Ultimate guide on grey leather dining chairs 2021

Hereford Pu Upholstered With Chrome Grey Dining Chairs Pairs 1

The in’s and out’s of grey leather dining chairs.


In this guide, we will explore everything there is to know about grey leather dining chairs.


Beginning with their unique styles, designs and characteristics. We will also look at which raw materials are utilised in manufacturing them and what type of dining tables and dining rooms they suit best.


We will then delve into the advantages and disadvantages of each style, their prices and what to do to maintain these priceless pieces!


And don’t forget all of our furniture is brand new, arrives with free delivery and we offer multi-purchase discounts too.

So without further ado, let’s begin!


tribeca grey faux leather dining chairs pair3
Tribeca grey PU dining chairs

Grey dining trends


Grey dining trends have become increasingly popular in the modern age. You will now find many a dining room with a grey dining table, sideboard or display unit.


One of the foremost reasons is that grey dining room furniture can easily blend in with traditional and contemporary pieces.


Whatever style you’re looking for from trendy pastel grey to moody dark grey, grey dining chairs are sure to be aesthetically pleasing as well as as being super comfy.


And if you shop with us, you can get yourself numerous bargains with free delivery and multi-buy discounts with every pair of grey leather dining chairs you purchase!


Types of chairs


fredo grey faux leather dining chair 5
Fredo grey faux leather dining chair 









There are many different styles of dining chairs, and grey leather dining chairs ones are no different!


Our variations include genuine leather, bycast, PU to faux leather.


Each has its distinctive features and benefits.



AVIVA grey dining chair 1
Aviva grey dining chair 

Dining chairs upholstered in real genuine leather.


100% genuine leather is produced from pure and entire pieces of hide. It is the creme de la creme in terms of quality and is much more durable than all other styles including bonded leather.


It is also harder in texture and therefore has less give on sofas and padded seats. Thus making them perfect for your dining room.


Real leather pieces are much more expensive than inferior types, but, if they are looked after rightly with waxes, oils and other maintenance accessories, they can last generations.


Purchasing a genuine leather dining chair will be a wise investment for your dining room.


In truth, when it comes to value for money, there is no substitute for leather furnishings.


Bycast leather chairs


Roma Brown Bycast Leather Chair With Solid Oak Legs Pair 1
Roma Brown Bycast Leather Chair With Solid Oak Legs Pair

Bycast – is a leather by-product. It is a material made with a split leather backing covered with a polyurethane that is embossed once applied to the surface.


Due to its simple manufacturing method, bycast chairs are available in a myriad of colours, styles and finishes.


Our Bicast grey leather chairs have the visual aesthetics of the real thing but at much less the cost. They also retain their gloss for a long time.


Bycast pieces may not be as durable in the long run, compared to the real deal, but if looked after properly, bycast products can be a worthy investment.

Faux leather & PU dining chairs


Atlanta Dining Chairs Smooth Faux Leather And Solid Oak Legs Pairs Grey 1
Atlanta Dining Chairs Smooth Faux Leather And Solid Oak Legs

A similar process makes faux leather or PU (polyurethane) to bycast leather, however, whereas bycast has a split backing, faux is 100% purely synthetic.


This process in manufacturing it and the fact that it has no real hide substance means it is also known as a ‘vegan leather’. Perfect for those of you who are environmentally conscious.


Faux and PU dining chairs are perfect for families with children as they require little maintenance and do not crack nor fade quickly.


So, whatever style or theme you have in your dining room, and whichever type of dining table, our vast range of stylish grey Pu grey chairs are an ideal option.


The above categories of grey dining chairs are the most current ones available. Each of them is designed in distinct styles and sizes, from high back fully upholstered to solid wood dining chairs with padded seats.


Browse our grey chair collection for more information.


How to choose the best grey leather and PU dining chairs for your home


Hatfield Pu Chrome Dining Dining Chair Grey Pairs 1
Hatfield Pu Chrome Dining Dining Chair Grey

With all furniture, several factors have an impact on our buying decision. From price, style, the theme to size, we have to try and meet as many requirements as we possibly can.


First and foremost, the price:


Most bycast and faux versions are much cheaper than genuine leather chairs. Our faux designs start at under £160 and are available in various styles.

For example:


The Hatfield Pu Chrome Dining Chair Grey (Pairs)  combines Scandinavian inspired styling with sleek grey faux leather upholstery. It has a plywood seat offers superb support and is complete with chrome legs.


Then there is the Halle Pu Wooden Leg Dining Chair Grey It uses graceful curves and bold straight line to fantastic effect. It also has a rounded backrest, padded seat and wooden legs.


courtney grey faux leather dining chairs 2
Courtney grey PU dining chairs

All this for only £194.99 with free delivery!


