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Cheap French Bedside Tables

Welcome to our collection of French Bedside tables available in a range of designs from small, 2 drawers to large.


• A wonderful catalogue of French bedsides in various colours and made from different materials including pine, MDF, oak and hardwood.


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Bonaparte French Oak and Putty Painted Side Table


Bonaparte French Oak and Putty Painted Side Table

Frank Hudson Chic Bedside Cabinet Vanilla White

Frank Hudson Chic Bedside Cabinet - Vanilla White

Frank Hudson Chic Bedside Cabinet 3 drawer

Frank Hudson Chic Bedside Cabinet - Weathered

Maison French Style White Bedside Table


Maison French Style White Bedside Table

Beautiful French Style Bedside Tables for Sale in 2022


French bedside tables are typically ornate, with carved designs and gold detailing. 


The detail on the top of the table sets it apart from other styles. 


These tables can vary in design, but French bedside tables make the bedroom feel more luxurious no matter how they look.


The French have a particular way of decorating their homes, emphasising beauty and comfort. 


This is evident in the floor to ceiling windows, the ornate furnishings, and the often low-key designs but tasteful. 


As you will see with our collection, French bedside tables are no exception to this rule.


In France, they take pride in producing beautiful tables that blend seamlessly into the décor of any room.



French Inspired Styles Bedside tables in various shapes and sizes


Compact French bedsides


The latest french style bedroom trend is the compact French bedside. These bedside tables offer a solution to cluttered and cluttered bedrooms. 


They provide a space for decorative items and house your books, reading glasses, and phone so they are always accessible.


The tops of these tables can be used as a tray to hold food or drinks while you read a book in bed.



Narrow French bedsides


Many couples often look for a particular bedside to store their medicines, eyeglasses and reading material. 


French bedsides will maintain the romantic feel of your bedroom while adding practical storage.  


The narrow French Bedside tables are scaled down to help with space issues in small bedrooms. 


They are also designed to fit on the side of a bed without using up too much space.


Narrow French Bedsides offer a stylish alternative to bulky furniture and give you more space in your bedroom for other things.



Large French bedside tables


For extra surface and storage space w have the large French bedside tables. They vary in style, but the most popular is a bedside table with shelves and drawers on both sides. 


French bedsides are different from what people in the UK know as bedside tables because they are not just small tables next to beds. 


They can be used for writing pens, alarm clocks, glasses of water, iPads, watches, lamps, and more.



Small French bedside tables


Don't be mistaken in thinking that The French bedside table is just a small side table next to the bed. 


There is an art to French designing, with every detail carefully planned and executed. 


From the hand-carved details on the side of the bed to the intricately designed drawer fronts, this style has no shortage of charm.


These bedsides are perfect for those who appreciate fine artistry.



Round French bedside tables


Round French bedside tables can be found in various colours and designs. They are typically made of MDF or metal and sometimes more expensive materials such as hardwood.


Round French bedside tables can hold a phone or small household items like pens and paper. 


The Round French Bedside tables are elegant pieces that accentuate the bed. 


They are circular and have a sloped or curved top, making them easy to set things on.


The Bedside tables are available in different colours so you can find one to match your bedroom's decor.



French besides in different colours


Black French bedside tables


Black French bedside tables are often said to have a commanding presence that can transform any room they are placed in. 


They can take on many different styles and incorporate themselves into just about any room setting with minimal effort. 


They can be used as accent pieces, dressers, nightstands, or even side tables. 


French Black bedside tables are versatile, easy to maintain, and come in a wide range of styles, so there is something for everyone's needs.



Grey French bedside tables


Grey French bedside tables are a great choice for any modern bedroom, and they can serve as a helpful nightstand and add a pop of colour to the room with their dark grey finish. 


The surface of the table is large enough to hold a phone, lamp, and glass of water in addition to all the other things you need when going to sleep.


French grey bedside tables can be paired with other colours such as white or dark wood to create a beautiful contrast.



Ivory French bedside tables


Ivory French bedside tables are a great way to add style to your bedroom. The tables are typically made of wood and can be found with intricate designs or modern patterns. 


Whether you're looking for a side table with drawers for storage, or one with shelves, the options with a French Ivory bedside table are endless.



White French bedside tables


White french style bedside tables are an excellent way to add elegance and sophistication to any bedroom. 


They can be placed next to your bed or in the corner of your room. They can also be used in conjunction with other pieces of furniture.


If you're looking for a new bedside table with minimalistic elegance, then French white bedsides tables are the style of table for you.



Silver French bedside tables


Silver french bedside tables are perfect for any bedroom. They come in different sizes and heights, but they're all elegant and beautiful items. 


They can be used to hold books for reading in bed, holding your favourite perfume bottle, or displaying some of your most prized possessions.


You can French sliver bedside tables on either side of the bed to help you get dressed, or place one at the end of the bed with a handy spot to put your reading glasses on when you're done reading.



Cream French bedside tables


A popular bedroom furnishing these days is are Cream French bedside table. The tables are usually made from wood and have a classic look, and some come with drawers with knobs or handles. 


Fench Cream bedside tables can easily store books, phones, lamps, and a clock. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit all budgets.



