Our Easy to Follow Dining Table Size Guide 2021 

Our Easy to Follow Dining Table Size Guide 2021 


It can be very disappointing to buy a new dining table for your dining room or dining space, then later realising when you set it all up that it doesn’t fit! 


After all the trouble of choosing, purchasing, assembling or transporting it in, you might now have to disassemble and repack to send it back!


Well, hopefully with our dining table size guide, you’ll be able to put all of that to bed and choose the perfect sized dining table for your room from the onset.


Dining table size guide

How to efficiently measure your dining table


Ok, so let’s cut to the chase.


The first thing we shall touch on in this dining table size guide is how to measure your dining table. This also includes how to ensure you have the right amount of space in your room to accommodate it without any hindrances.


So lets look at the image below:


Adeline 260cm black marble dining table

Adeline 260cm Black Marble Dining Table


Even though this table is 260 cm long, its pedestal base allows it to accommodate more people.


How? Well…


  • Because it takes up less foot area, there is more room to squeeze in seats around it.
  • The table’s pedestal base is centred in the middle. This eliminates any obstruction at the table’s corners, as in a more traditional form, allowing diners to sit closer together.
  • It has curved sides, so it can allow more table space – and hence more cutlery for additional diners – than a square-edged table.


Here are some close images:

adeline 260cm white4
Adeline 260cm White Marble Dining Table 

adeline 260cm white5

Adeline 260cm White Marble Dining Table front view

So, what’s the point of all of this? What I’m attempting to demonstrate is that the design of the table, rather than its size, may influence the number of diners it can accommodate.


As a result, while measuring a table, keep in mind that certain long tables may accommodate more diners than others, even though they are the same length.


For example, check out the Mansfield 180cm Matt White Dining Table,


Mansfield White Matt 180cm Dining Table 1


This stylish table is 180cm long. However, due to its leg design, you would struggle to get diners on the edge unless they were children.


Once you have understood this concept you can measure your tables a bit more efficiently, getting the most out of your table for the space you have.


Dining Table dimensions:


Normally, the dimensions of our tables are provided in the description box, but if they aren’t, you can measure the table as follows:


Tables that are square or rectangular:


  • Length – For a square or rectangular table, measure in a straight line from one side to the other. This is the longest end and should be taken into account initially when trying to fit it into your dining area.


  • Width is calculated by adding the two shortest sides together. This is critical to understand if you have a small or narrow dining room.


  • The height of the table – Dining table heights is typically consistent. So this shouldn’t be too much of an issue; they should be approximately 74-77cm to the tabletop.


Like in this example:

mara 120cm rectangular glass dining table dimension
Mara 120cm rectangular glass dining table


The top of the table is 75cm while the underneath of it is 74cm.


and with the Opel extending which has a thicker surface:


olivia extending light grey high gloss dining table dimension


The height to the top of the table is 74.5 cm whilst the underneath is only 72cm when extended.


Or like in this example:


Avignon 200 cm dining table dimensions
Avignon 200 cm dining table dimensions


It has a table thickness of 6cm!!!


Round and oval dining tables:


Length – Here the measurement is taken from the centre of the table down the middle. For example:


Cheyenne Oak Oval Extending Dining Table 5
Cheyenne Oak Oval Extending Dining Table


  • The above image illustrates the length is measure down the middle.


  • And the width is also measured across the widest part, which is usually at the centre of the table.


  • All other measurements are the same as other dining tables.


Octagonal Dining tables:


Yes, our comprehensive dining table size guide also includes Octagonal tables!


Most common sizes of Dining Tables


There are different shapes and sizes of dining tables. They include:


  • Small Dining Tables


odessa 100cm glass dining table1
Odessa  glass dining table



  • Medium Dining tables


rivilino 170 cream dining table pt32330 wr2 1 1 2
Rivilino 170 cream dining table 



  • Large Dining Tables


Jazz 200cm glass dining table 1
Jazz 200cm glass dining table 



  • Extending Dining Tables


La linea 180 – 260cm extending light grey glass dining table 1
La linea 180 – 260cm extending light grey glass dining table


Each of these tables has its own uniqueness and advantages. 


For example, round dining tables are suitable for small rooms. The natural shape of a round table helps save space and bring people closer together.


