Ultimate Guide to Dining Tables 2021

Ultimate Guide to Dining Tables 2021



The dining table is the focal point for any kitchen and dining area. It is, after all, the space where you will entertain friends and acquaintances as well as functioning as a cornerstone of intimate family life. 


A dining table is an investment piece. Choosing the perfect table for your home certainly isn’t a decision you should make in haste. 


The truth is that a dining table isn’t something replaced every few months or even after a year or so. 


The expectation is that your table will remain in good condition following years and perhaps even decades of use. 


There is a range of factors that you will have to take into account before you decide to purchase one. 


Whether it is the dining table’s colour and design, the materials it is made from or assessing the extent to which it balances and compliments your space.


 We’ve created a helpful and informative guide that cuts through all of the jargon and technical terms so that you can choose the perfect dining table for you and your home. 


Regardless of your space, lifestyle or individual preferences, it will only be a matter of time before you discover the dining table of your dreams.


abbelejandra 130cm brown spanish ceramic dining table 5
Ceramic Dining Table



Choosing the Perfect Dining Table



The perfect dining table is the one that will work comfortably within your budget, is solidly constructed, flawlessly crafted, fits into your space and has a style which you will always love. 


A dining table is where you bring family, friends, and loved ones together for a hearty meal, heartfelt conversations, and nostalgic recollections. This ability makes a dining table the heart of any home.


We passionately believe that a dining table is so much more than a piece of furniture. Instead, it is an element of your home that will become an integral aspect of your daily life and social interactions.


When you come to choose your dining table, you might be surprised to realise that you are presented with an endless number of opportunities to make the most of your space. 


And all this can be done creatively and dynamically. 


With our selection, whether you are looking for a more compact design or a formal affair, you certainly won’t be lacking in choice.


We are sure our vast collection of tables will help you choose the perfect design for yourself and your home.


hove 60cm oak white extending dining table 5
Extending Dining Table 


Measuring Your Space


TOR 125cm round extending dining table 2
Measure your area


Before purchasing a dining table, it’s crucial that you carefully read through its dimensions and then measure the intended space. 


Dining tables are deceptively large pieces of furniture. They can take up much more room than you expected if you don’t make the appropriate measurements beforehand. 


Alongside the table’s actual dimensions, you’ll also want to make sure that there are at least three feet of breathing room on all sides, without any obstructions such as walls and furniture. 


This will ensure that anyone sitting at the table can comfortably move their chair back and forth and walk around the space.


Dining tables can be found in a range of styles and sizes. However, the standard height of a dining table is typically quite consistent. 


In order to be truly functional, a dining table should be tall enough so that there is a generous amount of clearance space above the knees of whoever is sitting around the table. 


On the other hand, a dining table should not be so high that anyone sitting at it won’t eat comfortably. This includes allowing them space to rest their arms and hands on the table’s surface. 


For this reason, most dining tables tend to be around 28 to 30 inches in height from the floor to the table’s surface. This is a useful rule of thumb to use when you begin searching for your dining table.


 The dining table’s width and length will depend on its size and shape. These measurements will be crucial to the table’s expected seating capacity. 


Whilst dining tables can be found in various unique and exciting shapes, three basic shapes continue to be the most popular – rectangular, square and round. 


turin 125cm round extending dining table pt41610 3
Is your space big enough?


Within each of these shapes, there is considerable variation in the dining table’s width and depth. Still, the following is a description of the standard table sizes for each shape to provide you with a clearer picture of what you should be looking for:


Rectangular – This is by far the most common shape for dining tables. The width and length of a rectangular dining table will vary depending on the number of people you would like to seat at it. 


Rectangular Dining Table
Rectangular Dining Tables


The width of a rectangular dining table is relatively uniform at around 36 to 40 inches. It is the length that varies to accommodate various seating capacities. 


A table that is 48 inches long, for example, will seat four people comfortably, whilst a table that is 78 inches long will seat six to eight guests. 


Generally speaking, you should allow 24 inches of space for every seat at your dining table.


