays available to clean stains and grime off the table.


The lacquer helps keep the surface intact to ensure a long life.


Cleaning the rest of the table is easy; just a warm cloth or spray and wipe around the body.


Hardwood tables generally last a very long time, so they are a real investment.



Final words


We hope you have found this article helpful in deciding which is the best tables for you and your dining room.

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