Our Free 2021 Dining Set Guide!

Buyers Dining Set Guide  – All you need to know about choosing the perfect dining set!


After a long and exhausting day, settling down and unwind is what we all want to do.


Food is, without question, one of the best ways to unwind.


So why not furnish your dining room with great dining furniture?


Even if you are not ready for a complete makeover, you could still start with the essentials.


And if you want to create a design that fits your environment, there is no better place to start than the…


Dining set.


Buyers Dining Set Guide
Buyers Dining Set Guide for 2021


Can the dining set really make such a difference?


Garden Dining Sets
Garden Dining Sets


Well, absolutely it can if you choose the right one!


For a long time, a dining room has been an important feature of our homes.


Its most primary feature is the dining table and chair set.


Dining tables are unquestionably the focal point of any dining room.


They do, in fact, reveal the character of your dining room.


And the easiest way to complete the look is to add a set of matching dining chairs.


Too many of us, however, mix and match our table and chair sets with no real cohesion.


And, in fact, things don’t have to be this way.


This article will assist you in selecting a new modern dining set or creating a custom design to your satisfaction.


So how do you choose the perfect dining set – especially on a budget?


Raphael 170cm Brown Pedestal Marble Dining Table
Raphael 170cm Brown Pedestal Marble Dining Table Set


Dining sets come in various styles and materials, but certain elements must be considered while choosing the perfect one for you.


As a result, we’ve split down the top 5 decision-making criteria in this buyers dining set guide:


1) Your Budget – This is the most crucial aspect as it determines what exact type, size and design you can afford.


2) The Size of your room – You want a dining set that fits perfectly in the space you have.


3) The dining table – The most essential piece.


4) The Dining Chairs – They must compliment your table whilst still stand out independently.


5) Your present home decor – Even if you have a variety of options and designs to select from, such as solid wood, glass, marble, and more, what good is it if it doesn’t match your home’s decor?


Unless you are thinking about completely renovating your dining room, the above 5 points are the basis of your decision.


So choosing a suitable dining set is an important decision. 


A dining set is, after all, much more than just another piece of furniture. 


It’s the heart of the family’s activities.


Understanding your dining requirements 


Extending dining tables
How many seats will you need?


As previously mentioned in this dining set guide, we aim to split everything down according to your needs.


So, let’s begin by dissecting the five most essential elements listed above.


1) Budgeting for your dining set


For most individuals, this is perhaps the most essential element. Purchasing decisions are frequently influenced by financial constraints.


However, if you are astute enough, you can get the most bang for your buck and furnish your dining room with lovely low-cost dining set without breaking the bank.


All you have to do is search for the best dining table and chair set that can be bought within your price range.


Consider the following:

  • Make a list of everything you require, including the size, number of seats, and so on.
  • Filter the search criteria to only include what you need, and then look for sets that meet your needs while staying within your budget.
  • Purchasing the table and chairs as a set might help you stick to your budget.
  • If you’re pleased with your table and just need some new chairs, make sure you buy them in pairs of two, four, six, or more. This will lower the cost of chairs on an individual basis as well as the cost of delivery.
  • When purchasing many items, delivery charges are generally lower.


Pro tips:


  • Many of our retail partners offer multi-buy discounts when purchasing more than one item. The easiest method to ensure you receive a decent price is to email them and request a discount because you are purchasing many items..


          Most of the time, they comply!


  •  If you already have a table and simply need chairs, buying them in pairs is another method to save money.


          If you go through our retailers’ collection, you will notice that some offer 2, 4, or 6 seats for sale, while others have 8.


         Now, you will see some significant savings if you buy the set of 6 or even 8. 


         Even if you don’t use them every day, you can pull them out when you have visitors, and your set will be uniform, saving you money in the long run.


         Hence, buying numerous chairs not only saves you money but usually, they come with free delivery too.


  • If you don’t see the free delivery sign, then again email them and ask for it!


Size of your room

room size
Measuring your room


The next factor to be determined in this dining set guide is the size of your dining room.


Now, this is something far more rigid than your budget.


There usually isn’t much manoeuvring around here unless you are willing to remove any unnecessary items of furniture that you can do without.


Measure your room correctly and give yourself adequate enough space for:


  • Fitting the table in perfectly
  • Ensuring there is enough room to pull out the chairs.
  • A reasonable amount of space to go around and beyond the dining table.
  • Enough space between the dining set and any additional dining furniture you have or may need, such as sideboards, display cabinets, and so on.


Those above are only a few instances of how we may make the most of our dining space.


However, with a few additional considerations, we can make this even better.


