The Ultimate Free Guide To Corner Wardrobe Sets 2022

Introduction: A Quick Guide To Corner Wardrobe Sets


Do you need extra storage space in your bedroom?


If so, then a corner wardrobe set might be the answer!


A corner wardrobe is a wardrobe that fits between two walls in the corner of a room. It is ideal for small spaces because it doesn’t take up as much space as a traditional unit.


It can be used on one side of the room to store clothes or built onto the corner or at an angle to maximise space.


A corner wardrobe set has a few more wardrobe compartments to either side of it and several drawers, and built-in storage capacity.


You can create a more open layout with corner sets by using one side of the room for the bed and furniture and the other side for wardrobe storage.


With so many options on the market, narrowing your choice to just one set can be difficult.


This guide will help you choose wardrobes that are one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home.


Corner Wardrobe Sets


White High Gloss Corner Wardrobes Set
Rauch Alando Corner Wardrobe Set


Welcome to our Guide To Corner Wardrobe Sets!


Corner wardrobes are typically smaller than regular wardrobes, which is ideal for tight spaces.


As a result, they can be set against any wall of your bedroom and still provide enough storage space for most people.


There are many different types of corner wardrobe sets that all have their own features & benefits.


Some people may prefer an L-shaped set that is more rectangular, while others may prefer a triangle-shaped set that can hang more clothes on one side of the unit.


There are many factors to consider when deciding on the best option for your space.


For some people, the wardrobe’s cost, colour, or design will be most important; others may prioritise quality, sustainability, or durability.


The types of material used for construction is another essential element when choosing a wardrobe set.


Choosing a material for a corner wardrobe is a crucial step in the design process. Various materials are available, including pine, MDF and chipboard; each has its own pros and cons.



Advantages of having a corner wardrobe set


Many people enjoy the convenience and comfort of using a corner wardrobe set in their bedroom. Corner sets offer a space-saving solution that can also help reduce clutter in your bedroom.


They can even save you money by removing or reducing the need for additional bedroom furniture.


This is especially useful if you live in a small home or apartment and need to maximise every square inch.


Corner wardrobes are designed to allow easy access to both when getting ready in the morning.


Here is a list of a few benefits of corner wardrobe sets:


  • Corner wardrobe sets offer a lot of storage space.
  • They can be purchased or to any size, including medium to large.
  • They save on the floor space required and make more room for other furniture in a small house.
  • They are also more practical as they can be built/placed into a corner, providing a more interesting layout.
  • Corner sets are a great way to dress up the room’s look with sleek finishes and modern design features.
  • They can be made from various materials, including plastic, wood, laminate and metal, and are usually painted in neutral colours and finish.
  • If your home lacks adequate closet space, then corner wardrobe sets are the answer.
  • They are highly functional and can help you store and organise clothes and other items efficiently and aesthetically pleasingly.




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L-shaped corners wardrobe sets
Corner wardrobe sliding doors
Corner wardrobe sliding doors

Design: what style should you consider for your corner wardrobe sets?


I’m sure by now you have realised that corner wardrobes sets offer more space for storage than standard wardrobes!


However, you probably don’t know that corner wardrobe sets come in many styles & designs.


Now ideally you should consider your personal style when designing your bedroom and with the range of corner wardrobe sets, it wouldn’t be too difficult to find the perfect one for you.


Our styles start from elegant to more modern, contemporary styles.


A few popular styles include:


Traditional corner wardrobe sets


You may have noticed the term traditional is quite popular in design right now. However, it’s not just modern homes that embrace this style; it’s also older homes, flats and apartments.


A traditional corner wardrobe set offers several advantages over other bedroom furniture designs.


It is a space-saving option that can easily accommodate many items of clothing, shoes, and accessories. These units are typically made from solid wood with plenty of storage space on the shelves.


The units typically have an attractive design that is aesthetically pleasing and may be customised to fit any home decor style.


