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Cheap oak dining sets are a great way to get a new table without breaking your budget


These tables are often in the mid-price range, meaning they won’t cost you an arm and a leg!


They’re also easier to clean than many other types of wood, meaning they’ll last longer.

Oak Dining Sets UK


Solid oak dining sets have always been a popular purchase for households everywhere.


Their solid, natural look is hard to beat, and their durability proves that they are an investment.


However, the hefty price tag can deter some buyers from making this purchase, so take a look at our cheap oak dining sets to find the perfect tabletop for your home without breaking the bank!


The popularity of Oak Dining Sets


Oaks are one of the most popular types of furniture because they are long-lasting, eco-friendly, and sturdy. Oak is an excellent choice for your dining room because it will withstand years of use and abuse. Oak dining sets come in many different styles to suit any taste.


Oak dining tables and chairs are often chosen for their sturdy construction, bevelled edges, and natural beauty. Aesthetically, oak tables are most commonly lighter in colour with a red undertone, although they can also be found in honey browns or black hues.


Oak is a knotted hardwood which means that it has many markings created by the lumps of sap trapped within the tree. This natural look is very popular with most consumers.


Types of solid oak dining tables and chairs


Solid oak dining tables and chairs have been a staple of the homes of many for centuries. They were often made from reclaimed wood from barns from all over the country and refinished to look as new as possible.

This was a great option for homeowners who want an antique or rustic feel but don't want to pay the price.


Oak tables and chairs are loved for their durability, style, and ability to create a traditional or rustic atmosphere. Oak dining tables are versatile and can be bought to suit a variety of settings.


Dining sets come in all shapes and sizes, from small 2-person to large 10-person sets. So if you have a small space or need a table with plenty of seating for guests, we've got the perfect solutions with our vast range of oak sets.


Oak Dining Sets for 4


Oak dining sets for 4 are a great addition to a family with a few children. These products can provide enough space for everyone to sit down and enjoy a meal together when it comes to entertaining.


With four chairs around the table, you have enough space for two adults and two kids. In some cases, it is possible to add a chair or bench for extra seating.


Oak Dining Table and 6 Chairs


The Oak Dining Table and 6 Chairs is a timeless design that is beautiful and functional.


These 6 seater dining sets are perfect for hosting family dinners; they are robust, sturdy and will last a lifetime if taken care of properly.


We also have chunky solid oak dining table and 6 chairs sets!


Large Oak Dining Sets


A table setting is an important part of any event - accenting the decor, providing for conversation, and providing a place to eat. The Large oak dining sets are perfect for this purpose.


Not only are these sets sturdy and stylish, but with the ability to seat up to 10 diners, extremely practical and functional too.


Extending Oak Dining Table and Chair Sets


The contemporary and traditional designs of our extending oak table and chair sets will compliment any space.


The tabletops are constructed with a durable thick solid oak supported by a glide surface or leaf drop extensions, guaranteeing a smooth and seamless movement when the tabletop is extended.


These extending oak sets are available with numerous styles of matching chairs.


Small Oak Dining Table and Chairs Sets


Many sets of small oak dining tables and chairs sets come in a variety of shapes and styles. The smaller the table, the more compact it becomes with a lower price tag.


The larger the table, the more room it provides for guests and more space for food preparation.


Reclaimed Oak Dining Sets


In the past, oak wood was a prevalent type of wood to use for furniture. Many people in the modern-day have been looking for ways to work with reclaimed oak.


This is because reclaimed oak dining sets are not only beautiful but it is also highly durable and can be used for years.


Rustic Oak Dining Sets


Many people enjoy the look of rustic oak dining sets. The sturdy, aged appearance of oak furniture appeals to many people looking for a natural, woodsy feel.


Oak also has natural variations in colour, making it an attractive option for those who want something unique and different from their traditional wood furniture.


Rustic oak sets are:


  • Typically four/six chairs.
  • A rectangular table with four pedestals.
  • Two leaves that provide extra seating when needed.


White Oak Dining Sets


Sometimes, the right look for a dining room can be achieved by selecting a simple wooden table and chairs. And our white wood dining sets are among the most minimalistic and simple types.


The smooth and light natural wood grain of white oak furniture pieces presents a warm and inviting atmosphere that can't be recreated with other materials like steel or glass.


The rustic look of the wood is contrasted nicely with quality upholstery fabric to create a timeless, classy feel.


Dark Oak Dining Sets


Dining room furniture is an essential part of any home. A dark oak dining set gives a home the feeling of elegance and sophistication.


The dark colour can be matched with many other colours in the room, making it easier to create a cohesive look throughout the space.


Fabric dining chairs are very popular with dark oak sets. Their seat pads on top of the chair cushions ensure that users can sit comfortably for hours at their elegant table with friends or family without feeling any pressure points.


Modern oak dining sets


While many people think of oak as a material for an old-fashioned, rustic feel, it is actually one of the more popular woods for furniture today.


This is because it is durable and beautiful, fitting right in with the modern home. With so many great options to choose from, you could pick out your modern oak dining set based on your dining decor.


The contemporary design of modern oak dining sets will compliment any space.



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