How to enhance your dining room with your dining set

Splash of Colour
Enhance through colours and designs


One important thing to keep in mind when furnishing any room is not to just settle for looks alone but to consider aspects like functionality, quality, and the size of your family.


If you have a rectangular-shaped room with an average distance between the adjacent walls, fitting in a rectangular dining set would not be difficult.


You might also be better off with an extending table for any extra space you might need when guests are around.


Round or square tables are ideal for smaller spaces.


They provide ample manoeuvring room while accommodating 4 to 5 diners on average.


You might be able to squeeze in a couple of additional seats if you have young children.


Let’s take a closer look at the different options.


What are your dining room options?


The dining set consists of a centre table and chairs that match it or give it a well-thought-out mix-and-match look.


Dining Sets Styles


Dining sets styles differ from one collection to another. Here’s how to use the right type for your personal space in a nutshell.


Traditional Wooden Dining Sets


8 seater dining tables
Traditional Wooden Dining Sets


Traditional dining sets consist of a wooden dining table and wooden or fabric chairs. The most popular ones are the Oak Dining Sets.


Commonly designed in long rectangular or oval shapes, these tables are perfect for large gatherings.


A popular design of a vintage dark mahogany or walnut table with victorian style chairs.


These sets are perfect for farmhouses or larger country mansions.


However, if you like classic design, you can change your home decor to suit these sets.


Traditional or modern oak dining sets are amongst our most popular collections.


They are available in many designs and are available in round, square, rectangular and oval shapes.


These sets look well with either wooden dining chairs or fabric chairs with wooden frames.


Marble Dining sets

Allen 160cm White Marble Dining Table 2
Allen 160cm White Marble Dining Set


If you prefer traditional tables, marble-designed tables start with vintage styles and make their way up to more current table designs.


In fact, now, a wide range of colours, styles, and sizes are available in our marble table collection. 


Round, square, octagonal, and rectangular marble tables are uncommonly becoming more and more popular.


They look fantastic with the chrome and leather dining chairs.


Marble dining tables are slightly more costly than their wooden or glass equivalents, but they are far more sturdy and long-lasting.


Picking a marble dining set is definitely an excellent long term investment.


Glass Dining Sets


Lunetto 200cm Glass Extending Dining Table 7
Lunetto 200cm Glass Extending Dining Set


Glass dining tables have become increasingly fashionable in the twenty-first century.


They may be found in every home in a variety of shapes and colours. 


Their transparency brightens and expands the space in every room they are put in. 


Glass dining table sets may give the functionality and visual appeal that your space demands.


Glass dining sets consist of a glass table and matching or mismatched chairs.


The chairs can be made of any material that matches the appearance of the dining table; however, chrome chairs are the most popular.


After you’ve decided on a dining table, you’ll need to settle on a dining room style.


However, more on this a bit later.


Rattan Dining Sets


Barcelona 9 Piece Rattan Garden Cube Set in Chocolate Mix and Coffee Cream 2
Barcelona 9 Piece Rattan Garden Cube Set in Chocolate Mix and Coffee Cream


Look no further than our rattan cube garden furniture sets if you’re searching for something incredibly attractive, a bit different, and super easy to store.


These sets are hand weaved and are must-haves for any garden, combining elegance, comfort, and creative design to give your yard a distinct appeal.


Size of the Dining Table

TOR 125cm round extending dining table 2
Measure your space for your set



Ok, so next up in our dining set guide is the size of your dining table.


A dining table serves as the focal point of a dining set.


And whatever your taste It comes in a variety of sizes and shapes.


You may choose from rectangle, square, oval, circular, or even octagonal if you want to be unique!


Rectangular Dining Table
Rectangular Dining Table


Square dining tables
Square dining table sets


TOR 125cm round extending dining table 4
Round solid oak table


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAcoruna octagonal grey dining table5
Coruna octagonal grey dining table


Oval Dining tables

Oval Dining tables

It all comes down to personal preference and what shape will best suit your needs.


  • You can opt for a large rectangular or extending dining table with a spacious dining room and a large family. But you don’t have to cram a huge table into your dining room simply for the sake of it.
  • For optimal efficiency in smaller settings, a round or square table might be used.
  • A bigger table isn’t necessary for groups of less than four people. Either a round or a square will equally do.


The next thing to consider is the actual size of the dining table


This, of course, will be determined by the number of people you want to accommodate.


Seating can be for two, four, six, eight, and ten or more people.


