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Cheap Chest of Drawers


Welcome to our vast collection of cheap drawers


Here you will find great quality drawers at low affordable prices:


• A full selection of drawers made from quality materials


• All with fast dispatch and FREE delivery


• Multi-purchase discounts automatically added


• Browse below for more info!

Artisan 3 Drawer Hardwood Slim Round Drum Chest 1


Artisan 3 Drawer Hardwood Slim Round Drum Chest of drawers

Artisan 4 Drawer Mini Cabinet


Artisan 4 Drawer Mini Cabinet

Bone Inlay Bedside with 2 Drawers1


Bone Inlay Bedside with 2 Drawers

Sandringham Oak and Cream 5 Drawer Chest - PT50010 (a)


Sandringham Oak and Cream Tall 5 Drawer chest solid hardwood

Sandringham Oak and Grey 2 Over 2 Drawer Chest (a) PT50014 -


Sandringham solid hardwood oak & grey – 2+2 Drawer Chest

Sandringham Oak and Grey 5 Drawer Chest (a) PT50011 -


Sandringham Solid Hardwood Oak & Grey 5 Drawer Chest Wellington 

Sandringham Oak and Cream 2 Over 2 Drawer Chest - PT50013 (a)


Sandringham Solid Hardwood Oak Cream – 2+2 Drawer Chest


Our complete collection of chest of drawers


Welcome to our complete collection of chest of drawers


Here you can browse every type, size and colour of drawer chests we sell! 


Traditional to modern, retro to chick, contemporary to classic. 


Small, medium and large. 


Drum chests to 9 drawers giants!


All the style which we have sourced for you are listed on this one page.



Bedroom drawers - how to choose them


When searching for bedroom drawers, there are many factors to take into consideration.


1) Size of your bedroom


2) Size of the drawer you need


3) Colour of the drawer


4) Material of the drawers


5)  Bedroom theme 



Size of your bedroom


When deciding on bedroom furniture, one of the first things that impact our decision is the bedroom's size we intend to furnish.


If we have a sizeable room, then we can opt for a larger drawer. One that will store folded clothes as well as other bedroom accessories in the smaller drawers.


Having a larger bedroom allows us to utilise more than one chest drawer too—ideal for shared rooms and master bedrooms.


Now, if the bedroom is a medium or a smaller one, we need to look for a more efficient chest.


We do have several options for this purpose:


Our collections include round drum drawers which take up little space but have sufficient drawer space.


We also have tall and narrow drawers to fit into tighter areas. 


A medium drawer will generally fit into many average-sized bedrooms. 


And for most people, it will suffice in terms of space and storage solutions.



Size of the required drawer


Once we know what space we have for our chest of drawers, we can decide on the size.


Let's start with small chests of drawers:


Small chests of drawers usually have two or three compartments. 


These are ideal to supplemental your existing storage solutions or even as the central drawer if you are furnishing a baby room. 


They can easily hold baby clothes and other accessories like nappies, wipes etc.


Medium-sized drawers


Medium chests usually come in four drawer options.


Suppose you are just a couple or are looking to add a drawer for a shared bedroom. i.e. kids room. Then these medium-sized drawers are perfect for the job.


They easily fit in several clothes are apparels. And are ideal for shared rooms with each person taking two drawers each.


Large chest of drawers


Large drawers can range from 6 to 9 drawers!


If you have a large room and the budget to go with it. Then don't miss out on one of these convenient pieces of furniture.


These drawers can fit in everything you need. Not only can you fit in you and your partner's clothes, but you could use it to slot in your little children's items too.



Colour of drawers


Our drawer colours range from the gorgeous cream and oak to funky blue drawers.


We also have:


Black chest of drawers


White chest of drawers


Brown Chest of Drawers


grey chest of drawers


and much more.


Each colour designed to fit into your existing bedroom decor.





Our range of bedroom chests is manufactured from diverse materials.


A few examples are:


  • Hardwood chest of drawers


  • Pine Chest of Drawers


  • Oak drawers


  • MDF Chest of Drawers


  • Metal chest of drawers and more.


High-quality hardwood like oak or pine drawers will always be a bit more sturdy and longer-lasting. However, they are also more expensive.


 MDF are cheaper and a good option, they do last a few years too.


Metal drawers are a sleek retro fashion accessory that many modern homes want.



Bedroom theme


If you have a bedroom theme and want to stick to it, you need to browse our drawers according to your present style.


This includes browsing through our traditional bedroom drawers for more classical items like hardwood drawer chests, or if the theme is a bit more contemporary, we also have a range of modern design to choose from.



Multi-purchase discounts on our drawer chests


With all of our cheap home furniture, we try and offer multi-purchase discounts.


So if you buy a chest of drawers with us, and decide to add any other item of furniture with it, then if possible our partners will apply a special discount on every item you buy as long as it is delivered to the same address.


We are always looking out to save our customer money and give them the best value possible!


Free delivery with our cheap chest of drawers


Another way we try and keep your costs down is with free delivery. We have partnered up with multiple retailers who offer free delivery. Most offer free delivery on every purchase, whilst others only on totals of over £300, £500 etc.


Please keep in mind that, for remote areas offshore postcodes, i.e. Isle of White, there might be a small surcharge.


If you have any questions, please ask.