A square table will be perfect in a small or square room and suitable for four people to dine on. 


Whilst all the shapes, rectangular and octagonal included, can fit well in a big room.


We will discuss all these shapes and sizes in this article and consider them before buying a dining table.


So how do you pick the right size dining table?


TOR 125cm round extending dining table 2
Measuring your dining table


Firstly, you need to measure the length and width of your dining area before deciding on the perfect table.


This will give you a good idea of the shape and size of the table that will fit flawlessly. 


If you have a squarish room, a round pedestal table is a good option because it takes less space and allows people to walk around.


Square and rectangular tables are good choices for spacious areas.


At a rectangular table, you should allow at least 3 inches of space per person, elbow to elbow, for optimal comfort; however, you can add more chairs if there are more people.


This gap between diners also allows for a bit more legroom.


Ideally, there should also be a space of 1.5 to 2 feet behind each chair for easy access to the table. 


This also allows you to walk behind people without disturbing them while they are seated at the table.


A roundabout measurement for your dining space would be:


· A 48″-long table seats 4


Similar to :

Cambridge 120cm Oak Extending Dining Table 7
Cambridge 120cm Oak Extending Dining Table 


The dimensions of this table are:

  • Table Width 80 cm
  • Table Height 78 cm
  • Table Length 120 



  • · A 60-72″ table seats 6


Like the Marina 160cm Glass Dining Table

Marina glass dining table


The dimensions of this table are:

  • Table Width 90cm
  • Table Height 75cm
  • Table Length 160cm



  • · An 80-87″ table seats 8
Toledo 220cm Marble Dining Table 8 Seater
Toledo 220cm Marble dining table 


The dimensions of this table are:

  • Table Width 100cm
  • Table Height 76cm
  • Table Length 220cm



· A 92-108″ table seats 10


beaconsfield 160cm extending high gloss dining table
Beaconsfield 160 – 220cm extending high gloss dining table


  • Table Width 90cm
  • Table Height 77cm
  • Table Length 160 to 220cm when fully extended



· A 120″ table seats 12


Sandringham Dining table 180cm 270cm extension table oak painted grey 3
Sandringham Dining table 180cm 270cm extension table oak painted grey 


  • Table Width 90cm
  • Table Height 76cm
  • Table Length 180 to 270cm when fully extended


So, what is the standard size of a dining table?


This is the most asked question by people because they are not sure of the correct sizes of dining tables that will fit their space. The dimensions of the room should also be put into consideration.


The standard measurements for most dining tables are 36 to 40 inches in width and 29 to 31 inches in height. 


The length may also vary depending on the number of seats and people sitting at the table. 


Below is a summary;


Seat     Length


 4-6       68-72″


6-8        72-80″


8-10      80-92″


10-12    92-110″



What are the different shapes of dining tables?


Dining tables can be designed in different shapes. 


There are: 


Rectangular dining tables


– Round dining tables


– Square dining tables


– Octagonal dining tables


As mentioned earlier, the best shapes of dining tables that are suitable for small rooms are those in square and round shapes. 


These shapes can accommodate a bigger group of people without taking up a lot of floor space. 


A round table can extend to become an oval, while a square table can transform into a rectangular shape and accommodate more people.


When you have a bigger dining room and space is not a problem, you should consider rectangular or extending dining tables.


But to be fair, any dining table shape can fit in a large dining room.


Choose a shape according to the atmosphere you want to create in the room. 


Rectangular dining table size guides


Measuring your Rectangular dining table


  • This is a familiar shape to most people.


  • The standard size for a rectangular dining table is between 36 to 40 inches in width.


  • A table that seats 4 people should be around 48 inches long. If there are more than 4 people, then it should be 60 inches long or more.



Square dining tables size guide


Signature Grey Square Extending Dining Table CFF04B_3


  • Square tables are perfect to seat four people.


  • Its regular size ranges between 36 to 44 inches.  


  • The height of a square table should have a measurement of about 34 to 36 inches tall.


  • The most significant square table seats 8 to 12 people. It has a width of  6′ | 183 cm up to larger 8′ | 244 cm.


  •  When you have a square room, a square table will be the perfect shape for the room.


  • It is also ideal for couples or small families.


