How To Choose The Best Made To Measure Corner Wardrobes For Your Home

Choosing the Best Made To Measure Corner Wardrobes For Your Home


In a world where space is at a premium, corner wardrobes are the perfect solution.


In order to fit as much as possible into a tight space, these wardrobes can be customised to include shelves, drawers, and hanging rods all within the same design.


They provide a great way to store clothing and other items in a small area with minimal visual impact.


Corner wardrobes vary in style from traditional wood or metal designs to more contemporary units with glass or mirrored doors.


In this article, we will run through a few tips on choosing the best made to measure corner wardrobes for your bedroom!


Choose your own made to measure corner wardrobe
Choose your own made to measure corner wardrobe

Wardrobe Styles: The types of made to measure corner wardrobes you can choose from


Many people don’t know what type of wardrobe they want because there are many different styles to choose from.


The most popular types of wardrobes today can be categorised into three distinct categories: made to measure corner wardrobes, walk-in closets, and classic wardrobes.


Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a five-bedroom house with a spacious master suite, you can get a made to measure wardrobe that will meet your needs and style preferences.


Benefits and features of corner wardrobes


A corner wardrobe is an excellent option for those struggling with space. If you’re looking for an easy way to add more storage space, a corner wardrobe is your answer.


These units can be installed in any room and will not take up any valuable square footage elsewhere.


Corner wardrobes are available in a variety of styles and colours, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for to fit your home perfectly.


You can have single door or double door wardrobes with built-in shelves and hanging rails. You can also add drawers, designated areas for wicker baskets and a mirrored door!


Pros of made to measure walk-in wardrobes


Walk-in closets are great for people who live in small spaces. What’s more, they save on the time and energy needed to get ready in the morning because you can walk right into your closet to get your clothes.


Additionally, many people enjoy their organisational features, including shelves and drawers that can be customised to fit your needs.


You can also include custom storage options, such as hangers, baskets, and hanging rails to add even more organisation to your closet.


There is also the option to choose from various closet designs and finishes to make your closet unique.


3 Wiemann Luxor 34 Corner Wardrobe with Cornice 3

3 Wiemann Luxor Walk-in Corner Wardrobe with Cornice

How brands affect the quality of your made to measure wardrobe builder


Do you know the difference between a finely made suit and an off-the-rack one? Or what separates a luxury car from a regular one?


The answer is quality.


When comparing the two examples, it becomes clear that quality is subjective to what you want in your life. Everyone has different desires, so to please everyone’s taste, quality comes in lots of forms.


Quality made to measure corner wardrobe will consist of solid materials like pine, hardwood or reinforced MDF.


It will have a robust back panel and heavy-duty hinges for the doors. It should also comprise a solid hanging rail, ideally made from metal or solid wood.


Another thing to ensure is that the shelves are durable and can handle a reasonable amount of weight.


The doors should also be sturdy and if you choose a mirrored door, make sure the mirror is robust yet light enough to fit on the door without bearing too much on the hinges.

For examples of good quality corner wardrobes, check these outs:


Wiemann Luxor 3+4 Corner Wardrobe

The Wiemann Loft Corner Wardrobe 

Wiemann Kansas Corner Wardrobe


What size of a made to measure wardrobe should I opt for?


Many people are familiar with walk-in wardrobe design, but many are unaware of choosing the best made to measure corner wardrobes for their home.


If you have enough space, you can go for a more substantial sized walk-in closet. Otherwise, a medium or small wardrobe can be designed to suit your needs.


What size do i need
What size do I need?

Larger made to measure walk-in wardrobe


This walk-in wardrobe is a popular choice for maximising your space.


It has a large wardrobe area and room for additional storage like shelves on either side, several drawers, and plenty of floor space for wicker baskets or plastic compartments.


This design works best if your room corner is relatively wide. It is a great choice if you want to maximise the depth of your room.


If you opt for the walk-in feature, be sure to ensure you get a fitted mirror internally.


Wiemann Luxor 34 Corner Wardrobe with Cornice 2
Wiemann Luxor 34 Corner Wardrobe with Cornice 2


Benefits and features of the medium made to measure corner wardrobes.


Made to measure corner wardrobes are great because they fit the needs of most people.


A medium walk-in has enough space to fit your clothes, shoes, and accessories. You don’t have to worry about being able to find anything when you open it up.


This is what makes them great for people with things neatly organised by colour or type of clothing.


With a medium walk-in wardrobe, you can still fit in shelves hanging rails and a drawer or two. There might not be much floor space left, but there should be enough or a wicker basket for additional storage.


These are perfect for couples or children’s rooms.


Best Cheap White Corner Wardrobes


Benefits and features of small made to measure wardrobes


Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary look, walk-in wardrobes are a popular choice.


There are many benefits to a smaller style made to measure corner wardrobes.


First and foremost, they do not take up as much space as traditional corner wardrobes. And if you are worried about their storage capacity, you can design them to have plenty of that too.


Adding built-in shelves and drawers will allow you to store a wide range of items.


They can be a great storage option for your clothes, shoes, and accessories. And as with the other types, you can have mirrored doors too.


The benefits of having a made to measure wardrobe are many.


Rauch Rivera Corner Wardrobe 1 Door 1

Tips for maintaining made to measure wardrobes


Many people are looking for ways to store items to save space in their homes.


Made to measure wardrobes are a significant investment, but if you don’t maintain them, they will require more time and money than they save to repair or replace.


One of the most important things you can do to maintain your wardrobe is regularly vacuuming the inside of the closet with an upholstery attachment.


This will remove lint, dust, pet hair, etc., making the garment look and feel new.

If you have a wardrobe with a hanging rod, you need to ensure that it is well fitted and can hold the weight of the clothes it contains.


Clothes should be hung at the level of the top of the rod.


The advantage of ordering a made to measure wardrobe is that you can choose the exact material you want.


This way, you can ensure the quality and durability doesn’t let you own in the long term,


loking after your corner wardrobes
Looking after your corner wardrobes


To sum it up


Many families who live in homes with less square footage often struggle to fit a traditional wardrobe into their space.


However, any unused space can be turned into a wardrobe that will store all of your clothes and accessories without taking up any room.


A made to measure corner wardrobe is an excellent option for a smaller space because it’s a good use of space and doesn’t take up any floor space.


You can design these wardrobes in various styles and colours that will match the décor of your home.


Design your own corner wardrobe
Design your own wardrobe


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