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All Grey Dining Chairs

Browse our full collection of Grey dining chairs here!

Wherever you are after upholstered and fabric grey chairs or modern painted chairs or either classy grey leather chairs we have the lot.

Browse our grey PU and Plastic chairs too for fantastic deals and great savings!

All with Free delivery and multi-buy discounts!

All types of grey dining chairs


Here you will find all the different types of grey dining chair we sell

Included are the different types of upholstery like fabric, genuine leather, PU faux leather, bycast, wooden, plastic and more.

You can also browse chairs with different back styles. From high backs to round backs, low backs to laddered wooden back chairs, and even long backs which reach the ground and double up us the rear legs on the chairs.

If you are after a particular type of dining leg style, then check out our fascinating range. Our dining chairs come with chrome and metal legs for the more contemporary or modern theme.

We also have hardwood legs for a more traditional setting.

Then there are tapered and curved designs, a frame base style and also hooped style legs, which are ideal for marble dining tables.


Grey Fabric upholstered chairs


If you search our fabric chairs, you will come across a vast range of affordable quality chair.

This is our most extensive range which includes a spectrum of grey shades, design and styles.

We have included different types of fabrics like plush, velvet and more.


Grey Leather and PU Chairs


Real genuine dining chairs are amongst the best investment you can make when it comes to long-lasting furniture items. 

Not only can thy last a long time but leather ages very well too, so you don't, lose any lustre and style.

Faux leather chairs are also a good choice if you cannot afford real leather ones. They look nearly as good and are available in many shades grey with different designs, but at a much lower price.


Grey Metal and Plastic Chairs


Simply put, these chairs are excellent if you have problems with space. Easily folded away or stacked to help you create more room when you need it.

Available in a wide range of styles, including funky and chic modern designs.

They are also priced very keenly and are suitable for families with children.


Grey Wooden Chairs


The classic wooden dining chair. Whenever you think of a traditional hardwood table, then these chairs instantly come to mind.

Available with selective classical designs and shades, they are perfect for large dining chairs and dinner parties. 

Sturdy, robust and reliable, these chairs are an excellent investment!


Shades of Grey


Every colour of dining chairs we sell is listed on this page. Included are all the different shades and palettes.


Light grey dining chairs, in fabric, leather and painted wood.

Standard grey chairs in faux leather and fabric designs

Darker plush fabric grey chairs.

Please browse our chairs for more colour and shades.



Leg designs 


Our dining chairs come with various types of leg designs.

We have the standard straight-lined wooden designs. However, we also have more traditional wooden legs that are curved and tapered off to give the elegant royal look.

If you want something different, then check out our hopped leg designs, or our chrome and metal styles—ideal for a more modern and contemporary dining theme.


Grey Dining chair discounts


With all of our cheap home furniture, we offer multi-purchase discounts.

So if you buy one pair of dining chairs, we will apply a special discount on every second, third and more sets that you buy as long as it is delivered to the same address.

Dining chairs are usually bought in pairs, but most people like a minimum of 4 up to 14!

So we have special multi-buy discounts to save our customers even more money!


Cheap Grey chairs with free delivery!


Not only are all of our dining chairs cheap, but they also come with FREE delivery and Fast dispatch.

There is a small surcharge for remote postcodes, i.e. Scottish Highlands.