SquareSquare dining tables are an excellent way to conserve space if you’re looking for a table that won’t take up too much room. Most square tables can seat up to four people and are typically between 36 and 44 inches in width and length. 


Remus 140cm Square Glass Dining Table 4
Square Glass Dining Table 4


Another thing to keep in mind is the height of a table. For this, a worthwhile consideration is that some square tables are the height of a kitchen counter rather than a standard dining table. 


This basically means that they could measure at 34 to 36 inches rather than 28 to 30 inches. 


This is definitely something to keep in mind before you decide on a purchase.


Round – When it comes to circular dining tables, they are measured by diameter rather than height and width. As with square tables, circular ones are certainly more suited to less spacious areas and more intimate groups of people. 


vidro 120cm round glass dining table3
Round Dining Table


A table that is between 36 and 44 inches in diameter will seat up to four people. Whilst one that is 44 to 54 inches in diameter will seat up to six people, and one exceeding 54 inches in diameter will seat up to eight people or more. 



Which Material is Best for Dining Tables?


Artisan Solid Wood Rustic Bookcase with 3 Shelves 10
Solid Wood Rustic Tables



When it comes to purchasing your dining table, the material it is made from will definitely have a considerable influence on your final decision.


There are many different dining table types, and balancing affordability, durability, ease of care, and personal style is necessary.


It is important that your table fits all of these criteria so that you remain happy with your decision in the long term.


Wood, marble, glass and veneer are some of the materials frequently used for dining tables. 


Whilst everyone will undoubtedly have a personal preference regarding the appearance and feel of each material, it’s also essential that you take into account the purpose of your dining table as well as your lifestyle. 


Depending on the nature and frequency of your dining table’s usage, particular materials will be more suitable than others.


Following is a brief breakdown of the properties, advantages and disadvantages of each type of material for dining tables:


• Wood – An incredibly traditional material, one which will always be a timeless choice that will bring an element of effortless sophistication and elegance to any home. 


Genovia 100cm solid hardwood oak and cream drop leaf extending dining table 1
Solid hardwood oak dining tables


Wood is also extremely durable and relatively easy to repair. It is for this reason that it is a desirable and popular choice to this day. 


However, it is important to keep in mind that solid wood dining tables, namely hardwood, are typically the most expensive. 


There are ways to make a wooden dining table more economical. That would be by looking at tables crafted from less expensive pine, teak, and acacia options. 


Wood is an absorbent and porous material. It will expand and contract depending on the season and moisture levels, and humidity in the surrounding environment. 


Over time, a wooden dining table can begin to demonstrate signs of wear and tear as well as scratches and etches. As mentioned before, however, the repair is generally straightforward and relatively cheap.


Veneer – In woodworking, a veneer is a paper-thin layer of wood or another material that has been printed with wood-like patterns and colours. This layer is applied to the sides of a sturdy core surface. 


montana 225cm oak black metal leg dining table 3
Veneer Dining Tables


It essentially gives the appearance of wood without the associated expense of solid wooden furniture. When it comes to veneer, you must ensure that the core interior and the wood layer have been adequately prepared and sealed. 


A relatively simple way to identify quality veneer is to purchase those tables where the materials used for the core interior and the wooden layer are clearly described. 

Wood veneer can be more expensive and time-consuming than solid wood to be repaired when damaged. 


But this is partially offset because veneer is considerably less likely to warp and splinter when the seasons, temperature and humidity levels begin to change. 


• Marble – There is no doubt that marble dining tables are a beautiful and refined option for anyone hoping to create impact and character within their home. 


4 Mark Harris Coruna Grey Marble Octagonal Dining Table 120cm 03
Grey Marble Octagonal Dining Table


Marble can be found in various shades and hues. Each marble slab is genuinely unique regarding the variation and appearances of the patterns and veins on its surface. 


Marble is essentially a stone, and whilst stone may be a durable and long-lasting material, it also happens to be quite porous and absorbent as well. This means that you will have to adopt some precautions to avoid spilling anything onto the marble surface of your dining table. 