These are usually the creme de la creme when it comes to durability and functionality.


traditional wardrobes
Traditional  Corner Wardrobes


Contemporary Corner Wardrobe Sets


Usually made with sleek lines and gloss or laminated finishes, contemporary corner wardrobe sets are ideal for modern apartments and current decor themes.


A great way to save space in a small room is with a corner wardrobe set because it provides ample storage without dominating the floor.


All in all, the advantages of Contemporary corner wardrobe sets are endless. They provide ample storage space for clothing, shoes, and accessories.


The hinged doors give them an open feel to match any modern interior décor.


They come in many different sizes so you can find the perfect one for your home.


For their price, they are worth every penny.


contemporary corner wardrobes
Contemporary Corner Wardrobes


Mirrored Door Corner Wardrobes


Mirrored corner wardrobes are excellent for saving money and space on a separate stand-alone mirror.


The mirrors are usually attached to the doors and are typically full length too. The combination of the mirror and wardrobe make this type of mirror wall very versatile.


The mirrored doors can be used for many purposes and make a great accent piece for the room. Mirrored wardrobes are great if the homeowner is looking to save money and space.


Wardrobe with mirror
Wardrobe with mirror


Sliding Door Corner Wardrobes


The sliding door corner wardrobe is a relatively modern product and has become a popular option for space-saving and versatile storage.


Many of these wardrobes come with doors on both sides, meaning that they can be placed against the wall or at the end of the room to create more floor space.


This is perfect for smaller rooms or if you’re short on space.


Wardrobe with sliding doors
Wardrobe with sliding doors


Cupboards Designs with Louvred Doors.


Designers are always looking for new ways to innovate in the home. Different styles, fabrics, colours, shapes are all represented in an array of different designs.


One design trend that is on the rise this year is louvred doors.


Louvred doors are not only attractive, but they also provide a sense of style you can’t find anywhere else.


The first thing you’ll notice about these doors is their unique appearance and style.


louvred door wardrobes
Louvred door wardrobes


Corner Wardrobe Sets Designs without Doors.


The corner wardrobe set without doors is the perfect bedroom furniture choice for tight space couples.


A classic wooden wardrobe with 4 doors can take up to 3 times the space in a room when opened, but a two-door cabinet can be used in many different ways in a small area.


Corner wardrobes are great storage options. Some people use them to keep books, while others store their clothes directly in them.


A common problem with most wardrobes is that they are either too small or too big. But with corner wardrobe sets without doors, if you have a small room, you’ll be able to maximise the limited space.


If your room is spacious, you’ll be able to use the extra space for other purposes.


Wardrobe with no doors
What! No Doors?

Corner Wardrobe Walk-in Closets


Corner wardrobe walk-in closets are excellent for any home, but they are especially important when designing the bedroom.


A pair of oversized French doors open into a carpeted floor with room for clothes, shoes, and other necessities stored vertically on shelves.


It is no surprise that corner wardrobe walk-in closets are in demand in homes where space is at a premium.


They are also great for homes with limited space or perfect for people who have a lot of clothes because they eliminate the need for you to leave your clothes strewn across your floor.


Corner walk-in closet sets are an excellent choice because they maximise the available space in the room.


A walk-in closet with a sliding door is great for storing shoes and boots or coats.


So with some creativity and determination, you can easily set up your own bedroom in a way that gives maximum space and less clutter without too much hassle.


Corner walk-in closet Set


Size: How Big Should Your Corner Wardrobe Set Be?


The days of closets and dressers with matching accessories are long gone.


Today, wardrobes are changing in size and look.


The average household needs less space for their clothes since we don’t wear the same outfit every day.


In a small apartment, a corner wardrobe set can help you save space by occupying a part of a room that would otherwise go unused.


It’s not always easy to find the perfect size for a corner wardrobe set. It can be difficult to know what size will fit best in your home, especially if you are unsure of the dimensions.


A wardrobe is a staple item for any bedroom, so it’s vital to purchase the right one.


The size of your bedroom will determine the size of your wardrobe. If you have a small bedroom, go for a small corner wardrobe set.


There are many different kinds to choose from, so it should be easy to find one that meets your needs.