Or the distinctively refined Courtney Grey Dining Chairs. A beautiful and classy fully upholstered dining chair with solid oak legs.

A great companion for your dining table at only £279.99 for a pair!



Decide by the shade of grey:


Our grey leather styles are available in a variety of different shades of grey to suit all budgets. Some examples are:


Calabusus Chrome Leg Light Grey Faux Dining Chair (Pairs) at £159.99. This light grey dining chair brings an effortless complement to any interior! It has dazzling chrome legs, straight lines and firm curves. It also has padded foam seats for extra comfort.


The Atlanta Dining Chairs Smooth  And Solid Oak Legs (Pairs) – This chair is a light grey dining chair with a high back and oak legs. A slight hint of blue can be seen in its fabric.


There’s also a dark sophisticated grey as in the California Pu Upholstered With Chrome Dining Chair Grey (Pairs).  Featuring an engaging tufted design with chrome legs.


Then there is the Calabusus Chrome Leg Dark Grey Dining Chair. This chair has an understated yet striking combination of modern lines with timeless curves, excellent for livening up any interior.


Browse here for a full selection of our grey chairs.


Bromley Grey Bycast Leather Chair With Solid Oak Legs Pair 1
Bromley Grey Bycast Leather Chair With Solid Oak Legs Pair
Danni Light Grey Faux Leather Dining Chair Pairs 1
Danni Light Grey PU Dining Chair Pairs
Calabusus Chrome Leg Dark Grey Faux Leather Dining Chair Pairs 1
Calabusus Chrome Leg Dark Grey Faux Dining Chair Pairs



Styles and design of our grey leather chairs


Dining armchairs


If you like, you could purchase a grey dining armchair to help enhance your comfort while dining. These dining chairs give off a relaxing feel to the room and are perfect for winding down after a stress full day at work.


They can be styled with almost any interior design however like with all types of furniture, when space is scarce, measure the area around the table to make sure the chairs can be tucked into your table readily.



High backed dining chairs

tonia hoop leg grey pu leather dining chairs pair1
Tonia hoop leg grey PU chairs pair


Perhaps you may prefer a more graceful look then a high backed grey leather dining chair works brilliantly with many room designs. They also offer plenty of support when seated. You could try this:


Carolina Grey PU Dining Chair

carolina grey pu dining chairs 2
Carolina grey PU dining chairs



Not only is this chair incredibly comfortable, but with its contemporary design, it can immediately update any dining room. Its padded seat and chrome legs give optimum comfort as well as a striking look.







Solid oak grey dining chairs

Danni Light Grey Faux Leather Dining Chair Pairs 1
Danni Light Grey Dining Chair Pairs


Looking for a more contemporary/relaxed vibe then check out this solid oak legged dining chair: Dannii Light Grey PU Dining Chair






Fully upholstered grey leather chairs


Check out the awesome Courtney Pu Grey Dining Dining Chair.

Courtney Pu Grey Dining Dining Chair Pairs 6
Courtney Pu Grey Dining Dining Chair Pairs





The Courtney dining chair will make a fantastic first impression in any dining room. It has a classical-inspired design and sturdy oak legs for the perfect base.

You can check out our full range of Cheap Grey leather dining chairs


Keeping your investment in good knick!


The thing about having dining chairs made from authentic leather is that, not only are they sleek and durable, but they’re also fairly easy to clean.


Not only ideal if you have clumsy hands, but also when little ones are running around leading to an accident where a spillage at dinner is nearly always unavoidable.


Bycast furniture items shouldn’t be cleaned with products that are designed for real leather. This includes sprays, waxes and even oils.


You can use bycast cleaners that will prevent crack by removing oils and other dirt that have accumulated on the chairs. You can also apply a bicast protector to protect the surface of the chairs.


Hoovering the surface of the chairs picks up all remnants of dirt or foods which may have dropped on top. A quick wipe with a damp cloth or solution will help keep the finish clean.


Our grey dining chairs and sustainable resources


We want to do our best for the planet, therefore why we have sourced our dining chairs and the rest of our cheap furniture produced by manufacturers who try and use sustainable resources.


We don’t want to cause damage to our planet; we wish to try and improve it, especially for animals, sea life and more.


Many of our wooden furniture is timber compliant and sourced from replenished forests. We also have a complete selection of furniture made from reclaimed wood.


If you would like more information on our furniture policies, please email us.


Free delivery and discounts


Our grey chairs are sold as pairs, so with each purchase, you get two beautiful chairs, and if you are like most people, then you might need four minimum, so we have special multi-buy discounts for every second and third pair you have.


So not only will you save money through our discounts but you will be able to complete your dining room table and chair set too.

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