There’s also the possibility that it could chip and crack, and some marble repairs can be difficult or costly. Marble dining tables are a fabulous statement piece. They should probably be reserved for particular occasions rather than frequent and everyday use unless you’re prepared to maintain and care for them to preserve the marble’s appearance and integrity.


• Glass dining tables are another attractive option. Although a common misconception is that they can be dangerous, the truth is that they are as safe as any other material. 


Remington 180cm Extending Glass Dining Table 1
Extending Glass Dining Table


If your dining table will be experiencing a lot of action, being used for preparing and eating family meals or even doubling as a school or work desk. 


In that case, durable materials are definitely your preferred option. 


Tempered glass is solid, not to mention resistant to heat damage, scratches and cracks. However, it is still essential to ensure that it doesn’t become chipped or etched over time. 


Glass dining tables can be either clear, frosted or tinted. They are typically a less expensive option than marble or solid wood. 


What’s more, glass is a wonderful way to reflect any natural or artificial light sources in your room and create a feeling of openness and spaciousness.


A Brief Styling Guide


A Brief Guide to Style Guides

Everyone’s home is different. 


And while this isn’t necessarily set in stone, the truth is that particular shapes tend to compliment one another whilst others are better off not being combined. 


Suppose you’re wondering whether you should select a square, rectangular or round dining table. In that case, there are some practical rules of thumb that you can use to help steer you in the right direction. 


Square and circular dining table typically look better in squarish rooms, whilst they can feel awkward in rectangular rooms. 


On the other hand, Rectangular and oval tables will bring out the most in more rectangular or oblong spaces.


Moreover, it is always worth being attentive when it comes to the dining table’s base. 


Because this has a significant impact on the table’s aesthetic and how many people can be seated comfortably around it. 


There are three principal types of base – pedestal, legs and trestle. When you’re deciding which dining table to go for, you must ensure the potential leg space isn’t being compromised or affected by the table’s base. 


Ideally, it should be so that their legs don’t knock against its base when someone is sitting at the table. There should be sufficient space for their knees when they pull their chair all the way in. 


They should be able to cross their legs underneath the table without there begin any obstructions.


Colour is undoubtedly an essential element to orchestrating an effortlessly stylish and sophisticated home. 


The beauty of a quality dining table is that it will last you for decades to come. But this also means that you need to select one that can work with as broad a range of themes, palettes, and aesthetics as possible. 


An effective way to ensure this would be to choose from staple hues such as greys and whites or blacks and browns. 


This way, you can ensure that when you refurbish or renovate your living spaces or even move house, your dining table will always look as fabulous as it did on the day you first brought it.



Purchasing Affordable and Quality Dining Tables


turin 125cm extending dining table 3
Extending Tables


There’s no doubt that a dining table is probably one of the most important purchases you will make for your kitchen or dining area.


Considering that they are such a sizeable piece of furniture and will be an integral part of your home for years to come. You want to be assured of their durability and longevity. 


For this reason, purchasing your dining table from a reputable and trustworthy store is essential, especially if you’re browsing online. 


Fundamentally, a reliable retailer will provide its customers with competitive and affordable prices whilst never compromising on quality and integrity.


With an experienced and knowledgeable store, you’ll have the option to browse through an extensive range of dining tables in a variety of designs, styles, materials and colours. 


We believe that everyone should be able to create the home of their dreams. Because we’re committed to providing our customers with the means to renovate and redecorate their homes however they wish, our collections also cater to any budget. 


Your home’s size or style doesn’t matter either because we offer space-saving tables for a more intimate feel. We also have sourced larger and more imposing tables that can comfortably seat more significant gatherings.


What’s more, once you finalise your purchase, you can confidently leave everything in our hands. Be assured that your dining table will be delivered to you promptly and in flawless condition. 


A dining table is a beautiful way to bring character to your living spaces, create a homely atmosphere and bring you and your loved ones together.


And we’re delighted to guide and assist you on this journey and bring your creative vision to life. 


beaconsfield 160cm extending high gloss dining table 7
High Gloss Dining Tables


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