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As furniture is an integral part of any household, maintaining the pieces in good condition is necessary to last longer and remain stylish.


The dining table, sofa and even the entertainment unit might be regularly cleaned, but one item we seem to ignore most of the time is the bedroom corner wardrobe.


Many people are unaware of the benefits of regularly cleaning their wardrobes. It’s essential to maintain your bedroom wardrobe so that your clothes, apparel, shoes and clothes can be organised and your wardrobe kept in good condition for the long run.


Your bedroom wardrobe is a storage space for all of your bedding and clothes. It’s the place where you store all of your clothes, linens, and blankets to make sure they’re out of the way for when you need them. 


A bedroom cupboard can be a great place to store items used less often, but you still want handy.


Unfortunately, too many of us don’t maintain this cupboard space, which becomes a mess that piles up quickly.


In this guide on how to maintain your corner wardrobe, we shall share some easy and practical tips to ensure it lasts longer and remains sturdy and in good nick!


feather duster
Feather Duster

First steps in cleaning out your bedroom cupboard


For many people, the cleaning cupboards are an area of the home that, once done, is forgotten.


 This can be for various reasons, including not knowing how to keep them clean or organised or simply not thinking it’s necessary to clean them often.


 Whatever the case is, you need the right tools to do the job. And this goes for cleaning any furniture in your home. 


Not only does it make it easier and quicker, but much more efficient too.



Method: What to use for cleaning your cupboard


Cleanng Sprays Coths
Cleaning Sprays & Cloths


The first thing of note in the guide on how to maintain your corner wardrobe is that we shall show you how to keep your cupboards in good condition by using the best and most practical products.


For wiping:


  • For a cleaning detergent, you can use a chemical spray or furniture cleaner. 
  • Or you can use white vinegar or lemon juice which will help rid any unwanted odours that may be present. 
  • Others choose to use a combination of soap and water or a mix of soap and vinegar.
  • No matter what you choose, you should make sure any type of cleaner is really wiped off after use, as it could otherwise leave a residue that could attract more dirt.
  • A microfibre cloth or an eco cloth is best for wiping. Microfibre cloths gather up dust and dirt better than normal cloths’.
  • An eco cloth does not require any sprays, just a bit of water. These clothes usually come in pairs, one for cleaning the grime and one for polishing.
  • A duster to dust hard to reach areas
  • A hoover with a soft bristle or brush nozzle. This will help clean the area without scratching it.


Once we have all the necessary equipment, we need to move on to the actual cleaning.


Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner


How to Clean a Closet – The Easy Way


First things first…


The first thing to do is get rid of all the stuff that is not useful or doesn’t have a place.


Yep, there is no doubt we are a nation of hoarders, and we love keeping things for nostalgia and sentiments!


However, before anything, if you are serious about looking after your wardrobe and giving it a good deep clean, then you need to empty its contents.


For example, your garden tools, your kids’ toys, your old exercise equipment i.e. dumbbells, skipping rope and anything else that shouldn’t really be there but is!


Take everything out.


Clothes, accessories, hangers and if they come off easily – even drawers. 


empty wardrobe
Empty wardrobe


Once you have completely emptied your wardrobe, we can move on to the next step.


  1. Wipe down the inside


Wipe, wipe, wipe!


Get a cloth, either damp or dry, with a cleaning spray, and wipe the entire surface of the wardrobe.


This includes inside and out. Front and back, sides and top.


Wipe all the insides of drawers, shelves and even the hanging rods.



2. After you have wiped everything down, hoover the wardrobe.


Hoover accessories
Hoover accessories


Use a hose attachment with bristles or a brush to hoover the side and joint areas.


Hoover the whole interior and exterior for all types of dust and dirt.



3. Next, use some furniture polish or spray.


furniture polish
Furniture Polish


Use a microfibre cloth and wipe the whole wardrobe surface with spray or polish.


If you have any extra storage containers like wicker bins etc., take them out and give them a good clean.



4. Once you have done that, then let it air out for a while before returning its contents.


5. Now, some people have built-in corner wardrobes.


Hence, they cannot take them out, but give it a good clean front and back if you can move your wardrobe. 


Also, you can check the wall that the wardrobe was in front of and give that a clean.


How to clean your MDF Corner Wardrobe


mdf particlewood furniture texture
MDF particle wood furniture texture


The best way to maintain your bedroom cupboard is by cleaning it every few weeks or months. 


This will help to avoid odour, bacteria, and stains on your clothes. 


How often you should clean your wardrobe dresser depends on how often it is used.


If you use it daily, do a thorough wipe down or vacuum with soap and water once a week. 


If not, then try to clean it at least once a month.


You can get specialist MDF cleaning sprays and polishes; these are ideal for cleaning and preventing damage to your wardrobe.


How do you maintain your corner wardrobe made out of wood?


Hardwood Furniture
Hardwood Furniture


Wooden furniture can be a beautiful addition to any room, but it is essential to understand the upkeep of these items so as not to damage them. 


In general, if you have a raw wood wardrobe, they should be treated to prevent cracking and fading from sunlight.


Pinewood may warp over time, but this is easily prevented by treating and making sure that the interior of your wardrobe remains at a consistent temperature and humidity level. 


Additional items to keep your item corner wardrobe clutter-free for better maintenance


If you have an open closet, invest in a few plastic bins or wicker baskets to keep all of those little things from getting lost.


This prevents items from falling to the bottom of the cabinet or strewn about on top of everything else.


Make sure to clean these bins regularly with any other storage items you may have added to your wardrobe.


Wicker basket
Wicker basket


What NOT to do to keep your wardrobe in good condition


Do not use a wet cloth! 


Cleaning your wardrobe with a wet cloth could lead to damage to your wardrobe material. 


This in future could lead to a weakened structure which will shorten the life and efficiency of your wardrobe.


Don’t use harsh chemicals or raw wood and MDF wardrobes. Once again, this could reduce its life expectancy.


Water Spill
Water Spill

Why cleaning your wardrobe is important.

At first, glance, cleaning your bedroom furniture may seem like a trivial task. But it isn’t!


Your bedroom is the space you spend most of your time in, and if it does not feel good, it can affect your mood! 


Some housekeeping experts recommend that attention be given to this home area at least once per week. Dusting, vacuuming, and wiping down surfaces are all essential for maintaining a healthy environment.


This is even more important for your wardrobes as a clean corner wardrobe is important to maintain for several reasons. And most importantly it’s the place where you keep your clothes, which you wear daily!


Clean clothing has the potential to make you feel better about yourself, your mood can improve, and it can help ward off sickness. 


There are also other benefits to cleaning your wardrobes, such as increasing the longevity of your favourite clothes, improving their life span, and reducing unnecessary waste.


A clean wardrobe can make you feel better about yourself or improve your mood.




To sum up


In conclusion, to get the most out of your cheap corner wardrobe you need to maintain it.


Investing in quality pieces and maintaining them can extend the life of your furniture for years to come.


Hopefully, with the above simple tricks, you’ll get the most out of your corner wardrobe!


Organised wardrobe
Organised wardrobe

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