An extending table may be the best option if you have a small or even average dining space.


turin 125cm extending dining table 3
Oak dining table with a centre extension


Listed below are a few brief advantages of extending dining tables:


  • Extending tables are a fantastic choice if you frequently entertain friends or family.


  • They’re also an excellent option for unexpected visitors.


  • The extensions may be stowed away and only used as needed, allowing you to preserve space.


  • Tables that extend are available in both wood and glass.


  • They are typically well-made and will last a long time.


Next up in this buyers dining set guide is the second piece of the puzzle -the dining chairs. 


The next piece of the puzzle – The Dining Set Chairs


types of dining chairs
Dining chairs form your sets


Now, before we choose any random pair of chairs, there are a few factors to consider.


Yes, you may have material and cosmetically compatible chairs with the set, but this isn’t the only aspect.


To find the perfect fit, we must consider design, comfort, and usefulness.  


A list of a few chairs is provided below, along with their functionality.


● Arm Chair: As the name specifies, an armchair comes with an armrest. Like this Verdi chair.


● Side Chair: Now, a side chair is a regular chair without any armrest. Similar to this, this and this.


● Parsons Chair: This type of chair has a straight, tall, and an armless design. It is versatile as the material for this chair can be customised with fabric, leather, or linen. I.e. Almeria, California and the Clarissa.


● Folding Chair: As it defines itself, this type of chair can be folded and used as spare chairs when additional seating is needed.


These are just a few examples of the types of dining chairs available. However, designs for the chairs can also be classified as:


● Mission Style:


mission style chair
Mission style chair


Straight, sturdy, and strong, including horizontal lines and flat panels. Similar to the Elstree and the Sienna dining chair.


● Shaker Style:


Shake Dining Chair
Shaker Dining Chair


It’s a simple armchair having slats at its back. A bit like this Sandringham chair. Shaker style is a whole cultural style of furniture.


Classic Style:


Canterbury Dark Solid Oak Chair With Bycast Cream Leather Seat Pair 1
Canterbury Dark Solid Oak Chair With Bycast Cream Leather Seat


It’s a pretty broad category and can include traditional, old-world, and early European styles. I.e Kalim Dining Chair, Aviva chair and the Canterbury dining chair.



● Queen Anne Style:


Queen Anne Back Side Chair in Dark Brown
Queen Anne Back Side Chair in Dark Brown


It comes with a curved back and upholstered seating. The seat structure also comprises an elaborate back splat. Similar modern styles include the Marcham, Robina and the Seth dining chairs.


● Contemporary Style:


Hereford Black Pu Leather Chrome Dining Chairs Pairs 1
Hereford Black Pu Leather Chrome Dining Chairs Pairs 


It is simple, elegant with a waving detail at the back. Check out the Archie, the Ava stackable and the Damanti Brown Faux Leather Dining Chairs.


● French Country Style: This style reflects a decent French influence and furniture of Louis Phillipe type. 


French Country Style Dining Chair
French Country Style Dining Chair


● Craftsman Style:


craftsman style dining chair
Craftsman style dining chair


This style is as diverse as any other. It is different from others because of its structure, cutouts, and Quartersawn White Oak design.


● Modern Style:

calabasus white faux leather chrome leg dining chairs 3
Calabasus white faux leather chrome leg dining chairs 


You can picture it as a combination of forward-thinking design and high-quality craftsmanship, fit for a casual day and an occasion. A few examples: Newark Dining Chair, Clabusus and the Lucy hoop dining chair.


● Farmhouse Style: Either an armchair or side chair, this style can come in different kinds of rusting finish and hardwood options.


When it comes to colours, you may choose from a variety of options.


Beige Dining Chairs 

Clarissa Fabric Beige Dining Dining Chair Pairs 4
Clarissa Fabric Beige Dining Dining Chair Pairs

Beige dining chairs are a popular choice for both contemporary and traditional dining sets.


Dining Chairs in Black

Halle Pu Wooden Leg Dining Dining Chair Black Pairs 1
Halle Pu Wooden Leg Dining Dining Chair Black Pairs


Black dining chairs are becoming increasingly popular due to their exquisite appearance.


Dining Chairs in Blue

chichester oak blue chairs pair 1
Chichester oak blue chairs pair


The blue dining chairs are really stunning!


Available in a variety of materials to complement any dining area decor.


Dining Chairs in Brown


Archie Brown Dining Chairs
Archie Dining Chair


Brown dining chairs have been around since the dawn of time and, together with grey chairs, are perhaps the most popular dining chairs in the United Kingdom.


Cream Dining Chairs


fredo cream dining chair 4
Fredo cream dining chair


Another popular item, the cream dining chair, has long been a staple in many dining rooms across the country.


