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12 Seater Dining Tables


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britolli 180cm extending grey stone finish dining table 1

Dining Room

Britolli 180cm Extending Grey Stone Finish Dining Table

britolli 180cm extending mink ceramic dining table 1

Dining Room

Britolli 180cm Extending Mink Ceramic Dining Table

britolli 180cm extending white marble ceramic dining table 1

Dining Room

Britolli 180cm Extending White Ceramic Dining Table

Cilento 160cm glass extending dining table 1

Dining Room

Cilento 160cm Glass Extending Dining Table

Sandringham Dining table 180cm 270cm extension table oak painted cream 1

Dining Room

Sandringham Dining Table 180cm - 270cm extension table oak painted cream

Sandringham Dining table 180cm 270cm extension table oak painted grey 1

Dining Room

Sandringham Grey Dining Table 180cm - 270cm extension Table oak

Tampa solid oak 300cm dining table with clear laquer finish 1

Dining Room

Tampa Solid Oak 300cm Dining Table with Clear Lacquer Finish

Tribeca 200cm Oak Extending Dining Table 1

Dining Room

Tribeca 200cm Oak Extending Dining Table

Venice white high gloss 200 cm extending dining table 1

Dining Room

Venice White High Gloss 200 cm Extending Dining Table

12 Seater Dining Tables UK


If you have a large family and love to spend time together, you may find that a dinner party is just the way to bring everyone together. 


A dining table with 12 or more seats can be a great way to ensure that guests have room for their place setting while ensuring that nothing needs to be shared. 


If this sounds like what your family would enjoy, there are several options to consider.


The 12 seater dining tables are perfect for families with grown-up kids or grandma and grandpa coming over for dinner. 


If you want to make sure that everyone has enough space during your next family dinner, investing in a 12 seater dining table could be one way to do it!


Modern 12 seater Dining Table


A modern 12 seater dining table will provide a small, intimate dinner party. The size of this table is big enough to seat parents, the children, and the grandparents together. 


This table is perfect for larger gatherings or entertaining guests in your home. With an excellent selection of materials available, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for at a modern dining table.


Contemporary 12 seater Dining Table


It is hard to find family-sized furniture pieces that are durable and visually appealing. Nowadays, many people opt for smaller tables because they take up less space; this is not always the case with contemporary 12 seater dining table designs. 


Tables like this come in various shapes and sizes, but they all share sturdy bases and modern styles. This table is especially great for families with children who love to eat at the dinner table every night.


Traditional 12 seater Dining Table


A traditional ten-seater dining table is the epitome of what the ideal family home should look like. 


They are large enough to seat one's entire family and guests alike and provide ample room for ample amounts of food. 


Traditional dining tables are usually made of steel or wood, with a sizeable wooden tabletop that can accommodate any dishware necessary for cooking up any feast.


Sizes of 12 Seater Dining Tables


There are many different sizes of 12 seater dining tables, and these tables can seat adults and children comfortably.


Larger-sized tables are available for larger families, which seat up to 12 adults.


The most popular and economic size is the ten-person rectangular table.


Square 12 Seater Dining Table


A Square 12 seater dining table is a solid, durable table in different sizes but can fit 12 people. 


It's the perfect choice for families with kids and pets running around who still wants to maintain an elegant dinner time atmosphere. 


The sturdy tabletop eliminates worry about broken glass or spilt drinks.


Round 12 Seater Dining Tables


Round 12 seater dining tables are an excellent purchase for large families and social gatherings. They allow many people to come together in a convivial setting, which you can enjoy with friends and family alike. 


With a round table, everyone can face one another, making the conversation much more effortless. It is also a great way to make your family or yourself feel more organized.


Rectangular 12 Seater Dining Tables


Rectangular 12 seater dining tables are a great way to seat groups of people. 


Typically, these tables will be long and rectangular in shape, with a centre beam running down the middle. 


These centre beams typically have legs on both ends attached to the tabletop. They allow for space for those sitting on either side of the table and those around the perimeter.


Oval 12 Seater Dining Tables


Oval 12 seater dining tables are perfect for the family that likes to dine together. The table is spacious enough to seat everyone, and the oval shape promotes conversation. 


It offers a modern look to fit into any decor scheme. 


The table may be paired with other dining room furniture pieces to match, including chairs, hutch, buffet, china cabinet and even a chandelier.


Large 12 seater Dining Tables


Dining tables come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. From the classic rectangle to the corner table, many table styles are to choose from. One of the most popular is a large 12 seater dining table. 


This table can hold up to twelve people at once, making it perfect for larger families or parties. It also allows you to seat more than just dinner guests.


12 Seater Dining Tables in a Variety of Colours


Dining rooms are the perfect place to host dinner parties, but sometimes the table can be too small or not long enough for everything you need. 


We've compiled a list of twelve-seater dining tables - available in various colours - to suit your needs.


Popular types:


Dark oak 12 seater tables


White gloss 12 seater dining tables


Brown 12 seater dining tables


Materials of 12 Seater Dining Tables


Adding a 12 seater dining table to your home is not just for large families and parties, and it's also great for those who enjoy hosting guests and inviting them over for dinner. 


Moreover, if you're a designer or caterer, this table type is essential. 


All that being said, it can be tough to find the best 12 seater dining table that will suit your needs without breaking the bank.


12 Seater Marble Dining Tables


A 12 seater marble dining table is perfect for accommodating large family gatherings. 


Functional and stylish, this dining table can complete any home setting with its simple yet elegant design. The extra-large tabletop provides enough space for all attendees to comfortably sit down and enjoy a meal together without feeling too cramped. 


Additionally, this table style allows you to fit in more chairs in an area than your standard 12 seater, which saves on precious seating space in homes with limited rooms.


12 Seater Wooden Dining Tables


Wooden tables come in various shapes and sizes. These items are usually designed with traditional themes in mind.


A 12 seater wooden table is usually long enough for 12 people to sit at it without bumping into each other, and the table seats 12 people comfortably. 


It can also be a social gathering spot for parties, dinners, reunions, and other gatherings.


12 seater wooden dining tables are perfect for any household, offering a great way to feed large groups of people without having to eat in shifts. 


These tables come in various sizes and shapes, so they will fit your needs.


12 Seater Glass Dining Tables


12 seater glass dining tables are an elegant way to bring some class to your dining room, and they are aesthetically pleasing and serve as a great space saver. 


If you have 12 guests coming over for dinner, this table is just what you need.


12 Seater Dining Table Sets


With the 12 Seater Dining Table Sets, you can transform your living space into a place for gathering and cosy family dinners. 


These sets come in many styles that fit different personalities and preferences; some even offer space to add extra chairs or tables. 


Luxurious and spacious, 12 seater dining table and chairs sets are the perfect addition to your family's dining room. 


This furniture will make the space seem more significant and offers a more intimate setting for those big gatherings. 


With various designs and styles, this furniture is sure to complement your home decor.


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