The best affordable dining table for you!

The best affordable dining table for you!


Choosing the best affordable dining table for your dining space can be overwhelming.


With so many options in the market today, it can be hard to decide what is the best fit for your needs.


In this article, we will go through a few points to help you find the most affordable table for your home and our top picks too.


We will cover different types of tables, as well as some of the best reasonably priced options on the market.


Choosing an affordable dining table


There are many affordable options out there that will suit any need.


Keep in mind the following:


It’s essential to consider your budget.


Try and stay within your price range. Choose a maximum ceiling, and don’t browse past this!


Consider the size, material, and style.


Decide first whether you need a 4,6, or 8-seater. Could you do with an extending table? Decide on your size needs before making a decision.


Does material matter?


If you are looking for heaved duty, then wood and marble are perfect. For a more contemporary design, you can look at high gloss, glass and even ceramic!


Styes also vary from design to design, and you might want something to blend into your current dining décor.


You might also want to check on the type of dining chairs that go well with the table.


Ok, so let’s jump into our list of 7 affordable dining tables!


7 Best affordable dining tables in 2022


1. Munich 130cm Glass Dining Table


The sleek, modern style of the Munich 130cm Glass Eating Table enhances any dining space. The elegant glass table can accommodate 4 people without taking up much space.

The modest dining table is stylish and contemporary and has a tabletop made of smooth tempered glass. Four handcrafted chrome legs complete the table, which contrasts with the glass for a striking appearance.


Munich table highlights:


  • The Munich dining table is part of our glass dining collection
  • Can comfortably seat between 4 diners
  • 4 chrome handmade rounded legs
  • Its’ unique design helps it to fit into all contemporary areas
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Great for couples and small families


Munich specs and directions:

  • Width:80 cm
  • Length: 130 cm
  • Height: 76 cm
  • Material: Metal, glass



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2. Marbella 120cm Dark Solid Oak Dining Table


The Marbella 120cm Dining Table blends a stylish, sophisticated look with a lavish, deep finish.


This elegant smaller-sized table’s dark solid oak has a chic, tasteful, and classic appearance.


Perfect for dining rooms and kitchens alike, There are six places at the table.


The table has a smooth tabletop with a subtle finger-jointed design and graceful legs and is made entirely of solid oak.


The intricate patterns of the wood are still visible through the dark lacquered finish.


Marbella table highlights:


  • Elegant Dark Oak
  • Table Materials Solid Oak
  • Table Finish Clear Protective Lacquer
  • Table Legs Finish Solid Oak


Marbella table specs and dimensions:


  • Table Width 75cm
  • Table Height 75cm
  • Table Length 120cm
  • Table Colour Dark Oak



3. Salento 150cm Glass Dining Table


The Salento 150cm Glass Eating Table, which is sleek and basic, adds a touch of beautiful modernism to your dining space.

The glass dining table is a stunning backdrop for any occasion and can seat up to 6 people.

The Salento Table has stylish, handmade chrome legs that perfectly match the tabletop’s clear glass.

The modern glass dining table is attractive and perfect for any contemporary dining area.


Salento Table Highlights:


The Salento dining table is part of our rectangular glass dining table
Can comfortably seat between 6 diners
Uniquely crafted chrome legs
Its’ unique design helps it to fit into more retro and modern areas
Easy to maintain and clean
Great for couples and small families


Salento Specs and Dimensions:


Width:90 cm
Length: 150 cm
Height: 76 cm
Material: Glass, chrome



4. Promo 120cm Solid Oak Dining Table


The Promo 120cm Solid Oak Eating Table is a chic and attractive addition to any dining area that goes with any design. The table’s smooth tabletop and contemporary finger-jointed design are both made to the highest standards from solid oak.

All the woods are treated with a transparent protective lacquer, which serves to emphasise the delicate patterns of the wood and keep the graceful legs in exact proportion to the top.


Promo Table Highlights:

The Promo dining table is part of our oak dining tables collection
Can sit 4 diners as standard.
Four strong oak legs for durability.
The traditional oak design can fit into contemporary themes as well as classical ones.
Easy to maintain and clean- Surface wipe and polish will do!
A vast range of dining chairs can easily match this stunning table
Great for families and dinner parties


Promo specs and dimensions:


Width:75 cm
Length: 120 cm
Height: 75 cm
Material: Oak



5. Ava 80cm MDF Dining table with White High Gloss Finish


A stylish piece that is perfect for families with little space is the Ava 80cm White High Gloss Dining Table.

This high gloss polished item is small in size and can accommodate up to four meals, but it also works well for more private gatherings.

The use of solid hardwood guarantees its sturdy construction, yet its polish commands an elegance that offers a slick look with a tabletop that is 4 cm thick and has notable legs.

Any room in which this dining table is used has the potential to become its central point.


Ava Dining Tables Highlights:


The Ava white gloss dining table is part of our MDF furniture collection
Can sit couples or up to 4 diners comfortably
A beautiful dining table coated in white gloss
4 high gloss legs
Its’ stunning design helps it to fit into all modern settings
Easy to maintain and clean – a long-lasting and durable table
Great for small families, flats and apartments


Ava Specs and Dimensions:


Width:80 cm

Length: 80 cm
Height: 76 cm
Material: Resilient MDF

Need to add:


6. Chichester 150cm Oak and Cream Dining Table


The Chichester 150cm Oak and Cream Dining Table has a modern minimalist design with a contemporary two-tone finish, making it the perfect centrepiece for any dining space.

The table seats up to 6 people and is made from naturally durable hardwood.

The dining table has a smooth oak surface and cream-painted legs for an attractive contrast.


Chichester dining table Highlights:


This solid oak 150cm dining table comfortably fits 6 diners
A compact rectangular dining table with a two-tone finish
Designed with 4 solid legs for strength and durability
Easy to maintain and clean – a long-lasting and durable table
Great for inviting guests around or for families
Cream-painted legs & frame with a natural oak colour tabletop


Chichester Specs and Dimensions:

Height: 75
Length: 115
Width: 68cm
Material: Oak
Finish: Oak, Cream



7. Abingdon Grey Stowaway Dining Table


The Abingdon Grey Dining Table is a stylish, contemporary piece.

The table has straight lines and subtle curves as well as grey glass and bright chrome, which all work together in perfect harmony.

Although small, it can comfortably seat four people.

The Abingdon has a sleek tempered glass table top with an opaque smoked grey finish. Elegant, handmade chrome legs support the top with cross detailing.


Abingdon Dining table Highlights:

Beautifully carved glass dining table
Constructed with tempered glass and an opaque smoked grey
Comfortably seats 4 diners
Available with many different styles of dining chairs and stools


Abingdon Specifications and Dimensions:


Table Materials: Glass, Chrome
Finish: Gloss
Legs Finish: Chrome
Material Type: Chrome, Glass
Table Length: 100cm
Width Between Table Legs
Table Height: 76cm
Table Width: 100cm


So what we think


An affordable dining table can be an excellent investment if you’re looking to buy one that will last for years.


By shopping around and doing your research, you can find the perfect table for your home. Be sure to take into account the size of the table, the material it is made from, and the style you are looking for.


Hopefully, our above tips and list will help you find the perfect table for your needs!

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