They are typically utilised with more conventional tables and in light-coloured dining spaces.


Green Dining chairs

Newark Wooden Leg Green Dining Chairs Pairs 1
Newark Wooden Leg Green Dining Chairs Pairs

If you’re looking for something different for your dining area, choose one of our fantastic green dining chairs. Bright and trendy, a good choice for a vibrant and modern dining setting.


We also have a selection of traditional fashioned green tweed dining chairs for a more classy and classic theme.


Grey Dining Chairs

Pailin Grey Solid Oak And Fabric Dining Chairs
Pailin grey dining chair


For a long time, grey dining chairs have been one of the most popular chair designs due to their adaptability.


Because of the soft and tranquil colour, these chairs may easily be paired with both classic and more contemporary dining tables.


Red Dining Chairs

Atlanta Dining Chairs Smooth Faux Leather And Solid Oak Legs (Pairs) - Red
Atlanta Dining Chairs Smooth Faux Leather And Solid Oak Legs Pairs Red


The colour red alone makes these chairs a stunning, modern addition to any space.


Even though red dining chairs are uncommon, they are nonetheless remarkable!


White Dining Chairs

White Dining Chairs
White Dining Chairs


White fabric and leather chairs complement glass tables wonderfully.


For marble or natural wood dining tables, white dining chairs are a great choice too.


White chairs are a lovely contrast to darker tables, and they enthusiastically scream calm and tranquil themes.



Dining chair materials


Popular dining chairs are available in fabric, leather, wooden frame, metal, chrome and even plastic.


Wooden dining chairs

Dining chairs all wooden
Wooden Dining Chairs


Traditional dining chairs have long been renowned for their decor and sophistication. Our chairs, which ranges from oak to dark hardwood types, is second to none.


Available in a full wooden frame, including backrest and seat or with a fabric seat.

Fabric dining chairs

fabric dining chairs
Fabric dining chairs


All of our dining chair fabrics are constructed of high-quality materials and possess traditional and contemporary designs. 


We also offer a stain-resistant dining chair fabric collection


We have amongst the most extensive range of unrivalled fabric chair designs.


For more info on our fabric chairs check out Why fabric dining chairs are perfect for your dining room in 2021


Leather Dining chairs


Dining chairs leather
Dining chairs leather


Leather dining chairs are available in a wide range of colours and styles.


They elevate the level of any current décor by adding an extra degree of elegance to any room.


Constructed of various materials such as pine, oak, and hardwood, they can merge with wooden and more modern dining themes.


We also have a great collection of Faux Leather Dining Chairs.

tribeca grey faux leather dining chairs pair5
Tribeca grey faux leather dining chairs

Metal Frames Dining Chairs

Newark Metal Sled Leg Mink Dining Chairs Pairs 1
Newark Metal Sled Leg Mink Dining Chairs Pairs


Metal dining chairs will add elegance to your dining room. 


They are designed with a retro aesthetic that blends in seamlessly with any interior, no matter where it is put. 


These chairs are made of strong metal for extra support and stability.


Chrome Dining Chairs

Dining chairs with chrome legs
Dining chairs with chrome legs


Chrome dining chairs merge beautifully with any dining setting and décor, mirroring its surroundings’ mood and colour palette in a flowing reflection that draws the eye.


Ideal for glass and marble tables alike.


Plastic Dining Chairs

Dining chairs polypropylene
Plastic Dining chairs


These contemporary plastic dining chairs will add a splash of colour to your dining space. 


These sturdy chairs are ideal for families since they are easy to clean. 


These chairs are great for partying or having visitors since they are light and easy to move.

Your own bespoke dining sets


When it comes to finalising the dining set for your home, you might find the internet flooded with suggestions.


However, why settle for a preexisting one when you can get your own style?


How to style your own dining set with your present home decor


So first of all, what style is your home?


● Mid-Century Modern Style

mid century house style
Mid Century Manor


The mid-century modern style gained popularity around the 1940s and is a highly adapted design.


It can be defined by its organic form, high functionality, clean lines, and minimal ornamentation.


For a home like this, what can go better than a dining set that abides by the rule of being highly functional?


You can go for a rectangular-shaped wooden table, but you don’t need straight, sturdy designed chairs to marry your dining set.


You can choose the seat in a freeform style.


Do you want to go a little out of trend? Then add a bit of modernity to your mid-century home with chrome chairs and glass tables.


You can also go for cushioned seating with upholstery that matches the colour of your windows, cupboards, or other pieces of furniture out there.