Too often, the consumer ends up buying a set that may be too big for their bedroom, leaving them with no room to move around and clothes spilling out of the dirty clothes hamper.


A corner wardrobe set should be proportionate to its location.


For example, if you have a smaller bedroom, then your set should be smaller as well.


And if you have a more prominent sized room, then a large corner wardrobe will work wonders!


Our corner sets range from your average two-door corner set to larger 11 doors corner wardrobe sets! This includes the corner unit, side units, built-in drawers, mirrors, overbed units and more!


Wardrobe sizes
Small, medium, large, what’s the best wardrobe size?



Storage: Does Your Home Have Enough Space For A Corner Wardrobe Set?


It’s not uncommon for people to grow out of the space that they have at their home, forcing them to consider buying a larger place.


And while that can be the easiest option, it may not be the most affordable.


But there are some things people can do so they don’t find themselves in this situation – one of which is getting a corner wardrobe set.


Corner Wardrobes are a great way to maximise space in a small room. Now, you can store your clothes and other items such as shoes and bedding.


Many now come with built-in drawers and shelves for added storage.


Corner Wardrobe Sets can be used in smaller rooms where a standard wardrobe may not fit conveniently.


A corner wardrobe set provides additional space in your room.


It is also an incredibly stylish option to use when you have limited wall space.


It can be placed in the corner of your bedroom, apartment, or dorm room to save space and provide you with storage for clothes.


Any space for more?


Corner Wardrobe Set Materials


Corner wardrobe set materials can be made from various types of woods, and oak is often the most popular because it withstands looking great for a long time.


Pine is a common wood, whilst oak and other woods such as oak, maple, or mahogany are more expensive but allow for a wider variety of design options.


Then you have MDF and chipboard, a slighter cheaper option but easily manufactured in many different styles.


Our retail partners ensure that their materials are sourced from environmentally and protected sources.


Wardrobe material
Wardrobe material?


Colour: What Colour Should You Choose For Your Corner Wardrobe Set?


Choosing the right colour can be a tough decision when buying furniture.


You want to make sure you get a colour that suits your needs and fits in with your home’s décor, but sometimes it can be hard to decide on a colour for a corner wardrobe set.


The colour of your bedroom can considerably affect how you feel and what type of impression you make.


So, what colour should you choose for your corner set?


There are two ways of looking at this: either a colour to blend in or contrast.


If you have a very serene bedroom theme that is light and calm, then a white, cream or even a soft grey corner wardrobe set would do.


Or, you could go for a black or dark maple set, something that stands out and makes a statement!


With so many colour options out there, it can be hard to choose which one is right for you.


Some of the most popular colours for this type of furniture are white, black, and brown.


However, it’s important to remember that no matter what colour you choose, your overall décor will dictate how it will look in the space.


The best way to choose a colour is to select one that complements the surrounding colours in the room.


This will make it more noticeable and stand out from other pieces of furniture.


A corner wardrobe set is a perfect way to maximise space in your bedroom. With the right colour, you can create a novel look for any bedroom.


Colours, colours colours!

Final words on our Corner Wardrobe Guide


Corner Wardrobe Sets are excellent for maximising space without sacrificing style or comfort.


They work well in any corner of the house but are especially significant in bedrooms.


The best corner wardrobe sets are for people who have limited space in their homes. These are not only functional but also fashionable.


In conclusion, corner wardrobe sets are a tremendous investment for anyone who has the space to create the right environment in their home.


These sets come in various styles, materials, and sizes to meet your needs, so there are options to suit every person’s taste.


You can also purchase them as a whole or in pieces depending on the size and number of closets you wish to fill.


When considering your next furniture purchase, maybe it’s worth taking a look at an affordable cheap corner wardrobe set for your home.


Check out our cheap corner wardrobe sale here!


We hope you enjoyed this Guide To Corner Wardrobe Sets, for more articles please visit our blog.


Wiemann Luxor 3+4 Corner Wardrobe
Wiemann Luxor 3+4 Corner Wardrobe

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