How to Create the Perfect Marble Dining Set for Your Home in 2021

Marble Dining Sets

Creating the Perfect Marble Dining Set for Your Home in 2021

Marble Dining Sets

Dining rooms are an essential and central aspect of our homes and lifestyles.


It’s where we enjoy family meals and reconnect after a long day, but also a place we entertain our guests and show off our design finesse!

A marble dining set is functional and fashionable in any dining room setting, and it’s an excellent choice for your long-term dining room aspirations.


It’s the symbol of the ultimate luxury, ideal for charming any dinner guest.


Why Choose a Marble Dining Set?

Marble Sets
Affordable Marble Sets




Unlike the common misconception, marble has so many different looks and colours, so you aren’t limited to the standard white.


Most marble colour combinations are neutral colours in black, white, grey, or cream, sometimes with gold or alternative veining running through them.


This allows you to match with any wall and floor combination.


The appearance of a marble table also gives that WOW factor to your home.


It’s almost like your own piece of artwork.


You can get marble tables with standard leg designs like other tables or choose variations with a single centre block for stability and artsy shapes and designs.


You can always be sure that your marble table is entirely different from everyone else’s. Even if you purchase a table of the same colour and design, the marble effect and veining within the stone means that it’s completely unique.


No one else has the exact same table as you.



Marble is one of the most flexible materials out there for your dining room. It can go with pretty much any décor. Hence you can easily change your dining room design and colour scheme without worrying about changing the dining table.


This helps it adapt to trend changes smoothly.


So, all in all, your marble dining table could be used in a traditional, opulent dining room with chandeliers and candlesticks, as well as a modern style dining room featuring metallic, minimalist designs.


Marble is incredibly hardwearing and will last for years. It’s not easy to damage or chip like wooden furniture. This makes it cost-effective. Yes, marble is at the higher end of the price list for dining furniture, but your marble table is likely to last you much longer than other dining sets. This is purely because it doesn’t go out of fashion and won’t easily look old or worn.


Which Marble Dining Set Should I Choose?


Now that your heart is set on that perfect high-end marble dining set, there are a few things to consider to make sure that it fits in perfectly with your home and style.


Selecting an eye-catching colour that matches with anything is always the best way to go. If you’re looking for something a little more neutral to open up your space and make it look bigger, a white stone will work great with a grey and gold vein.


However, if you already have a sizeable space to fill, you could go for something a little more standout with a black stone and lighter grey veins.



The size of your table entirely depends on the size of your room. Remember not to overfill the dining area by purchasing a giant table; you’ll only make your space look smaller. A small table is just as good as a centrepiece as a large one.


Marble tabletops come in a range of sizes to fit every room. If you’re looking for the grand effect to make your dining room stand out, then perhaps a long, rectangular table with 6 or 8 seats will work.


Or perhaps you’re going for a more understated casual luxury theme; in that case, a round, 4- or 6-seater table will work well.


Always be sure that your table fits your room with plenty of space around it to play with, even if this means going for a slightly smaller size. If you have a long dining room, then a square or rectangular table will serve best.


However, if you have a smaller dining room, then a circular or octagonal table will give you more space to play with.




Your tabletop is a chance to show off your uniqueness, and marble tables have various designs to choose from.


You could simply stick to a plain marble with the natural veins. This works well for a traditional style dining room as it gives the air of luxury and comfort.


However, suppose you’re looking for something a little different to show off your modern dining room. In that case, some marble finishes come with natural marble patterns in a mosaic structure or colour blocks, such as a black marble square design against a grey marble background.


This really sets your table apart and delivers the wow factor to any contemporary dining set.


How to Make Your Marble Table Last


Typically, marble tables take very little maintaining to keep them looking their best. To maintain that shiny finish, you’ll want to polish it regularly with a marble-specific cleaning polish and reseal the stone around every 6 months.


The sealant on the table protects it from scratches and staining, so it’s incredibly important to keep this up. Without the proper seal, the marble is a soft material that will absorb acidic liquids such as coffee or juice.


This could cause long-term staining.


Decorating Your Dining Room to Match


Whatever marble dining set you choose, you need to ensure that your dining room sets offer the look you’re going for.


The great thing about marble is that it works for almost any design. Because you’ve gone for a gorgeous centrepiece type dining table, it’s probably best to decorate your room around that.



Suppose you’ve gone for a traditional, old-money feel, with fluffy cream carpets, sturdy wooden cabinets, and luxurious glass and table wear.


In that case, a cream marble table with a set rectangular base will really add to that look.


The marble is neutral, so it’ll allow you to change the walls’ colours and make space look a little larger – especially with a few gold-framed mirrors about the place.




Alternatively, if you’re going for a more modern feel, you might want to go for a statement piece. A circular black or grey marble table with a curved or triangular base will help you accentuate the angles in your room.


Placing your marble on a polished wooden floor alongside metal cabinets or copper furnishings will give your home that clean, industrial feel that’s in for 2021.


Choosing the Perfect Chairs


Generally, your marble dining table will come on its own, so you must get the right statement chairs to go alongside it.


Leather dining chairs


Full, leather-coated dining chairs with dark wooden legs work for that traditional feel.


You can select chairs in cream, black, or dark brown shades, which will match a white marble table to give that luxurious look.


They’re also amazingly comfortable, especially for dinner parties where you might be sitting well into the evening.


Fabric dining chairs


Fabric chairs give you a great deal of flexibility.


Upholstery can give you that comfortable lounge-like feeling in a casual colour. Some fabric-backed chairs with solid wood legs in a light colour bring out that traditional feel.


Suppose you’re looking to be a little edgier. In that case, a fabric can even add to your modern, quirky design if you alternate the fabric colours on your chairs.


Wooden dining chairs


The beauty of wood is that wooden chair backs come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Even wooden chairs work well with marble tables. A darker wood will look great with a white marble table. In contrast, light wood accentuates a darker marble for a more casual look.


You could also experiment with chair shapes. A straight back might work well with a more modern, industrial-style dining room, with a rectangular marble table and angular leg formation.


On the other hand, if you’re going for conventional luxury, a curved wooden chair back will match well with a curved table leg formation and circular marble top.


How to budget for your marble dining table


There are no two ways about it; purchasing a marble dining set isn’t likely to be cheap. However, you need to consider which option is best for you to ensure it lasts a lifetime.


Although marble is in the higher end of the dinner table market, it’s worth getting a quality table that you can keep for years to come. No matter what changes within your home, these tables are great investments.


The price of a marble dining table entirely depends on the size, colour popularity, purity and quality of the stone, and other design elements.


If you have a marble base alongside a tabletop, this will undoubtedly cost extra.


Typically, a marble table can cost anywhere between £700 and £2000.

To ensure you’re happy with the price, you should:


  • Thoroughly research the marble type- you want to ensure you get the best price for the quality and colour you’re looking for.
  • Factor in the maintenance cost before you begin, so you’re not shocked by the extra cost later. To be fair, though, day to day maintenance is relatively straightforward.
  • Ensure that your table lasts the most prolonged time by purchasing good quality table wear that can clear up any spillages before they stain.
  • Select the right size for your space. Don’t go overboard by buying the largest table possible to fit your room. You might find it looks out of place and makes your room smaller. Sometimes a circular, slightly smaller table works better and will be a little more budget-friendly.




Marble tables are always an excellent choice, no matter what style your dining room is. They’re flexible with changing fashions and always give that glamourous edge to your home.

Marble is the way to go to ensure you select an eye-catching and unique dining table that will stand the test of time.

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