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Cheap Ceramic Dining Tables


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Our selection of ceramic dining tables include new, modern, contemporary and traditional table designs.


From small to large extending tables, are available in different colours and designs.


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britolli 180cm extending grey stone finish dining table 1

Dining Room

Britolli 180cm Extending Grey Stone Finish Dining Table

britolli 180cm extending mink ceramic dining table 1

Dining Room

Britolli 180cm Extending Mink Ceramic Dining Table

britolli 180cm extending white marble ceramic dining table 1

Dining Room

Britolli 180cm Extending White Ceramic Dining Table

Julian Bowen Staten Faux Concrete Dining Table 1

Dining Room

Julian Bowen Staten Faux Concrete Dining Table

Why you need to buy a ceramic dining table


The selection of Ceramic dining tables we have put together come in various shapes and sizes, but all have the same purpose: to bring people together for a meal!


Ceramic dining tables are not only beautiful to look at, but they're also more durable than other materials. With so many options out there, you're bound to find one that suits your taste and needs!


How you feel about your dining table will affect the entire experience of eating with family and friends. 


A beautiful, well-crafted, durable ceramic dining table can elevate the entire mealtime, creating an atmosphere where everyone can enjoy themselves in comfort without worrying about how they're sitting or what is on display. 


If you really want to create that feeling in your own home, consider buying a ceramic dining table.


Types of ceramic dining tables


Ceramic dining tables are typically rectangular, square, or oval-shaped. Ceramic is a durable material that can be used for table-tops because it is more scratch-resistant than wood. 


Choosing the right table type depends on the space available and your personal needs.


Contemporary ceramic dining tables


Many dining tables are made of wood or marble these days. However, some prefer the warmer, more organic look of ceramic. Ceramic dining tables come in a wide variety of colours and patterns.


For instance, you might choose a table with a sleek white top with rounded edges for your modern home or one with an oval-shaped top in brown for your rustic living room.


Contemporary ceramic dining tables are an excellent option for adding character to your dining room. 


Italian ceramic dining tables


Italian ceramic dining tables can be handmade, but all types create a unique dining experience.


The Italian ceramic dining sets typically include four chairs and is usually dedicated to everyday occasions. 


The dining tables have ceramic tile, which is carefully cut by craftsmen who have been trained in this particular tradition for generations. A classic white or black porcelain is used as a mixture to give the tiles a more durable quality.


Modern ceramic dining tables


A modern ceramic dining table design is be created with durable materials such as glass and stainless steel while also having a thickness of at least 1 inch. 


The table's surface should be made to withstand wear and tear while still maintaining a high-end look. Perhaps the most essential feature of the modern versions is the ability to support heavy meal-ware and dishes without warping or bending and ensuring that it will not scratch or show signs of wear.


Ceramic top dining room tables


The ceramic top dining tables usually include a ceramic surface with a pedestal base.


The craftsmanship on these tables is exquisite, featuring the most delicate details in the ceramic top. This set would be perfect for entertaining guests in style! 


Ceramic dining tables in various sizes and shapes


Dining tables are great for family dinners or hosting parties, and they can be found in many shapes, sizes, and materials. The most popular form is rectangular, but a round or square table is trendy too.


Ceramic dining table round


A round ceramic dining table is an excellent alternative to a traditional rectangular shaped table. Round tables are perfect for small spaces; they are more intimate and create a cosy atmosphere. 


They also make it easier to seat people simultaneously if you do not have enough seating around the table. 


A round ceramic dining table will fit nicely in any corner or nook in your home.


Ceramic dining table square


Together with the perfect evening, there is nothing better than a nice dinner with friends and family. A table is essential for these events. And many people are turning to square tables because they are easy to decorate and give an elegant touch to any room. 


They are also lighter, more versatile, and less expensive than other models.


It has become apparent that square tables are capturing the attention of design enthusiasts everywhere, and for a good reason.


Large ceramic dining table


Many people love to gather around the family table for special occasions, parties, and other holidays. Hence the popularities of large dining tables.


Large ceramic dinner tables are typically made of ceramic materials with designs added on top to create an eye-catching masterpiece. 


The table's size ranges from six to 12 feet in length. The top of the table is usually made of ceramic tiles flat on the top and have a smooth surface.


Ceramic extending dining table 


Are you looking for the perfect dining table that will be able to fit into your limited space? Then we have just what you're looking for! 


The ceramic extending dining table is an excellent solution if you're unsure how to fit all of your guests around a small dining area. 


These tables provide a large table-top with a clean and straightforward design, extending out to offer more space when needed.


These tables base is sturdy and durable, ensuring that the table will not break or come apart during use. These extending ceramic tables can accommodate between 6 to 12 people at one time.


Ceramic dining table set


What type of design and style is your interior? What is the purpose of this dining table set? The ceramic dining table set is a perfect addition to any home that needs extra seating or just something different in their dining room. 


These tables come in different shapes, colours, and designs. Some have a modern contemporary design, while others are more traditional. 


They also offer a variety of prices for your budget. This table set will make your home look fresh and new.


So what do we think?


Ceramic dining tables and chairs are an artful balance of style and function. Ceramic dining tables are perfect for families that love to cook together. 


Whether you're hosting a dinner with friends or want to create a welcoming home for family dinners, ceramic dining tables are perfect in any house. 


They can be found in all shapes and sizes, with some being more modern looking while others have traditional stylings.


Ceramic Dining tables discounts


We always try to give our customers the best value for money. Wherever it is excellent products for low prices or multiple purchase discounts, we aim to help customers buy their ideal furniture at the best prices.


Buy 1 or more of our low priced ceramic tables and save £££ with our multiple purchases discounts.


We will refund you a discount per the second item to you but to be delivered to the same address.


For more information please just drop us a line!



Ceramic tables delivery details and free shipping


All of our ceramic tables are picked and dispatched asap.


They are lovingly wrapped up in heavy-duty packaging to keep them safe and more comfortable to transport!


All our products are kept in our manufacturers/wholesalers distribution centres for safe storage and quick dispatch.


Delivered by experienced and professional couriers; leaving out the middleman to save more money for our customers.


Our delivery partner will book the time and date with you so you can make the necessary arrangements for someone to be at home. We usually aim to deliver within 5 to 10 days.


Free delivery to the UK mainland with small surcharges to the Scottish highlands.


Please note for our Marble and large gloss dining tables we send our 2 men specialist delivery team.