Gold French bedside tables


Gold French Bedside Tables are a great way of creating a luxurious and stylish bedroom. Gold is an elegant, timeless metal and gives a nice warm glow. 


French Gold Bedside Tables can be bought from many of our retail partners through us.


Generally, These luxury items are sold for very high prices, but we have sourced some terrific deals for our customers.


They are worth every penny because they will last for years to come!



Choose from a whole range of french design bedside tables.


Contemporary French Bedside Tables


There are many French contemporary bedside tables; some use natural materials like oakwood, while others are made with metal frames. 


They can also be found in various colours like white, silver, and black. 


Our selection of contemporary French chic bedside tables come complete with shelves or drawers for extra storage, or they might have cotton curtains that can be folded out to reveal an open area that is perfect for displaying your favourite items.



Modern French Bedside Tables


Many modern French bedside tables have a more rustic, natural vibe than the more ornate, traditional style. 


They are often made of wood with a metal base to avoid tipping over. 


Many have drawers for storage, and some have one or two shelves on top. These tables are perfect for displaying books next to your bed so you can read before or after sleep.



Classic / Traditional French Bedside Tables


A classical French bedside table is a beautiful addition to any bedroom with delicate features. 


The traditional French bedside tables are made of wood or metal, have two levels for reading material or electronic devices, and are typically located at the side of the bed.



French Chateau Bedside Tables


Luxury bedside tables are a must for any bedroom. They provide a space to store items such as lamps, books, and other necessities while providing a functional surface for your alarm clock.


There are many styles of bedside tables available, from Hollywood Regency to the modern Scandinavian design.


However, If you're looking for a traditional design that will add elegance to your bedroom, then you'll want to consider a French chateau-style bedside table.


These tables feature curved legs and intricate carvings, making the piece stand out from other furniture in construction.


These pieces are typically made from oak or walnut wood. Some of their most common sizes are nightstands measuring between 16" and 24" in width and 16" to 30" in height.



Vintage French bedside tables


What would a bedroom be without a good old Vintage French bedside table? 


Traditionally, French bedside tables are not just for holding things. 


They hold a place in the heart and soul of the family and belong to no one in particular. 


In French culture, it is customary in some families to hold onto their bedside table, and when they leave, it gets passed onto someone else in the family.


French vintage bedsides are an exemplary piece of furniture!



Rustic French Bedside Tables


Rustic French Bedside Tables are versatile furnishings that can be used as a side table or even an additional lamp table. The tables are available in several sizes with many different textures.


Typically they're made of pine and embellished with carving to give it an old-worldly, charming feel. 


Rustic French bedside tables are typically adorned with faded colours, rustic hardware, gaps between wood planks to provide even more texture, and metal accents to add light to the look.



Antique French bedside tables


Antique French bedside tables are typically wooden pieces with an intricate carving. They were used to hold books, water for drinking, and other essentials at night. 


The simpler versions often have a drawer on one side to store items like reading glasses or a watch, while fancier versions often have two drawers that slide out from either side of the table.


French antique bedside tables can add character to any setting or bedroom decor.



French design bedside tables are made from various materials.


The French-inspired bedside tables are made of various materials. 


The design is traditionally inspired by the French country style, but many variations are available.


These tables are typically made from various materials, such as walnut, mahogany, and oak wood.



French mahogany bedside tables


The French mahogany bedside tables are of the finest quality, the most sought-after by antique furniture lovers. 


Mahogany is a hardwood native to North America, and it grows in humid tropical climates. 


It has a rich reddish-brown hue that ages into a beautiful deep brown with time. 


This wood was favoured for furniture during the early 19th century.



French oak bedside tables


Many people are beginning to use French oak bedside tables in their bedrooms. 


These tables can hold anything, from books and lamps to drink containers. 


There are many different styles of these tables, with some being more practical than others. Some have shelves for storing items, while others have drawers for clothes or other items.



French walnut bedside tables


French walnut bedside tables are one of the most sought after classic pieces in any bedroom. 


They offer a simple, rustic style that is classic for decorating any home. 


These handsome bedside tables are made with fine hardwood and provide ample storage space for your favourite books, glasses, hairbrush, or anything else you need close by when retiring to bed.



French bedsides with and without shelves


French bedsides are a modern and straightforward way to organise your bedroom.


These trendy pieces of furniture come in many different variations, some include shelves, and some do not.


Below is a list of the most popular variations of those with and without drawers


French bedside tables with 1 drawer: 

These tables are the smaller minimalist styles. 


They have one drawer and a tabletop for keeping things on. You can also get french bedsides with 1 drawer and a shelf. These versions typically have a bottom shelf for placing your "at hand" items.


French bedside tables with two drawers -

Similar to the above but with 2 drawers. 


So if you need a few extra things handy at night, these drawers are ideal. Again you can also get French bedside tables with 2 drawers and a shelf. A convenient bedside table for busy people


White 3 drawers bedside tables: 

A larger version, the French bedside table with three drawers is a luxury item for most. 


It has a top surface for placing photos, vases, glasses, books, phones etc. and 3 handy drawers to put away your essential possessions.



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So if you buy a pair of french bedside tables, the overall cost will be cheaper than just purchasing two separate items!


The best part of these tables is that they come in various styles, from rustic to traditional, so no matter what your personal taste, you'll be able to find the perfect piece.


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