● Industrial Decor Dining Sets

Industrial decor
Industrial decor staircase



This look focuses more on using exposed steel and distressed wooden elements.


This design can also go with exposed brick walls. You can call this trend to be mature and rustic.


Here you have several choices.


You can go for a rustic style table in a square or rectangular shape.


Accompany it with bar chairs or wooden chairs that are slightly higher than the normal ones and designed with a small backrest.


Or you can choose a ceramic table and pair it with armchairs covered with fabric and oak legs.


● Nautical Decor Sets


nautical decor
Nautical decor


Cottage or coastal decor is a warm and relaxing decor.


It includes unfinished distressed wood in its furniture.


Having an interior of this type, you can already have jute ropes, clear jars, sailboats, and more.


Perfect for a wooden dining table, with plain side chairs with a normal-sized back.


Or you could decide to play with colours here. Why settle for regular coloured chairs and tables when you can get one of them in white?


Instead of using a purely wooden table, you can go for a glass top with a pedestal base.


● Scandinavian Decor


Scandinavian Decor
Scandinavian Decor


The clean and simple minimalist look!


This design can incorporate accent colours, gentle contours, and a combination of organic and engineered materials.


All in all, if you own this style, you need to have a simple, functional, and contemporary dining set.


What about a high-in-length table with side chairs half its length?


Coming to its colour, you should go for any lighter shade.


● Bohemian Style


bohemian wall art
Bohemian wall art


Bohemian decor expresses a carefree and adventurous vibe. Vibrant colours and rich patterns are all that you need to carry with it.


The aim is to flaunt a messy look. For its dining set, you need pieces that can give nomadic vibes. So, what about a square sized table with side chairs to go.


Size, you can decide it according to the capacity of people you want to accommodate. One more thing, you can add multi-coloured chairs to the set.


● Farmhouse Design



Farmhouse Lights
Farmhouse Lights


Farmhouse decor refers to the transitional and traditional elements married. The furnishing for this kind of decor can include upholstered linen and distressed wood.


However, for your dining set, you can experiment a little. Instead of going for a whole wooden table, you can choose from marble, laminate, and tile top and keep the distressed part for the remaining wood.


It can include the legs and edges of the table and the entire chairs. Now, for chairs, you can go for taller legs and a shorter back.


Modern Style dining sets

britolli 180cm extending white marble ceramic dining table 2
Bertolli 180cm extending white marble ceramic dining table 2


Glass and marble dining styles are very popular with the younger generation or those trying to furnish a dining area in a flat or apartment.


Marble dining sets can also fit with traditional themes and are perfect for large families, as many are available with up to 8 seats and more.


Glass tables are generally the cheapest options but come in many different styles, including round, rectangular extending, round and frosted glass tops.


Why you should choose good dining set for your home


Family Dining Set
Family Dining Set


Choosing a good dining set has many benefits:


Dining together – brings us Together!


A family that eats together sticks together through thick and thin.


We understand that everyone has a to-do list for their day, but what can be a more important priority, aside from the people you have to live with?


The dining room, and in particular the dining set, is the place that brings us together.


A busy or growing family needs a place to get together.


Choosing the correct dining set will enable us to sit around it as a family and in comfort.


So wherever you are after a classic or modern theme, a robust and durable set that stands the test of time is what you need.

Dining sets can help with the Right Food Choices.


food plate
Healthy Food plate


Yes, the right food choices!


Too often of the time, we eat on the go.


And usually, this turns out to be unhealthy food choices for us and our families.


However, look at the other side of the coin when you dine in with your family.


Who prefers eating fast food at home every day? No one!


When cooking for a family, no one would settle on anything less than healthy food.


Having a good place to eat can helps us make better and healthier choices for the family.


Dining areas – a place to de-stress!


Dining around a good dining set can help us distress and let our hair down.


No one can deny that in an era where information overload is only a click away, having somewhere to unwind is a must.


We are all absorbed by our mobile phones, either attending an official call or checking the updates on social media platforms.


In a space like this, the dining area can be your getaway.


All you need is to impose a no-technology dining rule.



Final Words on our Buyers Dining Set Guide


The End
The End


Hopefully, in this dining set guide, you have picked up a few tips on how to choose your perfect dining set.


You have taken a closer look at the world of dining sets. Hopefully, you can decide which type best suits your needs.


One last thing to keep in mind…


The dining table can be a lot more than a place you gather up to eat.


We’re all swamped by our hectic schedules, and in the process, we forget to make time for the people we care about the most.


Mealtime is the way to compensate for it.


meal times
Meal times at home

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