  • A square extending table is a good choice if you often invite guests around.


Do round or square tables take up more space?


Square tables take up more space compared to a round table for the same number of people.


Square tables take more space because it has more footprints than a round table that has no corners. These corners tend to take up space that could have been occupied by dinners.


Round tables are also an advantage because they can fit in a small room and still accommodate many people than a square table.


Round dining tables size guide


heron 110cm round dining table 4
Heron 110cm round dining table


  • An average round dining table is between 54 to 60 inches for 6 to 8 people.


  • A round table for 8 people or more should have a diameter of 72 inches.


  • The design of the table also matters. It is possible to put up to nine seats around a table of about 5 to 7 ft.


  • Round tables are generally available in the following sizes:



Do round dining tables save space?


Round tables have no corners, thus saving more space and allowing people to walk around to get to the seats.


They can also be used in a smaller area and still allow more people to dine in comfort.


Round tables also have fewer footprints compared to other shapes.


Round tables accommodate more people and allow easy movement of people around the table.


Octagonal dining table size guide


Acoruna octagonal grey dining table5
Coruna octagonal grey dining table


  • An octagon shape is almost like a circular table but with edges. The straight line on the edges does help provide a border like space for each diner to have its own room. 


  • So if you have a sizeable octagonal table, the shape helps provide all the 8 people seating enough space and elbow room at the table.


  • This table also allows more seats to fit underneath because it sits on a pedestal and leaves more space.


  • They are around 6 to 8 feet long.


What shape table is the best for a small space?


Promo Round Solid oak Extending Dining Table 4
Promo Round Solid oak Extending Dining Table


When you have a small space in your dining room, there is no need to worry.


Simply go for a small square or round table, and your problem will be solved. 


A round table will fit nicely in a small space and allow the dining chairs to fit underneath. This is because it has a lot of space due to the absence of footprints.


There are no corners on a round table, thus creating more space for more people to sit around it. Movement is also easy as people will walk around it to occupy their seats.


A few of the benefits of small square tables:


Small square tables are also a good choice for couples as they provide intimacy. 


It also looks appealing in square dining rooms because of its space optimisation.


Square tables provide enough space for each person.


So, what is the best shape for a dining table?


Montana unusual 180cm solid oak dining table with brushed stainless steel leg 2
Montana unusual 180cm solid oak dining table with brushed stainless steel leg


To be honest, this l comes down to personal preference or needs you have.


If space and budget is no problem, then you can pick any table of any size.


However, if you are resigned to the shape of your room like most of us, then whatever the available space allows will dictate your buying choice. 


But as a general rule of thumb:


  • The best dining table for small spaces is round and square tables. 
  • Round tables also tend to draw people surrounding them towards it. 
  • No one will feel left out. It also takes less space and looks more appealing.
  • A square table is also perfect for a square room. It is also best when you have a small number of guests. A large table with fewer guests can give a feeling of emptiness.
  • For larger dining areas – rectangular tables are the best option. 
  • Fitting in large families as well as being perfect for accommodating guests at a get-together.
  • You should also consider your lifestyle before deciding on the size and shape of your dining table.
  • When the table is often used for eating, crafts and homework, you should ensure that the material is durable and not damaged easily.


Our dining table size guide summary


As we have illustrated, there are many different shapes and sizes of dining tables. Each has its unique features and benefits.


Here is a quick summary of things to consider before purchasing one:


  • Your Budget
  • The space available – for your table
  • The size you require, not the size you desire (unless you have ample space)
  • The shape of the room – To keep everything as consistent and efficient as possible.
  • The number of people who will dine on it – both regulars and guests.
  • The size of the dining room – To ensure that everything, including other dining furniture, fits correctly.
  • Your lifestyle!


Overall, you may not be able to check off every one of the above factors in this dining table size guide, but as long as you check off as many as possible, you’ll be fine!


Ok, so now you know how to measure your dining space and dining table, the next step is to decide which type of dining table you should buy marble glass or hardwood?


colby white marble dining table with hereford chairs
Colby white marble dining table with Hereford chairs


dina glass coffee table3
Dina glass coffee table
Elstree solid oak hardwood 100cm extending dining table 1
Elstree solid oak hardwood 100cm extending dining table

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